Your ultimate guide for Sugar Wax Recipes, benefits, and more

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    Sugar wax recipes are top-rated among other methods such as laser, wax, and razor for many reasons.
    It is an old classic well-known hair removal technique that many people who love DIY recipes use.

    But there are also many recipes and methods to prepare it at home that you should know about and pick what is best for you.

    This article will cover all homemade sugar wax recipes and benefits and, hopefully, answer all its related questions and concerns.

    5 Sugar wax Recipes

    sugar wax recipe ingredients

    1. The classic Homemade Sugar wax recipe:

    This sugar wax recipe is the most with only three ingredients.


    1 Cup to use for all ingredients
    Wooden spoon
    non-sticky Deep pot or pan


    1 cup of sugar
    2 cups of water
    1 small lime
    Plastic sheets


    1. Add the water, sugar, and squeeze the lime into the pot.
    2. Turn on the stove on high heat until it starts to boil.

    3. Once it starts to boil, lower the heat and keep it boiling until it turns to a golden color and has a strong smell.

    4. Now, it is ready to turn off the stove.

    5. Bring a tray, or you can use the marble on your kitchen table.

    6. Pour the liquid on it and move it with a spoon to let it cool.

    7. Take a piece and make it as round balls.

    8. After preparing a lot of sweet pieces, make it ready to use by keeping stretching it for a few minutes until it turns to light golden color.

    9. Take each piece depends on how much you want to use and secure it with a plastic sheet.

    10. Keep it in the fridge for future use.


    This recipe will remove your dead skin and your skin hair from the roots.

    2. Sugar wax recipe for slowing hair growth

    It is the same as the classic recipe, but you will add one tablespoon of salt on top of all the ingredients.

    1. Salt with kill the bacteria and sterilize the skin.

    2. close your skin pores.

    3. Reduce Strawberry legs or ingrown hair under the skin.

    4. slow your skin hair growth.

    This recipe is not for people who have very sensitive skin, so it is good to test it first on one part of your skin then decide if it is for you.

    3. Sugar Wax Recipe Without Lemon

    Many people prefer to exclude lemon in any DIY skin treatments because they have sensitive skin, and lemon or lime will cause irritation to their skin.

    So, instead of using lime in the recipe, use vinegar.


    1 cups of sugar
    2 tablespoon of water
    1 tablespoon of white or apple cider vinegar
    1 tablespoon of salt


    The same as the classic sugar wax recipe

    4. Sugar wax Recipe with Aspirin

    Some people don’t want to feel the waxing pain, so they add aspiring to the ingredients.


    1 cup of sugar
    1 cup of water
    2 tablespoon of lime.
    2 Grind Aspirin pills


    Same as the classic recipe.

    Using aspirin will reduce pain while moving your hair and it is less painful than other recipes

    5. Sugar wax recipe with Fanta

    Some of you might be surprised when reading about this ingredient, but it is one of the most sugar wax recipes in my community.


    1 Cup of sugar

    2 Cup of Fanta or Mirinda


    1. Add Fanta and sugar to the pot and let it boil for 45 – 50 minutes without stirring

    2. Observe while boiling and be careful not to burn it.
    3. Once it turned to a dark color, turn off the heat, place it on the plastic sheet and let it get cool

    Fanta or Mirinda lighten the skin, reduce pain and make the skin smoother

    Sugar mask for bikini area

    Prepare this mask and apply it to the bikini area to reduce the pain.


    3 tablespoon of sugar
    1 tablespoon of baking soda

    1. Add all ingredients in warm water
    2. apply it to the area to reduce the pain
    3. Use the sugar wax immediately.

    After application, use rose water or a natural moisturizer on the area.

    Homemade Sugar Wax Benefits

    There are many different sugar wax recipes with different results. Still, the most common thing that you will get with any of them are:

    1. Natural ingredient, which means that it is eco-friendly and zero waste.
    2. Safe to use.
    3. Removes dead skin.
    4. Cheap.
    5. Easy to do at home.
    6. It Does not burn your skin.
    7. It will not stick on your skin, but it will dissolve with water and Make your skin smooth.
    8. Less painful than waxing.
    9. It doesn’t contain bacteria.
    10. It will remove the hair from the roots.
    11. It removes short hair from your skin.
    12.slow your hair growth.

    3 steps to prepare your skin before using any of the sugar wax recipes

    1. The best time to remove your skin hair is after your period because it will be less painful, and the hair will not grow as fast and thick as before

    2. Use any body scrub to remove the dead skin or open any clogged pores or take a steam bath a day before.

    3. Once you are ready, spread any baby powder on your skin before using the sugar wax.

    It will help the wax to stick to the hair and remove it from its roots.
    Also, it will absorb all excess oils on your skin and keep it smooth.

    What is the Sugar Wax application?

    You have to place it on top of the area you want in the same direction of your hair growth and then remove the wax in the opposite direction.

    Skin care tips After the sugar wax

    1. Wear loose clothes, so you don’t cause any irritation to your skin.

    2. do not wear any perfumes or use chemical soap or lotions.

    3. if you want to wash the treated area, use tea tree natural wash, which will help to calm the skin.

    4. Avoid sun exposure and tanning beds.

    5. Avoid makeup.

    6. Do not use deodorant if you sugared your underarms.

    7. If your hair grows after sugaring, do not use the razor to remove it.

    Body parts that you can use the sugar wax on

    Sugar waxing is safe, and you can use it on your whole body, face, and bikini area.

    Does sugar wax cause the skin to sag?

    I research a lot about whether the wax will cause the skin to sag, and I found out that it is just a myth.
    Waxing will not cause any wrinkles or sageness to your

    8. If your face skin turned red after waxing, Place a tea bag on it or rub an ice cube all over the area.

    9. Also, if your body’s skin got irritated, apply a natural moisturizer like aloe vera or soak a piece of cotton in rose water and rub it on you.

    Is waxing better than sugaring?

    Sugaring is better than waxing for three main reasons.

    1. Sugar waxing is very cheap to make at home. But waxing is costly when you do it at the salon

    2. Sugaring removes the hair from its roots, even the short hairs that you have.
    While waxing will not remove the roots’ hair, it will cause hair breakage for most of your skin hair.

    3. Sugar wax will not burn your skin since we use it when it is at a cool temperature, but wax should be hot when removing hair, so it will probably stick to your skin cells and cause burns.

    4. It is less painful than waxing.

    What does lemon juice do in the sugar wax?

    Because lemon contains acids, they will prevent the sugar past to become too hard and will help you to get the right consistency .

    Can sugaring permenantly remove hair?

    Yes, it is possible if you properly sugar wax and not using razor, Nair, or any other hair removal methods between your sugaring sessions.

    If ingrows hair bothers you, scrub your skin and wait until your hair grows to sugar, wax it again.
    With time, you will notice that you have less hair grows.

    Which lasts longer sugaring or waxing?

    according to Healthline article, “On average, results from both sugaring and waxing last around the same time. It ultimately comes down to how fast your hair grows and how dark your hair is, but usually, each session will last around 3 to 4 weeks”.

    How to fix the sugar if it comes too hard?

    It means that you kept it boiling more that it should so you have to add more lemon or vingar depends on what you used in your recipes and keep cooking it and observe
    Its thickness

    What to do if the sugar melts on your hand because you have sweaty hands?

    Before applying the sugar on your skin, dip your fingers in flour and put it in the sugar while stretching it.

    How to fix too runny sugar wax?

    Keep boiling the mixture until it gets more thicker

    How to store sugar wax?

    Keep boiling the mixture until it gets thicker
    Wrap each piece with plastic and secure it in a big plastic bag or box and keep it in the fridge.

    With proper wrapping, you can keep it up to six months.

    How to reheat sugar wax?

    Put it in the microwave for about 30 seconds until it melts.
    If the wax is still too hard, add a little bit of water and reheat it again.

    What are the possible sugaring disadvantages?

    Sugaring is safe even when it irritates your skin or redness, and you can treat it right away.

    In my view, the only challenge here is that it requires some practice to get the hang of it and get used to doing it by yourself effectively.

    How many times you can reuse the sugar wax piece?

    It is reusable,, and that depends on how clean it is and what do you prefer.

    Important disclaimer:

    All recipes that I mentioned are from an expert working for many years doing sugaring and other skincare treatments.

    But at the end of the day, you know your skin better, and I recommend you test anything before applying anything to your skin.

    Personally, I spent a lot of money on laser hair removal sessions a long time ago, but it wasn’t that effective.
    Also, I tried waxing at the salon, and it wasn’t convenient, budget-friendly, and burnt my face.
    Moreover, Razors and Nair hair removal are the worst.
    Razors make my hair grow thicker and so fast, while Nair burned my skin many times.

    That is why I love sugar waxing because it is 100% natural, removes my dead skin, and really slows my hair growth.

    What about your experience with hair removal techniques?

    sugar wax diy

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