What Type of Skirts petite women Should Wear?

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    If you are a petite woman and wondering what type of skirts you should wear and look best on yourself, you have to figure out your body shape first.
    Petite women have different body shapes: pear, hourglass, rectangular, apple, and inverted triangle. And Each has its features and characteristics.

    On the other hand, there are over 20 types of skirts with different lengths, silhouettes, and fabrics.

    Therefore, there are many fashion pieces petite women shouldn’t wear includes types of skirts but not all of them!

    So let’s dive into the best flattering type of skirts on petite woman body different shapes.


    kind of skirts

    A Popular type of skirts 

    Fashion designers have no limits in their imagination and ideas, and they come up with different styles all the time. Therefore, I will mention the main types of skirts that we see around us all the time.

    Type of skirt styleHow it looks
    A-Line Fitted from the waist and flare out from the bottom
    Pencil Fitted skirt from the waist down to the knees
    Pleated It is a more flared skirt than the Aline skirt pleat
    RuffledIt has a layer or more of gathered fabrics
    WrapIt looks like you wrap a piece of fabric around your waist
    Asymmetrical It has an uneven hemline
    TrumpetIt is fitted from the hips and flared out from the hem
    Tiered It has many layers; each layer increases in its width until the hem
    GatheredA gathered skirt is a skirt that has a lot of fabrics around the waistband.

    The different lengths of the skirt

    Skirt typeHem Length
    Mini3 – 4 inches above your knees
    MidiIt is 2 inches below the knee until above the ankle
    MaxiIt hits the tiptoes or the floor
    AsymmetricalIt hits the tiptoes or the floor

    Best skirt types for all petite women

    1. A-Line Skirt

    You can never go wrong when wearing an A-line skirt, whatever your body shape is!
    A-line is a type of skirts that is flattering because it is a flare from the bottom, giving you a very nice flowy movement.
    If you want to hide your belly or thighs, it is the best option for you.

    Tips for choosing the best A-line skirt for your petite body

    1. High-rise skirt that defines your waist and lengthens your torso.

    2. light, flowy fabric like silk.

    3. Choose a midi length to rock it on your petite body shape.

    Petite Women Body Shape and What Kind of Skirts are Best for Them

    Each petite body shape has its features, whether you want to show, highlight, or hide them when styling your outfits.
    These are the flattering skirts styles and hem lengths you should wear, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t try different types too!

    2. Maxi Skirt for Petite Body Shape

    Many petite women are afraid to wear maxi skirts because it overwhelms their shape,
    and they think they will look way shorter when they wear them.
    I will tell you from experience if you are one of them and always avoid wearing a maxi skirt; you are missing out!! Do you know why?
    Because maxi skirts come in different silhouettes and patterns, some of them will look gorgeous on you.

    How to choose and rock the perfect maxi skirt on your petite body:

    1. Choose a skirt with a high slit to show some skin.

    2. Pick a light, flowy fabric to feel slim and not buried in the skirt.

    3. Go for stripes and verticals patterns that elongate your shape.

    4. pair it with high wedges but not chunky ones or heels.
    Personally, I was afraid to wear it for many years, but when I decided to try it and style it, I felt that I looked like my age and sexier as a petite woman!

    3. Now, let’s talk about the Asymmetrical skirts for petite body shape

    The Asymmetrical skirts come in different hem lengths too.

    Some of them are short from the from and longer from the back. Others are short from one side and longer from the other side, “left or right.”

    They are cool, edgy, and you can choose the style that works for your body shape.

    Skirts Styles that Petite Women Should Avoid 

    As I mentioned, skirts come in different silhouettes, fabrics, patterns, and lengths. Therefore, you should avoid these skirts because they are not flattering on any petite body shape.

    SKIRT STYLEWHY should you not wear it?
    Pattern Horizontal lines &Large printsHorizontals will shorten your frame
    & bold prints will overwhelm it
    FabricStiff fabricsIt will make you look boxy
    Shape Huge volumeBig volume will swallow you
    LengthMaxi &MiniAvoid a maxi skirt that doesn’t have silt,
    & don’t wear a mini skirt if you have big thighs.

    It is a very feminine piece you should have, and you can style it in many ways Casual, chic, or even athletic.
    I love wearing skirts because I feel very comfortable walking around in them, unlike wearing jeans or leggings that are less uncomfortable when I feel something that is squeezing my legs all the time!
    Also, skirts make me feel more sexy and feminine and look like my age, which is an essential feeling to me.
    What about your relationship with skirts as petite women?

    skirts for petite women

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