What Kind of Shoes Should a Petite Woman Wear?

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    One of the main struggles that we face as petite women is when shopping for something to wear to fit our short frame.
    It is challenging to find fashion items that fit our petite figure, and sometimes it is confusing and hard to decide on what kind, style, or type of clothing or shoes will look best on us.
    Both clothes and shoes are available In many styles, but if you know what suits you best, it will make your shopping experience easier and more joyful.
    In terms of clothes, you have to know what balances your body’s proportions.
    And that applies when you want to shop for shoes as well. 
    If you wonder what kind of shoes a petite woman should wear, you have to know what styles and shapes suit your feet and make them look flattering on you. 
    There are numerous types of women’s shoes in different types, styles, heel heights, and colors, but unfortunately, most of them are not designed for the petite body shape or petite feet to the point that some brands won’t offer small sizes. In their shoe collection sizing range!
    And when it comes to shoe shopping, you want to look for shoes that will elongate your feet and look flattering on you.
    Because If you buy shoes that don’t suit petite body shape, they will look bulky on you and imbalance your body’s proportions, and make you look shorter and not attractive.
    There are 7 main types of shoes a petite woman should wear, which are: pointed-toe shoes, wedges, sneakers, Sandals, Slippers, flats, and boots.
    All those types come in different heel length, designs and styles but petite women should choose a kind of shoes that has the hight and design of the perfect heel so it can add length to her hight and makes her body’s proportions well balance. 
    In terms of flats, petite women can enjoy wearing flats that are pointed-toe to make their feet look longer and more feminine. 

    6 kinds of shoes petite women should wear

    Some petite women have petite feet, and they wear shoe sizes in 6 or 5, while others have regular fee sizes; they wear size 7 or more.
    But keep in mind that even if you wear regular shoe sizes, you still have to choose the shoes depending on your short legs and petite figure. 
    So that doesn’t change when they look for what kind of shoes will look best on them.
    All petite women should know what kind of shoes are the most flattering for them, whether they have regular or small feet.
    Therefore, check out the best kind of shoes that is for petite women. 

    1. Pointed toe shoes

    pointed toe black shoes petite women should wear

    Pointed toe shoes are my favorite type of all shoes. 
    It is a must-have shoe because it is classic, elegant and you can wear it on any occasion.
    Also, pointed toes shoes elongate your feet and make them look very sexy.

    P.S if you don’t have one yet, aim for one that is in a nude or black color to wear with anything

    2. Wedges

    wedge shoes for petite women

    Wedgies styles come in as sandals, slippers, and shoes.
    They are shoes with a platform that is made from rubber and comes in different heights.
    Look at these two photos and imagine this:
    You have to wear one of them which one do you think will look best on you?


    Look at these two photos and imagine this:
    You have to wear one of them which one do you think will look best on you?
    If you chose the first one, you are absolutely right!
    It is cute and simple in design.

    whereas the second Wedges is still cute but has many issues for the petite body, such as:
    – It looks bulky  with many details
    – Has a strap around your ankle that will shorten your legs
    – it has a very high heel which will not look flattering on your petite body type

    Therefore, choose cute wedges that are simple in design and colors, whether open or closed-toe.
    You can wear wedge sandals or slippers when you go out in the summertime like the beach or shoes on any occasion.
    Also, they are the perfect shoes to style if you wear a maxi dress or skirt that is floor length.
    Because they will add length to your height and they are very comfy, which is a huge bonus when you have an occasion or event and want to walk around or stand all the time.
    Keep in mind that you have to make sure that the wedge is hidden under the skirt or dress and won’t appear when you move.

    you can check for more cute styles at Zappos

    3. Sneakers

    sneaker petite women wear

    Who doesn’t live without sneakers? It is the most practical and useful shoes to have whether you are doing sport, running an errand, or working.
    It is for all body types, but there are available in many different styles and designs. 
    There are two types of sneakers that you need to know:
    The flat sneakers and the platform sneakers.
    You can wear either of them but watch out for the sneakers with a platform and aim for one that is just a few inches in height.

    4. Sandals and Slippers

    sandlas for petites

    Sandals are very flattering, and they are useful in summer and special occasions.
    They are suitable for your petite body, but if you want to wear one, do not aim for very high heels for the sake of appearing taller. 
    It might increase your height, but you will notice that your body will look off-balance.

    P.S For more details about picking the right heels, check out this useful article.

    5. Flats

    flats kind  petite women wear

    Flats are the kind of shoes should a petite woman wear and enjoy in different styles that are pointed-toe in shape to make your feet leaner and add length to your legs in general.

    This applies to ballerina shoes, Mules, and flip-flops, loafers.
    P.S both open and close toe shoes are petite friendly

    6. Boots

    boot for petite women should wear

    The best Three types of boots for petite women are :
    Over the knees
    Booties or “below the ankle” boots
    Ankle boots

    P.S If you need more details about how and where to shop for petite boots, as well as what kind of boots you should not wear, read my post here.

    The bottom line 

    With the right choice of shoe shapes, heel height, and style, you will find a wide variety of shoes should a petite woman wear.
    What is your struggle when shopping for shoes as petite women?

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