What Color Shoes To Wear With Red Dress? 15 Fabulous Ideas

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    What color shoes to wear with a red dress? To be honest, it is a tricky question for most of us that we find it confusing to know what goes well with red color, and that’s why you are here to find the answer, right?
    Well, let me tell you that you are not alone.
    The red color is not merely primary like other colors. It is a dominant and fiery color that makes you feel energized, passionate, powerful, and bold when you wear it.

    No wonder why some people wear it at specific important meetings, interviews, and occasions!
    With that said, wearing a red dress will reflect all these attributes and more depending on how you style it.
    As you may know, red comes in different shades such as red-orange, basic tomato, ruby, burgundy, raspberry, and many more.
    This post will focus on what shoe color to pair with a basic red dress for different styles.
    Whether you describe your style as fashion-forward, classic, casual chic, or sporty, You will learn what shoe color matches your red dress.
    Also, what type of accessories compliment your outfit on nailing the styling of your red dress perfectly.

    Be cautious; after nailing how to style your red dress, you will certainly grab everyone’s attention!

    What Colors are Complementary to Red?

    color wheel

    Let’s get to know briefly how the color wheel works that fashion, interior designers, and others refer to when it comes to understating what color goes well with what is based on science.
    There are three primary colors which are red, yellow, and blue.
    And from those primary colors, complementary colors are created.
    Also, other hues are formed based on complementary colors.
    According to BHG Magazine, When it comes to red colors, many colors match it, which are the ones that are opposite it in the color wheel: yellow, white, orange, green, blue, black, and gray.

    Keep in mind those colors go well not only for the primary red color but also for other shades, which you will learn more about at the end of this post.

    However, some people match colors based on a good eye for coordinating colors; if you are one of them, stick with me to tell what other fun colors you can wear with your red dress.

    What Color Shoes To Wear With Red Dress?

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    redd midi dress what shoes  to pair with red dress

    1. Nude Color Shoes with Red Dress

    Some people call the nude color the new black, which is for a good reason: it complements any color you can think of.
    Therefore, the nude shoe is a staple footwear piece that you must have in your wardrobe.
    It looks perfect and gives you an elegant look.
    What’s cool about pairing nude shoe with a midi or mini dress is that it adds an illusion to your actual height and make you look taller and leaner.

    However, the nude color comes in different hues ranging from pale taupe to beige and brown like any other color, so you probably want to pick a shade that blends well with your skin tone.


    nude shoe heels
    nude heels
    flat nude color shoes

    2. Red Shoes with Red Dress

    If you find styling your is challenging, you can put together a monochromatic so that you can not only be able to style your outfit fast but also make your whole outfit sophisticated.
    You can choose any red choose with the same red color or even close to your red dress shade.

    And don’t worry about shoe texture because it doesn’t have to match your red dress fabric.
    In fact, mixing textures such as leather and lace, chiffon and suede will add more fun and chic element to your style.

    red lace shoes
    red shoe heels
    What Color Shoes To Wear With Red Dress

    3. Clear shoes

    This shoe is a must-have fashion piece in your wardrobe because it is a style savior.
    It is clear, which means that it goes with any clothing items you want to wear.
    But pairing clear shoes with a red dress requires more work from your end.

    Plastic or nylon might make your feet sweat which is something that’s is not flattering. Therefore, you can spray your feet with antiperspirant deodorant.

    Another thing is that you have to make sure that your pedicure is on point.

    clear shoes What Color Shoes To Wear With Red Dress
    clear shoes with crystals
    clear shoes heels with red dress

    4. Can You Wear a Red Dress with Black Shoes?

    The answer is a big YES!

    Black is the king of all colors. In other words, black is a perfect color to confidently coordinate with all different colors.

    Wearing black shoes with a red dress will add a contrasting element to your look.
    It will make your red dress pops out, which makes you grab more attention for sure!

    So if you are ready to rock this style go for it.

    black heels to wear with dress color
    flat shoes  black to pair with red dress
    black knee high boots

    5. White Shoes with Red Dress

    Wondering if you can wear white shoes with a red dress? Let me tell you that white shoes go well with a red dress.
    White gives you summer vibes, and you can pair it with your dress if you are going out to brunch, casual, or formal summer events.


    What Color Shoes To Wear With Red Dress white
    white sneaker
    white booties

    6. Metallic Color: Gold

    Gold and silver are both colors that belong to the metallic color family, which come in a shiny or matte form.
    They are both perfect options to wear with the red dress but don’t forget to know what will look good on your skin tone.
    If you have a warm or olive skin undertone, then pair the gold shoes with your red dress to look good on your skin.
    But if you have a cool skin undertone, choose silver to make your skin pops out.

    Moreover, some people have neutral skin tones, making both metallic colors fabulous.
    And that applies when choosing accessories and what colors look best on you.
    P.S. If you don’t know what your skin undertone is, check out this post to find out.

    7. Metallic Color: Silver Shoes

    gold heel shoes to wear with red gown
    gold shoes and red dress
    What Color Shoes To Wear With Red Dress
    What Color Shoes To Wear With Red Dress

    8. Green Color Shoes

    Want more options to explore what color shoes to wear with a red dress? Well, you can choose a green choose color.

    Green is the color of wealth, health, and balance is a complementary color to red.
    If you are a green color fan, don’t hesitate to pair it with your favorite red dress.
    Opting for darker green shades such as Emerald will make your dress pop out more and add fun detailing to your style.


    emerald shoes What Color Shoes To Wear With Red Dress
    green heels
    green boots

    9. Orange with Red Dress

    Orange is another color that goes well with any red outfit because it is similar to red in its warmth and vibration.

    If you like to look stylish, then you should consider pairing your  
    A red dress with orange shoes will give you a bold and attractive look.

    orange heel shoes
    orange sandal What Color Shoes To Wear With Red Dress

    10. Pink

    Red and pink colors have been trending combo since many years ago and still to this date!
    Hot pink will add a powerful sense to your look, whereas soft pale pink will soften your red dress outfit.

    Whatever shade you choose, you will look fabulous and stylish.

    pink wedges
    pink kitten heel sandals
    pink loafers What Color Shoes To Wear With Red Dress

    11. Yellow and Red

    Red and yellow are eye-catching color combinations that not only work well with McDonald’s logo but also in fashion too.

    Wearing yellow is not everyone’s cup of tea because yellow is so bright and intense color.
    If you are a lady who is unafraid to rock strong colors and want always to look fashion-forward, you probably try wearing yellow shoes with a red dress.
    This outfit will make you look fun, playful, and fearless woman.

    What Color Shoes To Wear With Red Dress yellow shoes
    yellow heel
    yellow pumps What Color Shoes To Wear With Red Dress

    12. Brown

     One of my favorite colors that work well together is red and brown.
    You find the color combo worn by celebrities, fashion runways, and many fashionistas.
    The brown will mute the color red and makes it look harmonious with red shoes and bag.

    brown boots mid calf
    brown leather shoes

    13. Blue

    Another fun color combo yet tricky to pull off is red and blue.
    Because there are many shades of blue, it is a bit tricky to pair it with a classic red color dress.
    Therefore, you can experiment with different hues of blue such as Navy, Royal blue, and Turquaz blue and pick what looks best on you.


    blue shoes
    blue ribbon shoe
    light blue shoes

    14. Prints: Leopard

    With, Prints, you don’t have to wonder what color shoes to wear with red.

    They will always be a great option to wear as a statement piece with your red dress.
    Many prints you can choose, such as leopard, zebra, striped, polka dots, etc.

    leopard shoes
    stripes shoes
    polka dot shoes

    15. Ombre Colors

    Gradient or ombre colors work well with any other color, but you have to wisely choose what combination to wear.
    Meaning that if you want to pair your red dress, which is made of one solid color, you can wear ombre colors shoes because the ombre color effect is two tones of different colors yet blend into one another.

    You can experiment with many shades such as black with red, black with white, or any other combo that complement the red color.

    gradient shoe
    orange and red heels
    ombre red black shoes

    What Color Accessories with Red Dress?

    If you wonder what color shoes to wear with a red dress, the answer is easier than you think.
    Styling your red dress depends on what shoe color you want to wear.
    For example, If you wear green shoes, you can wear a green clutch and earrings or necklace.

    And you can apply this method to the rest of the colors.
    However, If you find it confusing and hard to pick your accessories’ colors, the easier route is to choose a metallic color, gold or silver, whatever looks good on your skin!

    How to Style a Red Dress?

     Styling a red dress is not easy for some women, but here is an easy way to begin with when you answer the following question:
    Ask yourself what your style is in general?

    Is it classic, elegant, fashion-forward, or casual?

    And also, ask yourself what your favorite colors are?

    Knowing the answer will make it easier to choose one color from those mentioned above.

     Finally, accessories are the final step, and you can choose them based on what shoe color you decide to wear.

    What Color Not to Wear with a Red Dress?

    This is a tricky question to answer because some people apply what they learn by the book; others have an eye for color and want to be different.
    According to colobux, red color clashes with Magenta, which is reddish-purple color and doesn’t go well with red.
    Also dark red with brown is not a good combination of colors.


    What color shoes to wear with a red dress? I hope this guide answers your questions so that you nail style your gorgeous red dress.
    Because everyone’s style is different, these are all possible colors that go beautifully with red, and in case you want to change your style and try something new, you can refer to this guide and style your red dress confidently.
    Let me know what your favorite way to style your red dress is?

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