13 Proven Ways on How to Look More Feminine and Beautiful

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    If you want to look more feminine, you have to understand what femineity means to have the whole picture.
    To be feminine, you have to have all the attributes and qualities related to women physically and psychologically.
    In simple words, physical and psychological feminine traits will complement each
    look, feel and act like a real woman.
    Some of us don’t express our femininity to its fullest, and that’s okay, but if you want to unleash the feminine women inside you, you are in the right place.
    It takes some time and effort, especially if you are not expressing your femininity on how you act or dress, but it is possible.
    In this post, you will learn how to look more feminine using different tips and tricks to apply to your life.

    13 Proven Ways on How to Look More Feminine Instantly

    1. Add Feminine Fashion Pieces to Your Wardrobe

    First things first, lest start with your physical appearance and that’s related to your clothing items.
     There is some type of clothing items that are more feminine than others.
    Dresses and skirts are more feminine because they are made for women only, Unlike pants and shorts.
    So make sure that you wear dresses and skirts that suit your body shape and make you look elegant and sexy.

    Also, if you like to wear tops more than dresses, check this post on feminine tops to wear with jeans

    2. Wear Feminine Colors

    colors in clothing

    There are many colors that you wear that reflect your feminism.
    Girly colors such as pink, coral, red, violet, and so on will increase your feminine look.
    But choose what colors suit your skin tone so that it makes you glow and stand out.

    There are three primary undertone skin colors: warm, cool, and neutral, and each type has the colors that complement it the best.
    If you have a warm undertone skin, you can wear orange, peach, and red shades.
    For cool undertones skin, you can enjoy wearing purple, pink, lavender, and the last neutral undertone skin. You can wear bright red and pastel pink.

    Keep in mind that you can enjoy wearing classic colors such as white, beige, and black but wearing girly colors will make you look more feminine.
    P.S. if you don’t know what your skin’s undertone color is, check out this post.

    3. Lingerie sets are Must-have Sexy Fashion Pieces

    Don’t underestimate the power of wearing lingerie sets even if nobody sees them.
    Wearing unmatched underwear pieces will make you no different than a child or a little girl, not a mature woman.
    Embrace your feminity and spoil yourself by wearing cute lingerie sets when you are going out and fancy pajamas when you are going to sleep.
    It will make you feel like a real woman and sexier instantly.

    4. Choose the Perfect Shoe Style

    There are shoe types that flatter your feet more than others.
    Whether you want to wear shoes, sandals, or slippers, Pointed-toe footwear will make you look slimmer, longer, and feminine, while wearing squared shoes will make your feet look bulkier.

    Another important thing is to wear heels.

    How do you describe your walk-in flat shoe compared to heels? And how will others perceive you as a woman?
    I think you will all agree that walking in heels is way different and makes you feel your femineity much more. And people will find you walking in heels is what reflects your womanhood the best.
    Heels are made for women in the first place. So it is an essential item to have because Wearing heels makes you walk in a more feminine way.
    If you are the type of woman who doesn’t hear heel, then it’s time to get one.
    Learn and practice how to walk with heels because it will make you more attractive and elegant.
    Whether you want to wear short or high heels, that is your choice, but what’s most important is that your rock those heels.

    5. Take Care of your Nails

    One of the essential things that makes you different from men is Painting your nails.
    Cleaning and coloring your nails for both your hands and toes is vital to making you look feminine, cute, and girly.
    Having Mid-length or long nails and painting them with cute colors or even classic French nail polish will do.
    Actually taking care of your nails won’t cost you a fortune. There are many affordable nail arts that you can put on your nails to make your nails stand out more.

    6. Hairstyle

    There is a widespread belief in the whole world passing through generations that having long hair represents you as a woman.
    It is a beauty standard inherited from our ancestors till that day, but not everyone stands by it.
    Many people think that having a short haircut will make you less feminine, and long hair will make you feminine.
    But I think this is not true.
    Many women with short hair look attractive and sexy because it suits their face shape.

    It highlights their facial features, unlike having long hair that makes them look just ordinary.
    I was one of those who firmly believed in this idea and spent many years trying to take care of my hair and using many products and homemade recipes to make it grow longer, but not anymore.
    I have grown and learned a lot about staying true to myself and doing what’s best for me.
    In my opinion, when it comes to hair length that it depends on your face shape.
    That makes me change this preconceived idea about long hair.
    I have a heart face shape, and having long hair doesn’t flatter my face. Therefore, I cut my hair, and honestly, it looks way better shorter, and I still look feminine.
    So do what is best for you when it comes to your hair length and style.

    7. Upgrade Your Look by Adding Accessories

    There are hair and body accessories that you can wear.
    Hair accessories such as headbands and pins add cute details to your hair.
    In terms of body accessories; Wearing a necklace and rings will make enhance your feminine look.
    They are accessories designed not only to upgrade your outfits but also to draw attention to the specific area in which you are wearing them.
    For example, wearing a ring to your figure will make your hand more attractive and draw attention to your nails.
     Whereas if you are wearing a necklace. Long or short. Will highlight your neck or cleavage area.
    This will boost your femineity and make you look more elegant and chic women.

    8. Pay Attention to Your Voice Tone

    Your voice tone is something not related to physical appearance, but it is an attribute that will define your level of femininity.
    We all have different voices but what makes them feminine is how soft does it sound.
    But how do you know if you have the sound of femininity?
    If you already have a soft voice, that’s great, but if not, it is something that you can learn, and guess what Practice makes perfect.
    Practice daily on how to make your voice softer and not loud.

    9. Have a Healthy Skin

    clear skin

    Having great skin will make you glowy, radiant, and look healthy, and this is not related to your face but your body as a whole.
    But how is this related to looking more feminine?
    When you have great skin, this reflects what type of woman you are.
    If you have great skin, you don’t have to worry about wearing makeup.
    Also, waxing your body will make you look cleaner and
    You will be perceived as a woman who takes care of her health and wellbeing.

    10. Stay Fit

    You can be more feminine regardless of your body weight but staying fit is a must.
    It is essential to take care of your health and make sure that you have all your water, vitamins, and minerals intake because it will reflect on your body by having great skin and feeling healthy, which will boost your overall well-being.

    11. Wear some Makeup

    Makeup is your best friend when it comes to your femininity. It helps you define your facial features and conceal your unwanted skin problems.
    You don’t have to wear a ton of makeup. On the contrary, less is more.
    You can wear red lipstick and Mascara to longer and volumized eyelashes, and that’s more than enough.
    As you know, red is an attractive bold color, but if you feel like wearing something softer, you can go for pink and nude shades.

    12. Wear a Feminine Perfume

    There are perfumes for men, women, and unisex, which are wearable by both genders, but do you think that there are women’s fragrances are considered more feminine than others?
    It is well known that your body’s odor affects the perfume you are wearing. Therefore, Wearing Perfume that has floral, fruity, and soft scents along with your body’s smell is what will determine the final scent results.
    But what is essential is that you choose a perfume made for women in the first place that contains feminine elements, such as sweet, light, or floral.
    Check out these perfumes above, which are popular because of their feminine scents.

    13. Watch your Overall Attitude

    Being polite, calm, and caring makes you a real woman, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise your confidence.
    Smiling to people and just making simple, friendly gestures will make you feel good about yourself.
    Also, taking care of others is an attribute that all women have since birth, and you can practice it with your children, pets, or other people.


    These are all the tips that are related to your appearance and how to act that can help you look more feminine and make you embrace your femininity to the maximum.
    You might find some of them that you already have so you can apply a few more techniques to increase your sexy feeling and look.
    What do you think is the most important feminine trait that every woman should have?

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