10 Best Trench Coats for Petite Women- 2022

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    Trench coats for petite women are one of the basic pieces that should be in every women’s closet since it is a practical and fashionable fashion item that we usually wear all year round.
    Whether the season is fall, winter, spring, or even summer, sometimes it will expect a sudden change in the weather during any season.
    The trench coat will save you from such a situation because it is a timeless piece that you can wear over anything you want.
    It is gorgeous on a dress, jeans or even a skirt. The styling ways of the trench coat are limitless and effortless.
    And because I have mentioned above all those reasons, don’t you think it is worth investing in a perfect trench coat once and for all? I think you most likely will agree with me.
    Now, we, as petite women, struggle to find clothes that fit our small frame and look flattering on us. Therefore, I thought about writing this guide to help you and every short woman easily find her dream trench coat.

    P.S you need boots to style your trench coat right? checkout this post for all the stores that sell shoes for small feet.

    Trench Coat Main Types

    Before we dive into trench coat brands for petite women, I would like to give you an idea ( for those who don’t know).
    So basically, there are two main types of trench coat designs which are:
    The single-breasted trench coat and the double-breasted coat.

    As shown in the picture below, The main difference between them is that the double-breasted trench coat has extra fabric from the front and two columns of buttons.

    single breasted trench coats for petite

    Some petite women avoid wearing double-breasted trench coats, thinking that it may overwhelm their bodies or make them look bulkier.
    But in fact, it is exactly the opposite! Any petite woman can rock it with a light fabric trench coat without any problems!

    10 Flattering Trench Coats for Petite Body Shape

    1. Burberry

    Burberry trench
    Burberry trench coat
    pink Burberry coat
    size guide for Burberry

    Trench coat means Burberry! I will start this list with the most famous trench coat on earth, the “Burberry” trench coat.
    Not only that, but also it is offered in a small size that fits a petite body shape.
    This high brand signature trench coat is famous definitely for a reason, or at least say many reasons.
    It is a high-quality trench coat that is tailored impeccably.
    And it will last in your closet forever if you know how to take of it.
    With that said, you will pay for what you get. The trench coat is expensive, but it is a brilliant investment for your petite wardrobe.
    The options are limitless when shopping for a trench coat from Burberry.
    You will find a trench coat with long sleeves, sleeveless, prints, and different lengths.
    I put up a few photos of their trench coats below and their size guide for your reference

    2. Frame

    frame size guide

    The Frame clothing brand is one of the famous high-end brands with a wide variety of blazers and coats.
    What I like about them is that they have XXS that suits our petite body and a few options to choose from.
    They offer trendy and classic styles, so if you have a trench coat in any classic color, you might consider getting a more trendy luxe one for a change.
    Also, they regularly change their collection and it sells out so fast so you have to check every now and then what is in stock.

    If you have a basic trench coat and want something different to add to your wardrobe. checkout this gorgeous green leather trench coat.

    It is unique and made from soft leather which will be so stunning wearing it on its own!
    P.S. If you would like to buy a trench coat in a solid basic color. Recheck the brand because they usually offer trench coats in many styles and colors.

    3. Ann Taylor

    green trench coats for petite
    trench coat
    trench coats for petite

    You can’t go wrong when you shop from the Ann Taylor brand. 

    It is really popular among petite women for its nice classic pieces designed really well to suit our petite body.
    Luckily, ann Taylor brand is famous for its trench coat clothing item.
    It is always designed and offers a wide variety of cool designs other than the basic coats to serve all women’s needs and styles.
    And what you want to keep in mind is that Ann Taylor offers high-quality trench coats at affordable prices, and you buy them at discounted cost during the sale seasons too.
    Please take a look at these stunning well-tailored coats for petite women, along with the brand’s size guide to have an idea about their measurements.

    4. Loft

    loft coat
    loft size

    Loft clothing brand also offers nice trench coats for petite body frames.
    It is affordable, well fitted, and offered in many sizes designed for petite women. 

    5. Stradivarius

    stravadarious size

    The first time I bought a trench coat from Stradivarius was last year, and I was amazed by how well it fits me.

    It is well-fitted light and offered in many colors.

    Check out my post here about the brand and how to style it effortlessly. 
    Stravadrious is a really cool brand and always launches new designs, so check them out from time to time to find a trench coat that is really affordable and, more importantly, well fitted for your petite body shape.

    6. J.Crew

    j crew coat
    j crew trench
    j crew size

    J.Crew is one of the best brands that offer contemporary and classic clothes for petite women.
    This trench coat from J.Crew is a must-have if you are looking for good quality and a price.
    Also, the trench coat fits the petite body frame really well and is offered in many colors and designs.

    7. Everlane

    If you are looking for an oversized draped double-breasted trench coat, then your best choice is to buy from Everlane.
    If you are hesitant because it is a slightly oversized coat, don’t worry.
    We, as petite women, can pull off this trend with the right styling.
    As long as the trench coat is made of light-draped fabric, then you are good to go.

    8. Michael kors

    size chart

    This is another one-of-a-kind trench coat by Michael kors that is made of print satin.

    It is lightweight and can handle a rainy day.
    It is offered in petite sizes as well as you can see in the size chart. 

    9. London Fog

    London fog coat
    lodon fog coat for petite
    London size guide

    London Fog clothing brand has many trench coat styles, but what makes it different than the other coats is that it is available in maxi length for petite women.
    It is designed with a removable hood and is also available in black color.
    Any petite woman can rock any clothing item in maxi length with the appropriate styling.

    10. Banana Republic

    banana republic
    bana republic trench coat
    banana size chart

    Banana Republic clothing brand is where most petite women find their favorite petite clothes, and one of them is the trench coats for petite women.
    You won’t regret buying from them because it is a well-known brand for its quality and stunning fashion design,s, especially for Petites. 

    Tips for buying the perfect trench coat

    1. If you didn’t buy any trench coat yet. Invest in high-quality and classic colors such as a beige, black, brown, or grey trench coat that you can wear for years.
    2. Choose flowy and lightweight fabrics to not overwhelm your body
    3. Expermint with single and double-breasted styles and choose what’s best for you.
    4. If you are a skinny petite woman,  the single-breasted trench coat will fit you perfectly.
    5. If you live in cold and rainy weather for most of the year, buy a maxi trench coat for full protection.

    The best trench coat length for a petite body

    The most flattering length for any petite woman is the short trench coat, below the hips, reaching the knees, and the maxi. 

    Each length requires an appropriate styling to pull it off.
    The less flattering length is the mid-thigh and mid-calf length, which will not balance your body’s proportion in the right way.
    For more curvy women from the hips, avoid wearing the short trench coat and go for longer lengths to make you look taller and slimmer.

    What is your best tip to share for wearing a trench coat?

    trench coats for petites

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