Top 7 Petite-Friendly Spring Trends that you Need to Know

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    I am in love with spring season fashion trends already! Fashion shows and runways are filled with vibrant colors, spring floral dresses, comfy sweatsuits, and many more.
     This season is exciting because it offers various Spring trendy pieces starting from formal wear to cool basics that you can choose from!
    Sometimes we fell for fashion items from first sight but unfortunately not anything we like will suit our body—especially us (petite women). 
    But don’t worry! If you are a fashionista and it is essential for you to keep up with trends, you still have a wide variety of options to choose from and wear to work great on you.

    You only have to do two very important things before you but anything

    1. Determine your body shape and what pieces will suits you the best. 

    2. You have to know your skin’s undertone to pick outfits that will look great on your skin tone

    Knowing your skin’s undertone will make your life easier while shopping for clothes and choosing your makeup colors like lipstick, eyeshadow, etc.
    P.S. skin’s undertone color is different than your actual skin color.
    There are three prominent skin undertones, which are:  warm, cool, and neutral.
    How to know what undertone you have? Many tests will help you to figure that out.

    I will show you two easy methods:

    First method: ask yourself what usually looks good on you when you wear accessories or jewelry? Silver or gold?
    If you look good on silver pieces of jewelry, you have cool undertones.
    But if gold looks better on you, then you have a warm skin’s undertone.
    In case both silver and gold are pretty on you, you have neutral skin’s undertone.
    Second method: 
    Check your veins’ color and read this table below to know what is your skin’s undertone is:

    Veins colorskin’s undertone
    Green veinsWarm skin tone
    Blue or purple veinsCool undertone
    Veins color is close to your skin toneNeutral undertone

    what colors look best on you?

    P.S each skin tone colors category consists of 4 columns and 5 raws

    After completing these steps, the rest is so easy, and enjoy your shopping!

    Spring trends pieces for petite women

    As I mention, there are many fashion items with different styles, colors, silhouettes, attitudes, vibes, and functionalities in these spring trends are many.

    Still, I chose for you trending pieces that kept appearing many times in many well-established fashion magazines publications such as vogue and also that are petite friendly so you can buy them without being confused or afraid that it might not fit you well.

    1. Oversized jacket with shoulder pads

    shoulder pad jacket trend

    This piece will look good on everyone, especially if your body shape is a rectangular or inverted triangle.
     An oversized jacket with shoulder pads is a must-have because it is very trendy and easy to style. 
    If you don’t feel that this piece is for you, you can try different styles such as dresses and tops with built-in shoulder pads to balance your body’s proportions.

    2. Floral dresses with vibrant colors

    flora dress for petite spring trend 21

    Whenever I think about Spring, I always have a picture in mind of a green grass park with many colorful flowers and butterflies.
    The green color represents nature, health, and life! Which is a very peaceful and nice feeling to have.
    Floral fashion pieces, whether they are dresses, tops, skirts, are the same way; you will an incredible impression when rocking one.

    3. Colorful coat

    embellished coat for spring trend

    These coats are a piece of art, especially the ones that designed embroideries, embellishments, and fringe 
    This coat is a must-have in spring because it is light and stylish.

    4. Tie dye prints

    tie dye trend

    tie dye clothing is still trending even in spring 2021
    they are very cool, especially when you want to wear an athleisure or comfy look to chill at your home.
    P.S If you are a fan of athleisure attire, check out my article to learn more on how to style and shop for athleisure outfits here.

    5. sweatsuit

    It became the pandemic uniform.  Swimsuits are a trendy piece that you must have to wear and hangout to any place you want.
    They are so comfortable and easy to style.

    6. Button down shirts 

    Oversized shirts are very trendy pieces to wear. If you like to look very edgy, you can wear it with knee-high boots and a cute skinny belt to define your waist.

    7. Business casual attire

    business casual for spring trends

    I love this type of dress code! If you feel bored of wearing your office work suit, this is your chance to change and elevate your style at your workplace or formal meetings.
    So how it differs from formal business attire?
    Business casual is more relaxed and oversized than your usual suit.
    For us as petite women, you can balance out this outfit by choosing either an oversized jacket with fitted pants or vise versa, depending on your body shape.

    Get to know what is the Spring color palette trend

    According to Pantone color institute, which is the one who forecasts and publish color trends reports every year for fashion and other industries, the spring/summer 2021 color report is 
    Moreover, The Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, Leatrice Eiseman, expresses his view regarding this color report by stating that:
    Offering a range of shades illustrative of nature, colors for Spring/Summer 2021 underscores our desire for flexible color that works year-round. Infused with a genuine authenticity that continues to be increasingly important, colors for Spring/Summer 2021 combine a level of comfort and relaxation with sparks of energy that encourage and uplift our moods,
    The color palette includes for fashion spring trends are Pastels, oranges, yellow, blue, and pink shades.

    color palette for spring trends 2021

    While the classic palette is about the basic colors such as
    Grey, beige, and green olive shades


    What is your favorite fashion piece from these spring trends? And how would you style if you are a petite woman?

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