Blue Summer Dress + Thoughts on Ipekyol

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    Okay, so as a fashion lover, I always like to explore and look for brands that fit my petite body.
    But my passion for this doesn’t stop here. I also like to go through many clothing lines that don’t carry petite sizes because I appreciate their clothes styles in terms of beautiful designs, choice of fabrics, colors, etc.
    One of these brands is Ipkyol, a brand based in Turkey but has many stores across continents.
    The brand’s store grabbed my attention the second I enter.
    I was amazed by their wide variety of clothing, whether casual, formal or for party occasions.
    Unfortunately, it was obvious that their sizes runway large for any petite body, but I always go and get a closer look at their new collections and what kind of designs they are offering.
    Also, I always hope to find something that will fit me, and my dream came true!

    ipkeyol dress

    This is a maxi dress that some petite women find not flattering, but I like to wear it and style it with high heels to balance my body’s proportions and make me appear taller.

    I have a rectangle body shape and this off-shoulder cut suit my body type because I have a bit broad shoulders and a narrow waist which makes this dress perfect for me 
    Also, I wear long white earrings from Shein to add a bright color touch to the whole outfit.
    You have no idea how hot the weather was while  I am taking photos by the pool lol.
    As you can see, the wall behind me is the shower, but I liked to take photos there since it matches my dress color tones.

    Ipekyol brand sizes are not for petite body frames, but if you are lucky and checking their clothing line collections, you might get lucky and find something that fits your small figure.
    With that being said, some fashion pieces fit your petite body, such as this dress because it so flares and it has a belt so you can make it tight and only define your waist.

    Other pieces won’t fit our petite body, such as tight clothes.

    ipekyol blue dress

    If you are a fashion lover and like to explore new cool brands, you must add Ipekyol to your list.
    It is amazing and worth checking out because it has really fashionable and stunning fashion items that you might like and fit you too!

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