The Shortest Skincare Order Routine – In FIVE effective steps

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    Following a daily skincare order routine is exhausting for most of us!
    Sometimes you skip some steps, and other times you miss all of it because you don’t have that much time to apply all the many steps you have in your routine.

    But what if you have a short and effective skincare routine that has all the essential steps?

    I think that would be amazing and practical, especially if you are a busy woman or a beginner in skincare products!

    Well, when I decided to take care of my skin and follow a skincare routine. I searched a lot about building and applying skincare products, but I was very confused, overwhelmed, and frustrated.

    Some skincare experts and dermatologists suggested over ten steps for daily skin order products. Others included steps that I find myself that I don’t need!

    So I came up with this quick, compact skincare order of application that is very quick to do once you are under time pressure or tired!

    Skincare Order of Application

    let’s start with the morning treatment beauty routine:

    neutrogena cleanser

    1.    Use a Facial Cleanser that Contains a Soft Exfoliator

    The first in your skincare order step that you are doing daily by default is washing your face with your facial cleanser.

    The tip here is to choose a soft exfoliate facial cleanser or soap that you can use daily.
    Make sure that you are choosing the right product for your skin type!

    Many excellent products in the market are available for you. Some of those cleansers and soaps contain vitamins, oils, and unique, refreshing natural scents.

    I personally love this Neutrogena Deep Clean facial cleanser. It cleans and exfoliates my face gently and makes it so soft.

    The good news here is that you made a shortcut and reduced your skincare order routine In your first step by combining facial cleanser and exfoliator in one step! Yaay

    2. Facial Toner

    facial toner

    The toner job is similar to facial cleanser, but it will clean your skin on a deeper level.

    It removes any makeup dirt, extra oils, and any make sure that your skin is clear!

    Invest in the right product, or check out my 100% homemade rice water recipe toner if you want a homemade one.

    But if you want to buy a manufactured product that is well known for its amazing effects, use THAYERS facial toner.

    It is Alcohol-free and contains many ingredients that nourish your skin.

    Keep in your mind that there are a wide variety of toners for all skin types: dry, combined, sensitive, and oily.

    Another thing is that a wide variety of toners contain different features, such as treating acne, containing anti-aging ingredients, and many more.

    Note: there are also exfoliating toners. In this case,  You can start with a regular facial cleanser then exfoliate toner! Whatever you like.

    3. Facial Serum

    face serum

    Imagine that your skin is super clean, not having any nutrient layer, and not protected. Don’t you think that it needs something beneficial to absorb?
    Hell yea!

    That’s why the skincare order is essential so that each product will perform efficiently on your skin.

    Here comes the serum step, which will provide your skin with the necessary nutrients.
    Many serums are available in the market.

    Choose a serum with the most critical and concentrated vitamins that your skin needs, such as vitamins C, A, and E.

    What’s more, some of them contain treatments for wrinkles and treats pigmentation.

    4. Eye Cream Beauty Treatment

    Because there are ongoing debates regarding eye creams’ effectiveness, I was hesitant to include them in my skin order routine.

    So  based on much research I have done, I found an interesting article that interviews the Dermatologist, Dr. Rachel Nazarian, stating that:

    eye crème is a concentrated moisturizer that treats yours under your eye area. Because this area is thinner than the rest of your face, it tends to get darker and wrinkled quickly.

    What do you think about that? Can you skip this step? I guess not!

    5. A moisturizer that contains sunscreen protection “SPF.”

    The morning skincare routine’s last steps moisturize your skin and protect it from sun exposure.

    moisturizing your skin is essential for all skin types, including the oily skin suggested by Harvard medical school report

    I combined the two steps in one! I use moisturizer and sunscreen protection in one product.

    That is for your morning skincare routine.
    Simple and effective five steps that will make your life easier and skin prettier!

    Morning Vs. Night Skin Treatment Routine

    The good news is that they are almost the same! Follow all your morning skincare routines Except for the last step.

    You have to replace your moisturizer that contains sunscreen with a regular one and preferably a concentrated moisturizer to nourish your skin the whole night time.

    These are your most five essential steps for your skincare order of application! Trust me, and when you get used to it, you will find yourself that you can handle more steps to add in your skincare products.

    This quick and Easy Skincare Process Will Let You Feel Several Things:

    1.    You will naturally develop the habit of applying it by default.
    2.     Enjoy taking care of yourself.
    3.     Find out that you want more products to try out and pamper your skin with them.
    4.    Fantastic results, A glowing, radiant skin when using the right products.

    How do you feel about that? Can you handle more products in this routine?

    Here are some beauty products that are popular in other skincare routines, and you might consider including them by time:

    1. Mask or clay

    You will find different face masks in the market in texture, time of application, and purpose.
    It is recommended that you apply after washing your face right away. Then continue your routine unless it says otherwise.

    2. Facial oil

    it acts like a moisturizer, but many contain different special oils for your skin that boosts its health and glow

    Other kinds of Serums

    many other serums have different purposes such as anti again, hydrating, and MANY more that you can try and experiment with.

    Spot or acne cream

    If you have acne and you want to apply your treatment. You can use it after applying your eye creme or consult your dermatologist on how this step will fit in your routine.

    Please take the following note into your consideration when you start your beauty routine: 

    1. Skipping your skincare routine is okay, but mixing your skincare order is NOT OKEY, and here is why:
    As a Rule of thumb by dermatologists and scientists states, you have to start with the product with a thin consistency to the heaviest and concentrated one so that the skin will efficiently absorb all of them.
    2. The timing of the application is important too. Try to apply it in the morning period and night period for the best results.
    4. Toners contain formulas that treat minor and straightforward acne scars and pigmentation.
    5. if you are using peeling crème, whether prescribed by a dermatologist or over the counter, you must consult a skincare expert first and follow another skincare routine.

    The Bottom Line For this Short Skincare Routine Steps:

    Sometimes in life, we forget ourselves and take time to breathe but instead, we get busy with our work or other people.
    The idea behind shortening your skin routine is that if you are busy or beginners who find it difficult to use many skincare beauty products in the right order.
    You will get used to it, and then you will add more products if you wish.
    Please always be present and enjoy every moment in your life, especially when taking care of yourself from the inside out.

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