The Magic of Baking Soda As Exfoliate: Instant result

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    I am a curious person when it comes to trying any skincare products, mostly DIY kinds. But when I heard about baking soda being used as a skin exfoliate, I was hesitant to try it.

    I researched baking soda and found out that people are using it for baking and other purposes. Such as teeth whitening,  bleaching kitchen Surfaces, counterparts, etc., so I told myself that is no way that this will touch my skin!

    To make a long story short, on one of the summer days, I felt that I wanted to scrub my skin badly to get rid of my dead skin and dirt caused by the beach and heat.
    So I googled homemade scrub recipes. Many baking soda DIY recipes appeared to me again, so I decided to try it since I have all its ingredients right in the kitchen.

    let me tell you what I like about this recipe first:

    1. It is super easy to make.
    2. It consists of two ingredients that are available in my kitchen. 
    3. Quick application process

    baking soda

    Baking soda As exfoliates DIY ingredients:

    1. Baking soda
    2. Water
    3. 1 Lemon
    4. Oil (optional)

    Baking soda and water amount depending on where do you want to apply it.
    If you want to use it for your whole body, half a cup will be enough with water to form a paste.
    I love lemon, and I use it in my many  DIY face masks and body scrubs; here is why:

    Lemon as Skin Scrub Benefits:

    1. lightens and even out your skin tone.
    2. Treats hyperpigmentation.

    3. Contains a  high percentage of vitamin C, an antioxidant that reduces skin damage and melanin cells.

    4. Removes your dead skin.

    Important note: Be careful when using lemon on your skin. Do not expose your treated area to the sun. Although It is a natural ingredient, it contains acidic and antioxidants that might irritate your skin.

    How to Make and Use Baking Soda Scrub With Lemon On Your Skin

    1. In a small bowl, add a handful of baking soda with a little water.

    2.Cut the lemon into two halves.

    3. Add a few drops of lemon to the mixture and stir it well with a spoon until it becomes a paste.

    4. Wash your body with your shower gel or just with warm water and apply the mixture on your body, mostly dark and affected areas you want to exfoliate.

    5. Wait for 5-10 a few minutes, then grab half of the lemon and start scrubbing your elbows, knees, and all your body in circular motion gently.

    6. Rinse your body with water.

    7. Add two tablespoon of oil for moisturizing your skin (optional)

    If you haven’t scrub your body in a while, you will be surprised by how effective this exfoliate is! You will find all your dead skin falling out in your shower.

    For maximum benefit:

    Finish your bath with a cold shower, so you close your pores instantly and tighten your skin.

    Baking soda and lemon exfoliate scrub cause dryness. So, After the shower, make sure your body is dry and apply your favorite body oil or concentrated cream to moisturize it.

    Baking soda scrub effect on body skin:

    There are many benefits when you exfoliate your body with baking soda, such as

    1. It is a deep cleanser that exfoliates and removes dead cells and dirt that is hard to get rid of with regular body wash.

    2. Baking soda scrubs eliminates scars and promotes skin tone since it has bleach ingredients.

    3. Also, it is effective on lightings, elbows, knees, and dark areas.

    4. Treats strawberry legs! It helps you get rid of ingrown hair.

    Baking soda is gentle and soft exfoliate, but don’t let that fools you since it contains many chemicals that might cause intense irritation to your skin. 

    Baking soda Vs. Baking powder:

    Some people get confused about baking soda and baking powder components.
    I will explain to you briefly about their components and how they react.
    Both are leaveners.

    But they have differences in their chemical elements.

    Baking soda’s main component is sodium bicarbonate, whereas baking power consists of baking soda’s ” sodium bicarbonate” component and acid.

    Because of that, they have a different reaction when adding liquids to them.
    Adding lemon to baking soda or using it by itself will act as bleach.

    On the other hand,  baking powder contains more chemical elements than baking soda. When applied to the skin, it will cause significant damage to it.

    The Bakin Soda Exfoliator’s Results:

    1. Removes dead skin instantly.
    2. Close skin pores.
    3. Promote Skin glow.
    4. Prevent sweat smell once applied under your arms.
    5. Lighten dark areas.
    6. Get rid of skin tan.
    7. Smooth skin.
    8. Reduce stretch marks.

    Application Time and Frequency

    1. Leave it on your skin for a few minutes and rinse it with water.

    2. Remember that the baking soda scrub is chemical, so do not use it more than twice a week when using this recipe.

    3. Some of the results might take some time to show, so try to be consistent when you want to remove your scars or stretch marks.

    Baking Soda Scrub Side Effect You May Encounter:

    1. Dehydrated skin
    2. Irritation
    3. Inflammation
    4. dryness

    You can avoid these side effects by testing the scrub on your skin first.
    Also, you might expect a bit of irritation, which is OKEY since it is caused by using lemon.
    Lastly, I recommend avoiding skin dryness by applying oil with the scrub or moisturizing your skin after the shower.

    These are suggestions for you to help you if you want to use the scrub; hopefully, it will guide you to face such side effects. 

    Precautions When Using Baking Soda Scrub 

    1. Test first before applying, especially when you have a sensitive skin
    it is normal to feel some irritation since the baking soda and lemon are.

    2. Use sun protection on your treated areas
    exposing your skin to the sun when using lemon will have a negative impact. You will cause your skin to get darker.

    3. Keep moisturizing your skin all the time.

    This is one of the best recipes that remove dead skin instantly, and if you are interested in more homemade skin glowing recipes, check out this amazing turmeric DIY for glowing radiant skin. 

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