The Light Flowing Trench Coat For Petite Size Women

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    Hey everyone, I hope you enjoy your holiday sales season and the lovely cold weather as I do!
    I am so excited and overwhelmed by my first new outfit post. Finally, I decided to share my petite style outfits with all of you.
    I live in a small town In Saudi Arabia, Taif, up in the mountains, which has the BEST weather ever, in my opinion!
    I like winter here because of the foggy cold weather, as you can see in my picture behind me!

    A few days ago, I bought this outfit when I was enjoying my day off from work. I went to the shopping mall, and I walked to check out brands’ new collections and sales.

    Petite women Trench coat

    I walked into the
    Stravadarious clothing store, and the trench coat section grabbed my attention for two reasons.

    Firstly, I never bought one. Secondly, I felt that it is a trench coat for petite women that will fit perfectly.
    Unfortunately, many petite women usually struggle with finding many pieces because of the size grading issues, and I am one of them.
    They have neutral colors such as beige, off-white, and grey at the store, but maybe they have more options online.

    After I tried this trench coat, I fell in love with it, and I decided to buy the grey trench coat because I love grey and wanted to pair it with grey sweatpants and a turtle neck set from the same store.

    This trench coat is XS in size. You can check measurement details in case you want to know if it will fit you here.

    grey trench coat

    I love the monochromatic look, which is wearing the whole outfit in one color tone because it gives the illusion that I am taller, and also, it is an easy trendy look.

    The trench coat for petite styling tip is that because it is long, a bit below my mid-calf, I wore high heels to balance my upper and lower body’s proportions.

    trench coat and scrunchies

    Moreover, they have a very accessories section. 
    I bought six different kinds of scrunchies from them, and I am wearing a white fur one.

    Their collection is edgy, colorful, and budget-friendly.

    If you are a petite woman, you should give it a try. I’m sure you will find some pieces that will fit your small figure.
    Here are some pieces from their new winter collection that I liked from their Automn\ Winter collection and holiday gift guide

    trench coat for petite women

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