26 Best Stores to Buy Shoes for Small Feet

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    Do you know what makes or breaks your whole look? It is the shoes that you are wearing! I am one of the petite women who struggle with finding shoes for small feet size like many of you.

    And some other petite women even struggle more because they have tiny feet size and find it so hard to find shoes for small feet in size 5 or under.
    So they end up wearing shoes from a kid’s section that will ruin your look and make you look like a child, or wearing a bigger shoe than your actual foot size will make you feel uncomfortable too!
    If you are one of them, I have good news for you.
    I gathered a list of online stores and brands that sell shoes designed for your petite feet.
    There is no need to ask around, but from the kid’s section, or be limited to one shoe style.
    You have limitless options to choose any style of shoes you want to wear, whether boots, high heels, sneakers, pumps, etc.!
    What’s more, In this list, you will find some brands that will customize your order according to your feet measurement!
    Isn’t that cool?
    I’m so excited to share the list with you to help you end your shoe-hunting struggles for good!

    P.S If you are looking for petite clothing stores, check out this guide that includes 25 stores that sell petite women’s clothes.

    26 Stores that Sell Shoes for Petite Feet  

    1. Nordstrom Rack

    They offer all kinds of shoes that you can think of! Sneakers, Flats, Sandals, Heels, Boots, etc.

    Their shoe size ranges from 3 in the US and above.

    tiger heels
    green sneaker
    brown booties

    2. Pretty Small Shoes

    This is one of the best stores to shop for petite shoes!

    Pretty small shoes is a gorgeous shoe brand that sells flats, heels, and boots for women in child sizes from 2 US or more at reasonable prices.

    They also have a “made to order” option where you can order any size you want for any shoes you like!
    I really like their shoe collection, they have very famine and elegant shoes that you can choose from.
    This is their shoe size chart below and a few samples from their beautiful collection. 

    shoes for small feet size
    platform sneaker
    brown wedge slipper
    metallic shoes

    3. Astrashoes Cute Shoes for Small Feet

    Astarshoes offer different variety of shoes that are designed for petite feet from size 1 US  and up.
    Take a look at their size guide for more information. 

    lace shoes
    red flat
    pink heels

    4. Petite Shoes for Small Feet

    Petite shoe brand offers all shoe styles from size 2 US up to size 5 designed for petite feet.
    Check out their size chart and guide that will help you buy the perfect shoes for your petite feet. 

    petite shoes
    petite bootie

    5. Zappos “Cheap Petite Shoes.”

    Zappos is a huge online store that offers everything from many brands, including shoes in small sizes.
    The thing is that you might not find nice shoes in size 1 or 2 but may have more options in size 4.5 or more.
    Also, you need to spend quite a time searching because they have a huge shoe collection in different styles.

    zappos knee high boot
    nude shoes

    6. Top Rated Shoes for Petite Feet

    Top rated shoes store has all styles of shoes from 2 and up that is for petite feet.

    Their collection is elegantly stylish and affordable.
    Check their size guide for more information.

    white shoes
    red shoes
    pink sandal

    7. Petitepeds Shoes from Amazon

    Petitepeds seller has a few shoe style options that you can choose from, but the best thing is that their shoes are for small feet.
    So you can find sizes from 3 US and up depending on the style of the shoe.

    slipper small size
    black shoes

    8. Cinderella of Boston “Cheap Petite Shoes”

    Cinderella of Boston offers cute sandals, heels, boots, and flats for petite women who wear size 2 US and up at very affordable prices.
     Check their shoe size chart for more information.

    black heel slipper
    platform slipper for petite
    brick color sandal

    9. Jgshoe

    Jgshoe has a small-sized shoe where you can find whatever shoe style you want for your small feet is size 2 US or up.
    You can also custom order any shoe size you want!

    flats many colors
    blue shoes
    shoes for small size

    10. Maretti shoes for Petite Feet

    Marettie petite shoes brand offers a wide variety of elegant shoes in many styles from size 1.5 and up.
    Whether you want flats, sandals, or party shoes, you will find stylish and classy styles at affordable prices.

    amaretti petite shoes
    green open toe shoes
    small feet slipper

    11. The Little Shoe Shop

    The little shop is a British online shoe store that allows you to customize any shoes you want.
    Also, they offer many shoe styles from sizes 2.5 and up.

    green olive sandal
    purple sandal for small feet

    12. Online shoes

    Onlineshoes store only sells sneakers for both men and women in size 3 or up. 

    sneaker for small feet

    13. Paolo shoes

    The Paolo shoe store offers shoes made in Italy in different styles such as heels, boots, flats, and sneakers from size 5 or up.

    Paolo shoes for petite women
    orange flat
    shoes for petite feet

    14. ASOS

    Asos has trendy items, including shoes in size 4 US and up. 

    black leather boots
    noot sandal
    green sandal for small feet

    15. DSW

    DSW has a lot of shoe styles from different brands – high-end and affordable in size 3 US and up

    orange sandal
    heels for small feet
    flat shoes for small feet

    16. Marmi shoes

    Marmi shoes offer designer shoes for women with size 4 US or up in wide and narrow widths.

    sandal small size
    sneakers platform
    heels slipper

    17. Dillards

    Dillards has cute shoe styles from different brands like Coach and DKNY from sizes 4 and up. 

    cheap petite shoes
    pin wedge shoes for small feet
    nude sandal

    18. Macy’s

    Macy’s offer million of shoe styles in sizes 4 and up. 
    It is the place to go when you are looking for a shop for any occasion.

    19. Overstock

    Overstock has many shoe collection in size 5 US and more that you can choose from.

    ballerina shoes
    shoes for petites
    high heel red shoes

    20. Forbidden heels

    Forbidden heels is an amazing shoe store for petite women.
    You can find boots, heels, wedges, and sandals in stock or made to order from size 2 or more!

    knee high boots
    shoes for small feet leopard
    boots for petite size

    21. Ugg

    I love Ugg brand and their whole concept, especially their cozy boots and slippers in winter.
    Thankfully, they have all their shoes in size 5, which ich is suitable for small feet.

    shoes for small feet
    white sneaker

    22. Shein

    Shein, one Of my favorite online stores, has a huge selection of shoes in size 4 US and more that you can choose from.

    Don’t forget to check their shoe size measurements before ordering!

    High-End Retailers that Sell Shoes for Small Feet

    I always check these department stores during the sales season, especially at Christmas.
    And I end up buying nothing because I don’t find my size, which is 7.5 US but guess what?
    You have no idea how many shoes are in the sale section in small sizes!
    So do not miss this opportunity during the sale season. I am sure that you will find gorgeous pair of high-quality shoes at a discounted price!

    Bottom Line

    So this list is what I have gathered so far for every store that offers shoes for petite feet.
    Some of them are from high-end brands, while others are very affordable.
    You will never run out of choices here, so take your time while shopping to find what you want.
    Hopefully, this guide will help you find your dream shoes that fit perfectly into your small feet.
    Kindly, Let me know if you have any store that is not on the list to add here. 
    P.S I will update this list whenever I find out about any new shoe store for petite women!

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