Ski Trip Packing List: 20 Items for Fashion and Beauty must-haves

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    A ski trip packing list is the first thing to start with when getting ready to go on your ski spree!
    It is exciting yet overwhelming to pack for your ski trip if you don’t have an exact list of what you need, especially if it is your first time going on a ski trip.
    If you are going with your friends or partner and your goal is to have fun, exploring the area, party, and do some basic skiing activities, this is your best packing list for your best ski trip.
    That being said, you don’t have to buy or pack with you any snow gears because you will rent them instead, but you need to buy skiing clothes That keep you warm and let you enjoy the ride.

    When you are skiing, exploring the area, staying at the resort or lodge, and celebrating and having a fun night out.

    Clothing Items for your Ski Adventure During the Day

    1. The first layer is called ” long underwear”, which is the base layer that you have to wear

    It is a top and pants set or separates, and its purpose is to dry off any sweat and keep your body dry and warm all the time.

    P.S It is a no-brainer to pack your favorite underwear, which I didn’t count on the list.

    Tips for choosing the best long underwear:
    To pick the right underwear for your tripe, you have to check the temperature and determine how cold the area is.

    Also, you should consider how does your body handles the cold?
    Then, you can pick the long underwear based on these three Criteria: 
    Fabric: synthetic, wool, polyester, or silk
    Weight: ultralight, light, medium, and heavy.
    Features: moisture dry, quick-dry, sun protecting, etc.
    As you can see, there are many options to choose what suits your body, area temperature, and what type of activity you are going to do.

    2. The Second layer or mid-layer  

    This layer is essential because it retains your body heat.
    They come in different styles such as vests, turtlenecks, sweatshirts, and T-shirts. 
    Also, they are available in different materials, but the most popular are fleece and merino fabrics. 

    3. Outer layer

    white ski jacket
    ski jacket floral

    Which is a ski jacket and pants that you wear over your mid-layer.
    Tips for choosing the best outer layer:
    You will find many features in a ski jacket, but the best option is to choose the one with windproof, waterproof, and breathable features.

    On the other hand, legs don’t get cold as the upper part, but you will find ski pants options as same as the ski jacket features.

    4. Ski socks

    It is essential to buy socks designed for ski activities because they are long and thick to protect your feet from winter boots pressure and the cold weather.

    5. Snow boots

    It would help if you bought waterproof winter boots to walk around in the snow.

    Also, you should consider buying ski boots for skiing activities. You can rent ski boots when you go there or buy them too since some people prefer to wear their own shoes or boots.

    6. Ski helmet and neck gaiters 

    purple helmet
    pink ski helmet
    black neck gaitors
    colors for neck gaiters for ski trip packing list

    A ski helmet is made from fabric that will protect your head from the wind.
    Also, it would be best if you had neck gaiters to cover your neck as well.

    Some neck gaiters protect the head, neck, and face at the same time, and it’s called a face mask, which is made of thermal fleece, and it is water and windproof, which is fantastic!
    so if you purchase it, you don’t need to buy a ski helmet

    7. Ski gloves or  mittens

    white ski gloves
    ski mittens

    Ski mittens will keep your hand warmer than gloves because your fingers will not be separated so that they will generate more heat.

    You can choose any of them depending on your activity while skiing.

    Some brands have 3 in one waterproof glove consisting of gloves, mittens, and lobsters, which separate your index and middle fingers from the others.

    Other clothes to add to your ski trip packing list when you feel that you want to cruise around the area

    Whether you are skiing or not, you should wear the first and second layers before your outerwear.

    8. Puffer jacket for a casual practical look

    tie dye puffer jacket
    green puffer jacket for ski
    black puffer jacket with hoodie
    red long puffer jacket

    The puffer jacket is my favorite winter fashion piece! it is trendy and make you really warm

    9. Sweater

    cachmere sweater
    orange cashmere sweater

    A cashmere sweater is made of thin layers and it is one of the best fabrics that keeps you warm.

    10. Legging or jeans

    wool legging

    If your legs are always cold, you can wear heavyweight wool leggings. 

    11. Bathing suit

    yellow swimsuit

    Many resorts or lodges have a hot tub which is perfect to relax on a snowy night

    P.S if you struggle to hide your tummy, check these 17 awesome swimsuits that will make you look attractive in this post!

    In case you want to celebrate for some occasion  or head to a fancy restaurant, consider packing:

    12. Leather, knit, or fancy dress

    knit dress

    This depends on your style and the occasion. choose whatever you like wearing during these events

    13. Fur coat for a chic look or overcoat

    pink fur coat
    long brown fur coat
    black furr coat

    A fur coat will make you look fancy and keep you warm at the same time.

    At your Hotel Room or Chalet

    14. Warm winter pajamas 

    fleece pajama set

    Fleece is the best fabric for warmer sleepwear.

    15. Cashmere Sleeping Socks

    cashmere socks


    16. Beanies

    black beanie

    Beanies will protect your ears and head from the cold.

    17. Scarf

    wool scarf

    Choose very thick fabrics such as wool and fur to keep your neck area warm

    18. Sunglasses

    Makeup & Skincare bag

    19. Makeup and skincare products.

    20. Sunscreen


    It is easier to get a sunburn while you are on the top of the mountain since you are closer to the sun’s rays.


    Bonus item: Check whether your hotel has bath and hair products. If not, or want to use your own, Pack your hair and body care kit such as shampoos, shower gel, toothbrush, etc.

    Ski Clothing Stores and Brands for Petite Women

    ski trip packing outfit list

    When shopping for petite sizes, the struggle is real! Here is a list of a few brands that provide petite sizes. I hope that you will like

    1. Winter women

    This store has fashionable and colorful clothes and accessories for ski activities in petite sizes.

    2. REI Co-op

    This American retail store is amazing and has different options for petite women in all outdoor activities. Not only that, but it has a membership program to give you an annual dividend and much more!

    3. Zappos

    You will find many ski clothing brands in petite sizes at this online retailer store.

    4. Skis

    American online store that offers petite skiing clothes and gear.

    5. Amazon

    In my opinion, it is a smart move when you have a ski trip packing list and to invest in buying ski clothes because it will last for a few years.
    Although I don’t live in a snowy country, I have been to many countries in the snow season, and I did some basic ski activities.
    For the first time, I went without preparing for any ski clothes or specialty layers that are important to keep me warm, and I remember I was dying from the cold and I went to buy from the closes store snow clothes which were expensive for sure!

    I learned the lesson and kept those clothes for years because I loved the snow and skiing adventures.

    Kindly let me know if you have cool brands that carry ski clothing for Petites.

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