My Sephora Make Up Haul For Dark Combination Skin

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    Hey everyone, I’m sooo excited to share my makeup haul from Sephora with all of you!
    It’s been a long time since I shopped for any beauty product! Because I got busy with my full-time job, lockdown, and many things that happened in this crazy year. 
    Hopefully, things are going better now, so I decided to buy new makeup products from my favorite beauty store, Sephora.

    Before going to Sephora, I cleared out my makeup products and organized my vanity table to know what products I need to buy and not waste money on things that I don’t really need.

    Many of my makeup products were expired and dried, and I wanted to experiment with new brands.

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    Make up that i need to buy

    1. primer
    2. Foundation
    3. Concealer
    4. Beauty  blender
    5. Baking powder
    6. Mascara
    7. Lipstick

    To be honest, I was a bit nervous that I’m going to change all the makeup brands that I am used to because I’m a big fan of these brands all the way, unlike fashion, where I love to try new styles all the time.

    Anyway, I think it’s time for me to change and try new makeup brands that I have heard about all the time!

    My Most Favorite Makeup Brand that I Use all the Time

    1. M.A.C Cosmetics is my favorite, especially their blushes, lipsticks, and foundations.
    2. Armani. Their foundation is very soft and silky. 
    I usually buy two shades and mix to match my skin tone, also to contour my face.
    3. LA Girl concealer is one of my favorite too.
    4. Too faced foundation.
    5. Benefit Mascara.
    6. Anastasia Beverly hills Countour creme palette
    7. Nars concealer 

    My Sephora Makeup Haul

    1. PRO FILT’R Hydrating primer base hydrate

    fenty beauty primer

    Believe it or not! It is my first time buying from Fenty beauty brand! I feel like everyone bought from it except me!
    They have 3 types, and I tried them all, but because I live in a very dry area, my skin gets dry all the time! So I decided to buy the Hydrating Primer, which has a soft silk finish and a very refreshing feeling because it is soft and contains water to hydrate the skin. I absolutely love it from my first try!

    2. FENTY Pro Filt’r soft matte longwear foundation

    pro filtr foundation

    I was hesitant between The Pro Filt’r Hydrating Longwear Foundation  and the soft matte longwear, but since I have a combination skin type and dark skin tone, I decided to try the pro filt’r soft matte foundation because it is for all skin types, oil-free, and has medium to full coverage.

    What I love about it that it has a very light, smooth texture.

    You have to wait few minutes for FENTY foundation’s true color to show after applying the foundation, so I applied it on top of the primer in the store to see how it looks and started to look for concealer shade. 

    3. FENTY pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Concealer 

    concealer and beauty blender sephora haul

    I didn’t spend time choosing the concealer shade because Fenty assigned each foundation shade to a correspondent concealer with the same number, which is genius.

    My foundation shade is 345, and the concealer match number will be 345 too!

    To make sure about that, I checked my foundation color after it got dry, and I liked it! Then, I applied the concealer, and guess what? This system didn’t work for me! the concealer was lighter than what I wanted! That’s why it is better to try everything at the store.

    4. Beauty Blender

    beauty blender

    My beauty blender was used for such a long time, so it is time for a new one! Although I have many brushes, I can’t live without one.

    5. Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick

    fenty from sephora makeup

    The shade’s name is MA’DAMN, and I am IN LOVE with this lipstick’s shade and texture; it is the BEST.

    They also have different shades, but at that time, they were sold out already!

    6. Easy Bake Loose Baking & Setting Powder

    baking huda beauty makeup

    I fell in love with it on my first try! I chose the Kunafa shade for tan to deep skin tones, and that’s perfect for me.

    7. HUDA BEAUTY Tantour Contour & Bronzer Cream

    I bought a TAN shade, which is for tan to deep skin tones. It has a very nice creamy texture

    8. BADgal BANG! Volumizing Mascara

    I always use benefit’s Mascara for many years, and I don’t imagine myself using another brand! They are the best in my eyes.

    My thoughts and reviews after using all these Sephora makeup products for so many times

    * Fenty beauty: it is an excellent brand, I tried and loved most of their products, but I don’t think I will buy their foundation and highlighter next time.
    I still love Too Faced, M.A.C, and Armani foundations. 
    * Benefit: Mascara has a very nice volume, but it gathers the lashes a lot, so I prefer to have a more natural look and use false lashes next time.

    More things to buy next time

    1. Lipsticks shades  and crème color eyeliner from Fenty beauty
    2. Mascara from Dior, which I tried and really liked.
    3. False lashes

    I rarely do a makeup haul, and I always buy makeup when I feel like I need something specific. this time was exceptional for me, as I mentioned.
    What are your shopping habits when it comes to makeup?

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