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    Hey all, how’s it going? How’s winter treating you so far?
    This winter season is different than last year.
    The temperature is changing during the day. Hot at noon and cold after sunset, so I decided to shoot this dress during noon time in nature.
    Anyways this is another post that I am excited about as usual, haha.
    No, seriously, You have no idea how happy I will be whenever I write about my blog’s fashion category!
    I am obsessed with finding clothing brands that are petite-friendly and can’t wait to share them with you!
    If you went across my post on petite clothing brands, you probably know that the self-portrait brand is mentioned in the list.

    self portrait skirts

    I have to admit that I bought this striped midi skirt set that I am wearing, not because of that I have a crazy social life or meeting people regularly, but I couldn’t resist but buy it for two reasons.

    First: I believe this kind of outfit design will never go out of style.
    Second: I am obsessed with stripes prints. 
    Do you know that stripes, long vertical lines make you look taller instantly? But regardless of that, I am into stripes since I was a teenager!

    A little about self-portrait brand

    Self-portrait brand is a British brand that offers a wide variety of clothes and accessories that are for any occasion. 
    What’s more, Their Quality, price point, designs, customer service are beyond perfect, not to mention that their outfits are petite-friendly
    This is a gold mine for you as a petite woman struggling and always on the hunt for well-designed clothes that you can wear and look fabulous in it.

    I am wearing a blue midi knit skirt set that is well fitted In size S, equivalent to size 4 in the UK and 0 in the US sizing system.
    Check out their size guide for more information about body measurements to have a better idea about it.
    When I bought it online, It wasn’t clear that the outfit is shimmery and has gold treads that bling whenever you move!
    But still, I am super happy that I got it!
    Styling this outfit was fun, to be honest! I have many ideas and thoughts about wearing it, but I ended up wearing black fishnet booties, a tiny cross-body bag, and gold hoop earrings.

    The booties, the bag, and the earring are from Shein, the mega online retailer store.
    This midi skirt is perfect for petite because It has a slit that will lengthen your whole look.
    Some petite might not like to wear turtle necks, but I don’t mind wearing them.
    The top is slightly cropped, which makes it a perfect fit for my petite frame.
    My outfit is out of stock, but you can take a look at similar awesome fashion pieces that they release for this spring season.  

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