The Hidden Secrets To Getting Clear Skin

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    Nothing feels better than having clear skin! It is an amazing feeling because it makes you look youthful, fresh, and healthy, not to mention that you don’t have to put layers of makeup or skincare products to conceal whatever skin flaws you have.
    It is a dream for many women to have clear skin and men too! So the real question is how to have clear skin once and for all?
    How to finally feel confident in your own skin and not spend a lot of money here and there looking for skincare treatments or recipes all the time.
    Well, I asked myself this question.

    As a black woman, I struggle with hyperpigmentation sometimes and acne breakouts.
    It is normal to go through skin problems, but the key here is to understand are root causes behind them.

    Also, knowing the most effective ways that will keep your skin in the best condition ever for a long time are
    I am not going to mention any skincare products because of two reasons:

    First, I am not a dermatologist.

    Second, I prefer to take any natural route for having clear skin.
    Some methods might require you some patience and a long time to apply but believe me; the results are rewarding.
    Why Is that? 
    The tips that I will mention that will give you good skin for the rest of your life are hidden in your daily routine.
    How do you treat yourself? What kind of food do you eat? What kind of skincare products are you using and so on.
    Therefore, I encourage you to shift your mindset and instead of thinking that the best way to have great skin is to use certain skincare treatments such as pills or harmful cremes, believe that you will get the best results without them naturally and effortlessly by taking action and making smart decisions every day!

    Before we dive into the hidden secrets or getting clear skin, let me tell you why I defined them as secrets?

    Well, they might be obvious to you, but some people underestimate their power to have a huge effect on your skin and look for other DIY, prescribed products, and other ways to treat their skin fast.
    I am not saying that other methods won’t work, but I am raising your awareness that those tips are the foundation that will boost your skin health in the long run. 

    5 Hidden Secrets of Getting a Clear Skin

    All the hidden secrets are in your daily habits, and routine, which will not transform your skin and but also it will change your other aspects of life.
    But for now, we are talking about clear skin and how to achieve crystal clear skin by practicing and building simple daily habits.  

    1. Check your mental health

    meditation for stress relive

    Your mental health should be your number 1 priority because it reflects on your physical body in bad ways causing pain in different body parts, including acne breakouts!
    Unfortunately, Stress is one of many mental issues that most of us experience and It has a horrible serious effect that you should watch and try to get rid of it ASAP.
    If you are going through a breakdown feeling some mental health issues, check yourself and try to figure out how to improve and feel better.
    Some many ways and resources that will help you to get out of a rut.

    You just have to take action because living with stress is not worth it!

    2. Eat Healthy Food for Clear Skin

    foods for healthy skin

    Choosing what kind of food gets into your mouth is really important, especially these days where many junk and processed foods that most of us consume cause more harm than good to our health in general and skin in particular!
    Choose your food wisely and learn what food is good for your body and skin, in particular, to make better choices for your future goals.
    According to Mayo Clinic, the best foods that will boost your skin health and glow are:
    – Greens in general
    – Fruits
    – Berries
    – Nuts

    Whereas foods that will damage your skin and will make you age faster are:

    – Unhealthy fat and carbs
    – Sugars
    – processed food


    3. Use good Skincare products

    skincare products for clear skin

    Evaluate your skincare routine and check your products carefully.
    Make sure that each one of your skincare products has two main things:
    – Suitable for your skin type
    If you are using the wrong type of product, it will negatively affect your skin.
    For example, if you have oily skin and you are using a product that is for dry skin, it will make your skin over-drying and therefore produce more oils which will make your skin greasy!

    – Doesn’t contain harmful chemicals

    I am not saying that you have to use %100 natural and organic products, which is something good actually.
    But in case you prefer a certain brand, you only have to check that they don’t use chemicals that will damage your skin in the long run, such as :
    Parabens which harmful preservative ingredient and some fragrances that will irritate your skin

    4. Evaluate your Makeup products

    makeup products to get clear skin

    Going back to the previous tip, it is important to check your makeup for any chemicals and harmful ingredients.
    Also, don’t forget to check your makeup product’s expiration date and store them at the right place to keep them in good condition for use.

    5. Pick the Best Facial Hair removal Method

    facial hair removal methods

    The way that you use to remove your facial hair has a direct effect on your skin condition.
    You can use many methods, but not all of them are suitable for your skin.
    So if you don’t know what’s best for your skin, you can go for the least harmful methods.

    For me, I find waxing is really bad because it burnt my skin, whereas threading is my favorite technique that doesn’t harm my skin in any way.
    Other methods you can consider are laser, waxing, facial razor, and many more.

    each one of them has its pros and cons, so evaluate what works best for your skin type and stick with it

    Bottom Line

    I am not an advocate for super-fast results unless they are natural because they probably give you good results for a short period effect, but in the long run, they will affect your skin negatively and makes it worse than before.

    Keep in mind that the secret to clear skin is in your daily routine in general, so love yourself and don’t let anyone take control of your emotions, watch what your eating, make sure that you are using the right skincare products and choose the best method to shave your facial hair.

    Can you share with us your secret to get clear skin?


    clear skin secrets

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