Purple Monochromatic Zara Outfit

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    Hey, beautiful ladies, how is it going?

    I finally take two weeks off from my work to relax and enjoy my time with my sister and her cute daughter.

    I miss dressing up for myself and taking pictures, so I figured this would be an excellent opportunity to do what I enjoy and have fun.

    Here is the truth about me, I don’t buy from Zara because I don’t find it petite friendly.

    I know it is a famous brand, but I stopped buying from them after many failed purchases.

    Because I never find any zara outfit that looks good on my petite body, but I always like to look at what they have.

    zara women outfit

    Don’t get me wrong; I have always been a big fan of Zara. That’s why I check out their latest collection every season.

    and It is not my first time to fell in love with fashion pieces at the store, but I couldn’t resist checking out this outfit without buying it because of many reasons:

    First of all, it looks that it is going to fit me at first sight.
    Secondly, the top is velvet.
    Thirdly, purple is my FAVORITE color.
    Lastly, the pants are high waist in gorgeous crepe fabric.

    I purchase it right off the bat, and I knew that it would fit me perfectly, and I was damn right!

    I am glad that I didn’t give up on Zara and find an outfit that fits me.

    The top and the pants are in size small, and guess what? I untucked the hem because I like it to touch the floor a little bit.

    zara outfit purple

    In this photo, you can see how the high-waisted pants fit me. Also, the beautiful vertical lines create an illusion that makes me appear taller.

    I wore a gold chain necklace and small hoop earrings because it goes with my skin undertone color.

    zara monochromatic outfit

    Black goes with everything and adds a touch of color to the look, so I wore black shoes with a square bag made from leather and metal.

    The bad is from the ALDO brand, which I really adore.

    To all petite ladies, what are your thoughts about Zara outfit in terms of petite sizes?
    Is it your favorite place to shop from?

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