Petite clothing for women: Best brands you must try!

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    If you are 5’3 ft or less, you are considered a petite woman, and you must have experienced how challenging it is to find small size clothing for women brands. Right???

    Unfortunately, going shopping for petite size clothes wasn’t a fun experience for me. It was more like a mission to me because of the frustration I get knowing that I will not find any clothes that will fit me.

    I always find nice pieces of clothing that label as small, but they have the wrong fit on me whenever I try them!

    A nice jacket might fit me, but the sleeves will be longer than my arms size. The cute dress will be too long for me, and a simple pair of jeans will be long and big!
    I tried many brands dedicated to Petites and brands that carry regular sizes and offer xs size to find what best fits me.

    Fortunately, I found brands with perfect sizes for Petites, have good quality, and always keep up with new trends and styles.

    My favorite four fashion brands for petite women:

    1. J brand for jeans and pants

    looking for a pair of jeans with a proper to size fit for regular size women is challenging.
    Imagine what it would be like for petite women?

    Personally, it was a nightmare for me because I want trendy and high-quality jeans at the same time.
    Until one of my friends talked about j brand jeans, how cool it is, and  I should give it a try because it is a brand that offers fashionable petite clothing for women.
    Once I tried it, I was so amazed that the jeans fit me just right! Not to mention their wide variety of trendy pants that they have.

    I am still a very happy regular customer at the j brand and never thought of looking for a new jeans brand instead of them.

    What I love about J brand :

    1. Quality: they have excellent , durable quality of fabrics.

    2. Style: they are on-trend all the time. They have all kinds of pants in different materials and cuts.


     “Forget about alteration when you go to reformation.”

    This motto came naturally when I was typing about the brand, haha, but it is so TRUE.
    If you are looking for a trendy sustainable brand, you should check REFORMATION that offers amazing petite clothing.

    What I love about them is how their dresses fit the body! Their entire petite women section is tailored Impeccably to short women’s body shape.

    Their fit is not just right but also will look very flattering on your body figure.
    They also have all kinds of clothing such as jeans, basics, sweaters, a wedding but What I REALLY love about them is their dresses.

    They offer many cute styles with different colors, prints, and various lengths
    Some petite women don’t like to wear a maxi dress because it makes them look shorter. I was one of them but try a maxi dress from reformation. They have many fashionable styles of dresses for petite that will look gorgeous on you.

     3. Self Portrait

    It is a British new brand that was able to stand out and succeed in differentiating itself from other brands because of its unique styles, choice of fabric, size range, and good price point.
    During a Christmas holiday a few years ago, I was shopping at a department store. What caught my eyes is an A-line skirt made of guipure fabric, one of my favorite materials! I tried it immediately in size 4, and it was perfect for me!

    because there is no standardized grading system, some brands run small, and others run big, so it is important to try new brands, even not for petite women. You might find a top or bottom that fits you well!
    Whenever I have an important occasion to attend, the Self-portrait brand will always be my first choice.

    Because not only do they have small sizes, but also they carry different styles of skirts, dresses, tops, and many clothing for every occasion.
    Self-portrait does not have a section for petite women, but they carry small sizes that will probably fit you well if you give it a try.
    Finally, Their prices are just right for the quality and trendy pieces they offer.

    4. Topshop

    It is a well known British fast-fashion brand that offers many trendy styles for every occasion.
    You can find entire trendy petite clothing for women, such as activewear, swimwear, sportswear, and premium dresses for all sizes, including petite.
    I like to buy everything—tops, pants, skirts and everything casual and for outdoor activities.

    I have many other fashionable petite brands for women. Still, I mentioned my favorite brands with all three features: high quality, perfect fit, and trendy.
    My experience has changed now, and shopping for petite clothing is more fun than before.

    I am so happy that I can explore petite styles and new brands in the fashion industry.
    That doesn’t mean that I’m not struggling when shopping for petite clothes, but my shopping experience is better than before!
    I would like you to share your experience as a petite woman. Has it different than before, or are you still struggling to find what fits your body shape?

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