5 Best Pants for Curvy Petite Women that You Need to know

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    Finding the best pants for curvy petite women body shape is actually easy if you know the most important thing you want in pants and what styles to avoid.

    Meaning that if you are curvy petite, the chances are that you are looking for pants that make you look slimmer or at least something that fits you perfectly and flatters your body shape.

    If you know what types of pants are not designed for your curvy petite body shape, your mission for finding the perfect pants will be much easier!

    Keep in mind that finding the best pants is half of the battle because what to wear with them and how to style them is a key to a perfect outfit.

    With that said, I will list the best pants for a curvy petite body shape that will flatter your body and makes you look your best at all times!

    5 Stunning pants for curvy petite body

    1. The Petite Curvy Perfect Straight Pant In Stretch Double Weave from Loft

    The loft clothing brand is your best friend when looking for pants for your curvy short body frame.

    They have a wide variety of pants in different colors, lengths, cuts, and materials to choose from that are designed not only for petite women but also for curvy Petites.

    You can check their size guide here for more info in the chart above.

    I chose these stunning straight-leg pant because it is a must-have piece, in my opinion!

    You can style it depends on what you like, whether you want to dress it up for an event or dress it down for casual outings!

    Also, it is made of stretch fabric that makes you feel comfortable while enjoying your day.

    It is in black and beige, and these classic colors match with everything, not to mention that they will hide your fuller areas such as hips and belly! 

    2. Stretch Crepe Wide-leg Pants- Curvy Fit From Talbots

    This gorgeous wide-leg pant is available In black and navy colors from the Talbots brand.

    It is available in many sizes for plus petite women.

    This is a pair of pants made of crepe stretch fabric which is the ideal choice for this kind of pants.

    It makes it flowy, lightweight, and makes you move freely and comfortably without defining your hips or things, and at the same time, it is a very flattering kind of pants that you must have!

    3. Palazzo pants from Talbots

    palazzo pants
    Talbot size

    The palazzo pant is my favorites piece for all pants; they look amazing on all petite body shapes, whether thin or thick petite curvy petite women, and I wrote a whole post about them; you can read it here.

    The palazzo pants are similar to the wide leg, but they are more flared from the waistline.
    Some of them are very flare, and they are not good options for curvy petite women.

    So if you like palazzo pants style, you can opt-in for a regular flare one like this from Talbots brand.
    It is available in many colors and sizes for plus petite women.

    4. Petite High Rise Ankle Pant – Curvy Fit from Ann Taylor

    slim pants for curvy petite
    slim cut pants
    Ann Taylor size

    These high-rise ankle pants are from Ann Taylor’s brand that is for petite body shape.

    It has slim-cut, vertical lines that are very elegant and look so neat, chic, and taller.

    Wearing it with heels at work is really flattering! 

    5. High Waisted Supersoft Twill Skinny Pant from Express

    This skinny pair of pants is from Express brand that is for petite curvy petite women.
    Skinny pants are similar to leggings and are very useful for casual occasions.

    It hugs all your lower area so that you can pair it with any loose or drapes top to balance your body shape.

    3 Tips to Buy the Perfect Petite Curvy Pants

    1. Always go for light, flowy fabric that makes you comfortable and doesn’t define your body areas, while stiff hard material will make you look bulky and add more weight to your look.

    2. The darker, the better! Darker colors are your best options if you want to hide your fuller areas, while light colors will grab attention to areas you want to hide.

    3. Choose a mid/ high rise waistline to tuck your hips and tummy areas. 

    2 Stunning Tops for Curvy Petite Body Shape

    draped pink top for curvy petite body
    draped top
    floral top

    Relaxed and draped tops are perfect for your body shape. Keep in mind that you have to balance your body’s proportion when styling your curvy petite pants!

    Draped tops go well with skinny, slim, and straight-leg pants While fitted and relaxed tops are best when you wear them with more flared pants such as wide-leg pants.

    Also, choose any top that reaches below or above your hipline because if you wear something that reaches your midthighs area, it will make you shorter, bigger, and overwhelm your body shape.

    3 Type of Pants that Every Curvy Petite Should Avoid

    1. Bell bottom wide flared pants are not for curvy petite body shape.

    It will add more weight to the body and makes it look shorter.

    2. Baggy pants that overwhelm your body shape.

    3. Pants with many pleats is not flattering because it makes you look bulkier and heavier.

    What kind of shoes to wear with petite curvy pants?

    You can enjoy wearing flats and heels with slim cut, skinny and pants. However, with wide-leg pants style, you can wear high heel shoes or wedges to look more balanced and elegant.

    P.S Check out the ultimate guide for stores that sell shoes for small feet.

    What is your favorite pants type for your curvy petite body shape?

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