Long Torso Short Legs Body Type: 5 Flattering Styling Hacks you Need to Know

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    Do you have a long torso short legs body? And confused about how to reach the perfect balance for your body? And what style is perfect for helping you reach that goal?

    Let me tell you whether you have a long torso with short legs body, the opposite of that like me, or any other body type.
    You are not alone! Many people’s main goal when styling their outfits is to have well-balanced body measurements.
    As a matter of fact, there is no ideal body, and everyone’s body’s proportion is different than the others.

    With that said, balancing your body’s proportion is easy once you understand your body type and how to balance it with wearing the right type of clothing.
    But if you are not sure if you have a long torso and short legs, there is a simple way to find out.
    Stand in front of the mirror wearing your underwear and look at your body carefully.
    What can you notice in the upper and lower part? Do you feel your waist and core torso area is longer than your lower part? 
    It is easy to figure this out at first glance, so if you find out that you have a long torso and short legs, keep reading because this post will definitely help you dress for your short legs long torso body type easily.
    P.S if you are short-waisted, go ahead and read more about how to elongate your torso with 8 styling tips here 
    According to research and what I found in many articles, The ideal body type should look like the hourglass figure, not in terms of weight but body measurements.

    Meaning that the bust should equal that size of hips with a narrower waist.
    So all body types look at their best when achieving the hourglass figure by balancing the body’s proportions!

    Now let’s jump into these styling tips that are easy to implement and will help you reach the hourglass figure and help you wear all clothing items that are most flattering on your body type.

    5 Styling Hacks to Balance a Long Torso Short Legs Body

    Your main objective here is to balance your long torso short leg body and make your upper and lower parts of your body look about the same size.
    When wearing any clothing, make sure that to add some length to your legs. 
    Also, defining your waist is important for achieving the perfect hourglass figure with these easy styling hacks.

    1. Wear a Flare Dress

    long torso short legs dress
    long torso short legs dress

    Wearing a flare dress is the perfect and safest choice to balance your body’s proportions.

    There are many types of dresses that you can wear, but the one that you should go for is the flare dress such as fit and flare type.

    Because it won’t highlight all your body’s features and hide your lower body’s real shape, so it creates the perfect illusion that you have an equal upper/lower body part.

    Also, don’t forget about the neckline details.
    Some of them make your torso looks longer, which is something that you want to avoid.
    Necklines that are deep like V shape are what you want to avoid.
    While smaller necklines such as the round, cawl, etc., are the best for your body shape. 

    What’s more, wearing dresses will always give you a feminine stunning look.
    Whether you want to wear shorts, mini or maxi, you can enjoy all different lengths as long as you style them properly.
    For short dresses, you can wear wedges that will add some length to your legs.
    Midi and maxi dresses are perfect for point-toe high heels to give a more elegant and chic look.

    Take a look at some beautiful and affordable flare dresses that you might like on Amazon in Petite sizes.

    2. High Waisted bottoms

    High-waisted pants and skirts are very flattering and give you an edgy look.
    They are trending, and all women rocking them regardless of their body shape size.
    Wearing high-waisted clothes will definitely elongate your legs and makes them look as same length as your torso, which will balance your body shape’s proportions.
    How to style high-waisted pants for a long torso body?
    You can enjoy wearing a tight bodysuit, relaxed top and tuck it in your pants or skirt.
    Also,  you can add a thin cute belt to define your waistline.
    Here are some petite size bottoms for your long torso short legs body

    3. Pull off the Monochromatic Look

    A monochromatic is a look that is easy to style, but also it gives you an exquisite look.
    You only have to wear a top, bottom, and shoes with the same color tones.
    And that will give you a classic and expensive no matter what.
    Don’t forget to stick to high-rise cuts if you want to wear a two-piece outfit.

    Check out these monochromatic looks for inspiration.

    white outfit
    monochromatic look

    4. Apply the Rule of 1/3

    Understanding the rules of 1/3 will make your life easier, and style your outfits in a matter of seconds. 
    The rule of 1/3 applies for all body shapes and types which help you wear anything that balances your body shape.
    In other words, the rule of 1/3 states that you have to divide your body into two parts.
    1/3 to 2/3, which is the best proportion aesthetically pleasing to the eye and most flattering when wearing any outfit.
    For your long torso short legs body type, you can wear a cropped top that covers your upper part and wear high rise jeans, which will cover the rest of your lower part “2/3”
    Also, you can wear a long shirt that covers 2/3 of your body with shorts that cover only 1/3 of your body.

    Both ways are so flattering when wearing any outfit that consists of two pieces.

    long torso outfit
    outfit rule of thirds

    The first outfit consists of a long blouse that covers the hips, and the waistline, which is about 2/3 of the body, and the shorts will cover just the 1/3 part.
    Looking at this outfit gives you the illusion that your body is well balanced and has longer legs.
    The second outfit applies the rule of thirds as well, but the other way around.
    The cropped top covers 1/3 to give an illusion that the body has a shorter torso 
    while the high rise pants cover 2/3 of the body

    5. Don’t Afraid to Wear Belts

    long torso belts

    Wearing a thin belt is a perfect technique for balancing your body’s proportions because of your long torso space.
    It is a cute accessory to wear and will shorten your long torso.
    It is important to know that the wider the belt, the shorter your torso will appear!
    So if you are a petite woman, wear a thin belt, whereas regular-sized women can wear wider belts.

    Long Torso Short Legs Celebrities

    If you want more inspiration to help you decide what to wear, check out these stunning looks for celebrities with long torsos and short legs.

    Olivia wilde
    Olivia Wilde
    Rachel Bilson
    Rachel Bilson
    Jessica alba long torso
    Jessica Alba

    Bottom Line

    Everybody type had its own nice features and a certain way to style.
    Long torso short legs body type is really attractive when you wear outfits that make you appear in balance no matter how much you weigh.
    Just remember these simple tips and apply them to any fashion piece you like to make sure that you look neat and stunning!
    What are you favortie way to style your long torso short legs body?

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