Is Theory a Good Brand? | Petite size review

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    Hey Everyone, how’s it going?? I hope you are well.
    Omg, I am excited to share my thoughts about one of my favorite brands: Theory clothing brand.
    It is a famous contemporary clothing brand that offers men’s and women’s clothing—also, accessories, bags, and shoes.
    The theory clothing brand is not just a good brand, but it is one of the best brands that I have ever tried and invest in so far because of three main things: their quality of their fabrics, impeccable tailoring, and their amazing stylish fashion pieces.

    The fourth feature that the theory brand has and is considered a huge bonus is carrying petite sizes.

    Because I am just a petite woman like you, I thought it would be interesting to share my transparent thoughts and review about theory brand in terms of its quality, style, functionality, and price point.

    Hopefully, this will give you more brand exposure and a comprehensive idea about it and help you decided whether to buy from it or not.

    So let’s get into it!

    theory brand blazer and pants

    I am wearing somewhat formal outerwear in a pearl ivory shade that I rarely wear, but change is good, and I like to try different colors and styles.

    The blazer is made from wool and doesn’t have any buttons on the front, making it less formal, cool, and comfortable.
    Cropped pant is in 00 sizes too and made from wool and polyester.
    I didn’t need to make any alteration because both sleeves and pants lengths are just right.

    A quick overview of theory brand 

    The theory is an American brand based in New York and has over 400 stores worldwide. 
    Andre Rosen and Elie Tahari founded it, but then acquired by the giant Japanese company called Link internations. 

    Theory brand main features:

    1. Innovative and high quality fabrics

    What makes Theory different than other brands is its quality of the fabric.
    They innovated stretch fabrics for women’s pants that are practical and comfortable.
    Also,  they conduct thorough testing at specialized—mills to ensure that their fabrics have a perfect design, durable, and sustainable.

    2. Theory brand tailoring and size grading

    The tailoring is impeccable, the construction of their garment is well-executed, and the fit is just right.
    They offer a wide range of sizes that start from 00 to XXL. 
    What’s more, they offer an alteration service to their members whenever they want.

    3. Style and fashion pieces designs of Theory

    “theory” will satisfy many different tastes because it offers all styles, such as casual wear, office wear, dresses, etc. 
    In my view, Theory clothes are clean, simple, and structured.

    Their designs are suitable for minimalist and young professional women.

    plazer and pants from theory brand

    Is Theory a Luxury Brand?

    Theory is not a luxury brand, but it is a very high-end contemporary clothing brand. It has the most important element that any brand wants to have, such as high fabric quality, stylish pieces, and impeccable tailoring.
    The reason why is that because many factors must exist in a brand to be considered as a luxury brand other than those features such as uniqueness of their pieces, price point, rare or limited editions of pieces, type of services, and so on.

    blazer theory

    Is Theory an Expensive Brand?

    It is considered expensive, but guess what? IT IS WORTH IT

    You will find their blazers at over $4oo while pants are over $200 US Dollars, but of course, it is not always the case.
    You can afford it if you catch good deals during holidays and sales.
    I bought my outfit during Christmas, and the blazer was 200 less than its original price!
    It is a brand that worth investing in because suits will never go out of style.

    Are theory suits good quality?

    The quality is perfect since they are using linen wool and cotton that are ethically made.

    Many petite brands and clothing stores carry petite sizes, but I find theory is the best brand for professional and minimalist styles among them all.
    What do you think about that?

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