Is Skincare Fridge Worth It?

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    Skincare fridge is the hot trending beauty accessory right now among influencers, celebrities, and whoever has beauty or a skincare product obsession and thats makes me wonder, is skincare fridge worth it?

    Their heart pound for the attractive colorful designs, they buy it,  organize it, fill it with their skincare routine products and takes stunning pictures to post it in their Instagram and other social media channels.
    Oh, posting the fridge photo is a trend too! 
    Not only that but also it a became a sexy item to gift it to someone on occasion like Christmas.

    Why is that? I thought it is because it is cool and cute.
    But are there other reasons behind this?
    Well, on one hand, I needed to dig deeper to find out what is the real deal about this fridge that many companies offer it in many designs  and features cheap andt expensive,
    On the other hand, why it became a trend, and what is the actual benefit of having one?
    Personally, I don’t have a skincare fridge yet, but since I am writing this article, I will decide by the end whether to buy one or not.

    Is a skincare fridge worth buying?

    The answer is No, it is not necessary to buy a skincare fridge to store your beauty products for two reasons. First: many products you have to keep at a cool room temperature. Second: if certain products must be in a cold place, you can store them in your regular refrigerator since it does the same job as any skincare fridge.
    Some skincare fridge advocates have their reasons why they should buy one, and for them, they find it worth it whether it is because of satisfying the trend wave or because of the actual benefits they see in such fridges.

     skincare fridge

    2 Reasons why some people buy the skincare fridge

    1. Let’s face it; many people get into following the crowd trap, which is something psychological, and it is hard for many to control it if they want to 
    Skincare fridge is one of the beauty items that went viral, so many women in general beauty addicts, in particular, want to get one to be relative.
    They have fun try and buy new things to review the product, experiment with it, write about it, or even pampering themselves and upgrading their vanity space with such an alluring fancy beauty accessory.

    2. On the other hand, some other women want the skincare fridge because they believe that it is essential to have a designated fridge for their beauty products.

    After all, it is designed to serve this purpose.
    The idea of storing their products with their food is unappealing.

    the views above are based on people’s experience, articles, and research
    P.S I will state my own point of view in complete transparency later in the conclusion.
    Now for the sake of the tiny fridge and the debate that it has been going about it, I would like to dig deeper into the fridge design, features,  what products should you store, and which not to lay out the facts and to have a better understanding and get the complete picture about its functionality and benefits.
    Who knows, maybe you will get one after reading this post!

    Skincare fridge design and features

    Companies are competing to produce the best fridge from design, quality, efficiency, and aesthetic aspects. 
    These features and designs vary, so you will not find them In all skincare fridge.
    1. Small and portable: It is available in many sizes, tiny, mini, and large, and it is convenient to move it wherever you want.

    2. Suitable for food storage: it is versatile, so you can store food or snack if you want.

    3. Plug it and charge it anywhere: many ways to regenerator the fridge; you can plug it on a wall to charge your car cigarette lighter, and you will find some of them have a USB cable so you can charge it using your power bank.

    4. Eco-friendly: a built-in semiconductor operation is efficient, so don’t consume much energy.
    5. Fridge with speaker: this is two in one product where you can store your beauty products and connect your favorite music to the speaker via Bluetooth
    7. Cooler and warmer: They behave the same as the regular fridges
    P.S There might be other features that I’m not aware of!

    Benefits of keeping your beauty product at a cold temperature

    To keep the products Cold so that the skin will get the most benefit from the chilled products.

    According to the FDA, you should keep your fridge temperature not below °32 to prevent it from freezing such as:

    It reduces inflammation

    Makes you feel refreshed

    Increases your blood circulation

    makes products last longer which are not containing a preservatives

    What beauty products can you store in a fridge?

    1. face mask

    2. Face Mist

    3. Facial roller

    4. Gel eye pads

    What not to store in a fridge

    – Makeup
    – products contain silicon line sunscreen
    – Clay mask

    It is recommended for all beauty products to read the instructions first to make sure you store them.
    Also, there are more products that you can store and not store other than that I mentioned above.

    Mini vs. Skincare fridge

    The regular fridge has a lower temperature compared to the skincare fridge.

    If you are considering storing your products in the regular fridge, this might cause your beauty products to freeze, which will cause the formula to break and not work anymore. 

    Skincare fridge Cost

    The cost varies on the brand, design, size, and functionality if you consider buying one.

    so I went to amazon since its everybody’s store to have an idea about the price range, and I found that it ranges from $32 to $240

    In conclusion,

    I always store my pills, cremes, DIY scrubs, and masks at the fridge door, and that what all my family used to do, and I never had a bad experience doing that!
    I asked myself again after this post, is a skincare fridge worth it? Honestly, the skincare fridge is not worth buying and has no actual value and effect on skincare products. Still, it is merely a fancy accessory that gives the vanity corner a feminine cute touch!

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