Is Myrrh Good For Skin? See amazing Myrrh benefits

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    Myrrh is one of the most effective natural remedies for the skin on earth.

    It is an ancient remedy used as a skin treatment and a cure for other diseases and illnesses until now because of its enormous and extraordinary benefits.
    It comes from specific thorny trees known as “Commiphora myrrha.” In the form of a natural gum with a waxy texture.
    Unfortunately, many people underestimate Myrrh’s power and choose to buy chemical manufactured products instead of natural remedies when treating their skin problems or illnesses.
    Myrrh is good for your face and body’s skin for many reasons because it acts as antibiotics when treating all of your skin problems you may have, such as removing scars, treats acne, Anti-aging for wrinkles, reduces inflammation, even out the skin tone,  closes the skin’s pores, eliminate stretch marks,  makes your skin more radiate, treats boils, promote skin health, removes dead skin, sterilize, lighten and tighten the skin areas.

    Important disclaimer:
    I am not a doctor or expert, but I tried my best to lay out facts about Myrrh’s uses and benefits, so if you are interested in using Myrrh, it is better to
    consult an expert first.

    Myrrah uses for skin

    myrrh amazing benefits for skin

    Removes Acnes , Tightens and even out your skin tone

    This is the most effective recipe to use on your skin for your body and face to treat any skin problem mentioned above.

    1 Piece of myrrh

    ½ cup of warm water 

    Cotton balls
    Soak myrrh pieces in warm water until the water’s color changes or leave it for one night.
    There are two methods when using myrrh for your acne.
    The First Method:
    Wet the cotton ball in the myrrh paste, which resides on the bottom of the cup, then apply it to the acne and affected areas.
    Leave it for 20 minutes or wait for it until it gets dry.
    Rinse your face with warm to cold water.
    Wet a cotton ball with rose water and apply it all over your face and your neck.
    Repeat the process for a minimum of a month until you get the results that you are hoping for.

    Remember that consistency is key. Some people get good results from the first week and others after a few weeks.
    The Second Method:
    It is the same as the first one, but instead of using myrrh as a liquid form, you can put it in an ice tray and freeze it.

    Then, massage your face with the refreshing Myrrh ice cubes and let it get dry.

    Rinse it, and use rose water the same as the first method.

    This method is effective in closing your skin’s pores.


    Myyrah for treating boils

    Boils are one of the most painful and annoying things that may happen to your skin, and the good news is that using Myrrah will heal it very effectively and fast.
    1-2  pieces of Myrrah 
    ½ cup of water
    A big piece of Cotton or gauze
    Grind the myrrh and soak it in the water.
    Wet the cotton or gauze and place it on the top of the boil.
    Secure it with a bandage.
    Leave it for a few days and repeat for every two or three days.

    Using Myrrah for glowing lightening and removing dead skin

    myrrh good for skin mask


    Few pieces of Myrrah.
    1 cup of water.
    1 Spoon of Sweet almond oil.
    A small amount of Tahini.
    Soak the Myrrah in the water of one night.

    Filter the water and add the tahini.
    Spread the paste on your skin and wait until it gets dry.

    Rinse with water and moisturize your skin with your favorite oil.

    This mask is great, and you can use it once a week for glowy and radiant skin.

    Want a fuller face? try this Myrrh recipe

    2 spoons of tahini
    ½ spoon myrrh
    A little bit of water
    Mix all ingredients
    Apply it on the face for ½ an hour.
    Repeat daily 

    close your skin’s pores with this Myrrh mask

    Ingredients :
    1 Piece of Myrrh
    A spoon of the following:
    Milk powder 
    Grind the Myrrh and Mix all ingredients to form a thick paster
    Apply it on your face 20 – 30 minutes
    Rinse your face with cold water
    This recipe is very effective and will close and tighten your skin instantly. 

    3 Side effects you may encounter while using the Myrrh recipe:

    Everyone’s skin is different and reacts differently to anything that we apply to it.

    1. Myrrh will make your acne get very dry first, and then it will work on removing it afterward.
    2. Some people might notice that more acne and blind pimples appear on the skin surface when using Myrrh, which is normal because Myrrah, as I mention, is an antibiotic and will cause this to remove all acnes wether are under or on your skin.

    3. Do not use myrrh for more than a month because it will give you the exact opposite results: more scars and pitting scars.

    MYRRH INCENSE not for skin

    9 questions I asked to an expert who sells natural medicine and herbs

    I have many questions in my mind about Myrrh, and I wanted reliable answers to them. 
    So I want a seller who is an expert on all-natural remedies and herbs. He is from Yemen, where they myrrh trees, and he knows everything about it.

    1. How to store Myrrah’s infused water

    In a room temperature during cold weather, but if the weather is too hot, it is better to keep it in the fridge.

    2. How to prepare Myrrh before using it on our skin?

    First, you have to choose the best Myrrh pieces before soaking them in the water, which are the ones that have a light golden or reddish color and washes it with water.
    Also, Do not wash it excessively so you don’t lose its natural important ingredients

    3. How many kinds of Myrrh is there?

    There are two main kinds in golden and brownish color tones, or very dark tend to be black.
    So you can differentiate between them just by noticing the color of it

    4. Which kind is for skin uses? 

    The light color kind is the one we have to use for skin while the dark one is old and has a bad quality

    5. What about the Dark-colored Myrrh? What can I use it for?

    It is used as incense, placing the Myrrh on the top of the charcoal to produce smoke.
    This method is not related to skin problems. Still, it is used for other purposes such as a pain killer, eliminates bacteria from the air, gives you a nice aromatic smell, and treats many other physical illnesses.

    6. I heard about Mrrh oil too , is it better than the actual Myrrh pieces?

    No, it is not as effective as the natural Myrrh because it is mixed with chemical ingredients

    7. What is the expiration date of that natural Myrrh?

    It is a natural herb so it doesn’t expire.

    8. Why Some people drink Myyrh infused water?

    Drinking Myrrh’s water is for treating illnesses that not related to skin problems.

    9. How much Myrrh will cost?

    Myrrh’s price is low and affordable. I bought one round box of Myrrh for 2.5 US Dollars, and it will last for a long time.

    But if your country is exporting the product, it will be at a higher price for sure!

    As you can see in the image above that I took, the box has Myrrh of different colors, so don’t forget to pick the best pieces for your skin recipe. 

    What is your experience with Myrrh on your skin? And what is your favorite Myrrh recipe?
    P.S Also, if you like natural recipes like me, check out the Turmeric DIY recipes and benefits post that I wrote.

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