How to Use a Bar of Soap – Ultimate guide

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    So you bought a bar of soap for your face or body that contains a unique formula, delicious scent, or any soap that you are excited to use to see the results?

    Let me tell you that to achieve the best results; you have to use it correctly. Otherwise, you will put the bar soap and your money to waste.

    Unfortunately, many people think that using a bar of soap is a no–brainer. They just put it underwater until it lathers and washes their face or body.

    This is a waste of money, time, and energy because the body’s face didn’t get the most benefits from the soap, whether it has some scent, vitamins, some formulas, your favorite perfume, or just a regular soap that you want to clean your body with it.

    You don’t want this to happen, so it is better to use it in the right way and learn more about how to take care of your bar soap, how to store it, make it last longer, and what are basic rules that you need to follow so you can keep it clean and sanitized the whole time.

    The correct way to use a bar of soap for the body will require you to wet your body first, then bring a wet loofah or gloves so that you can rub the soap on it two to three times and start scrubbing your body with it until it lathers.

    While using a bar of soap on your face, you have to put it under running water while rubbing it with your hands and then massage your face with it for a few seconds before you wash it off.

    That being said, not all soaps are equal! If you bought a prescribed or other soap designed for a specific purpose do not skip the instructions.

    Read what the company says about the soap guidelines. You might find something that requires you to use in a different way than other soaps.

    The same thing goes for face soap, which obviously has different instructions than body soap.

    How to use a bar of soap on the body

    What do you need:

    Loofah, Washcloth, or  Exfoliating gloves


    –   Take the loofah and put it under running water to make it wet.

    –  Bring the bar soap and rub it once if the loofah is harsh so that it will get a substantial amount of soap on it.

    –  Put your body underwater and turn off the water.

    –  Scrub your body gently with the loofah from top to bottom in circular motions.

    – If you think you ran out of soap, take it and rub it again on the loofah.

    – Scrub until your feel that the soap lathers and your body is clean.

    – Turn on the water and wash off the soap.

    – Put the bar of soap in its container or a box

    These are the basic steps when you use a bar of soap on your body.

    When it comes to what to use with a bar of soap, loofah, washcloth, or gloves, it depends on what you prefer and feels comfortable with.

    You will find general pros and cons in the table below when you use either loofah, washcloth, or gloves with a bar of soap when you clean your body.

    Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages that you need to be aware of to decide which one you want to use.

    synthetic loofah mesh
    exfoliate gloves

    Types of washing ToolsAdvantagesDisadvantages
    Loofah and Synthetic bath poufs-It cleans the body and remove dead skin– causes skin redness or irritation
    Holds germs if you didn’t wash and store them correctly.
    – wash it weekly.
    Gloves– cleans the body and removes deadskin– replace it within few weeks
    Washcloth-It cleans the body and remove dead skin.
    – Doesnt cause skin irritation.
    – lasts for years.
    – wash regularly
    – easy machine wash
    – none

    Based on the table above, the best way to wash your body with soap is by using a washcloth.

    To explain that further,

    Some loofah and gloves have different textures; the harsh it gets, the more probability your skin will get redness and irritation, so it is better to scrub your body gently even if you don’t have sensitive skin.

    Also, scrub your skin in a circular motion; this is really important to activate your body’s bloodstream.

    Not only that, but you will also detoxify your skin cells and help your body get rid of all unwanted toxins.

    Also, loofah tends to collect germs and bacteria because of the moisture and steam that it soak when you hang it in the shower.

    To avoid that, you have to clean it properly either with a washing machine or sink it in bleach and soap for minutes and rinse to it air dry.

    What’s more, don’t forget to check the loofah instructions because some are made with natural materials requiring you to replace them within a few weeks after use. Others made with plastic, or other materials might last longer.

    When it comes to gloves, they are considered better than the loofah for the reasons I mentioned in the table above.

    A washcloth is the best to use when cleaning your body with a bar of soap. It is gentle, removes dead skin, and super easy to clean.

    I needed to state all the facts about what you can use with your bar of soap because they complement each other, and you have to get a little background about all tools that you can use for your bar soap.

    How to use a face soap bar

    Your skin face is sensitive and has a thin layer comparing to your body. Therefore, you have to wash it carefully and gently.

    Many soap bars are specifically for the face, and each one has its own features and specific instructions.


    Put it under running water and rub it until you get the foam.

    Apply it on your face in circular motions and use your favorite face wash tool if you want.

    Many face cleansing brushes are excellent when you want to wash your face with a bar of soap, such as a face brush, sponge, silicone face brush, and many more that have their own features.

    How to use a bar of soap without loofah

    There are two ways to clean your body without using any loofahs.

    First method:

    Put it under running water, rub it, put the soap on the side, and apply the soap foam on your hands directly to your body.

    Second method:

    You can rub the soap on your wet body back and forth until you have the desired foam of lathering that you want.

    If you feel that your body is clean but want to hop in a shower quickly to be more refreshed,  these methods are for you.

    They are faster, and you might catch the soap scent but not the deep skin cleaning.

    Bar soap vs liquid body wash

    I did a lot of research about that, and  I conclude that They both serve the same purpose as cleaning your body.

    The only difference will be on which method you are going to use on your skin.

    Are soap bars sanitary?

    According to experts, the soap contains germs if you leave it exposed in the open and catches germs from your skin.

    Even if your skin is clean, most of our body cells contain friendly germs that help our immune system.

    Still, it is okay to use a bar of soap to clean. You’re body if you follow the proper guidelines to keep it clean and dry all the time.

    How to make it last and store it?

    The only way to keep your soap clean and last longer with you is to keep it dry as long as you can.

    You can do that by having a soap dish or place it away from the steam or the shower.
    Because leaving the soap wet will let it grow more bacteria and dissolve quickly.

    5 features that help you find the best bar of soap 

    Whenever you are looking to buy any bar of soap for your body or face, you will find many effective and contain healthy and beneficial features. Therefore, try to get the one that contains such features as:

    1. Antibacterial
    2. Moisturizer
    3. Essential oils
    4. Scrub ingredients

    5. Suitable for your skin type

    You might find more elements that you like, so this totally depends on your preference.

    Ingredients to avoid in any bar soap 

    Some the bar soaps are toxic and bad for your skin, such as :

    1. Parabens: a form of preservatives that are considered toxic ingredients.

    2. Sodium Laureth Sulfate: This is responsible for producing foam, which causes skin irritation

    3. Triclosan: Causes many harmful things such as hormonal imbalance.

    You might find many bad and toxic ingredients in bar soap. You can read more about them in this article here.

    What is the best bar soap that you recommend us to use?

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