How to style Petite Velvet blazer :3 killer ways

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    Hey gorgeous ladies, I hope you are all doing well.  
    Today the weather is not that cold, so I decided to wear a blazer with comfy denim to meet some friends.
    It is challenging to find a blazer that fits a petite body, especially a skinny petite figure, which was me about a year ago!

    I used to try many petite velvet blazers at different brands at the shopping mall, and unfortunately, most of them have wider shoulders or long sleeves, which is really disappointing!
    Ironically I end up buying this blazer by mistake, and I admit that I was under shopping impulse that day, and I couldn’t resist not buying it, to be honest.
    At that time, I was skinny, and it was a bit loose from the shoulders, but I kept it in the closet because I really liked it.
    Until recently, when I was arranging my closet, I decided to try it again, and guess what? It fits me perfectly!!

    And what makes it fits me is that I just gained a few pounds this year!

    I have always been skinny and short, of course, but now, when I gained weight unintentionally, many pieces that were big on me f
    it me really well!

    So if you are thin and struggling to find your size, add few pounds to your weight, and your problem is solved.

    Petite Velvet Blazer with Jeans

    petite velvet blazer

    Blazer is one of the essential pieces that you should have in your wardrobe because of many reasons.
    It enhances your look so you will appear chic and put together with no matter what.
    It is also a very handy piece because you can wear it in the fall, winter, and spring seasons.

    Not only that, but also, you can style it in many ways for either work, smart casual, or a casual day look.

    frame brand small blazer

    I paired the velvet blazer with a high waisted boyfriend cut jeans not because It is really comfortable but also the Blazer is fitted, and it is not oversized, so I have to balance out my body’s proportions by wearing loose pants.
    If you want to do the opposite and wear an oversized blazer, you have to wear tight or straight cut pants.

    When it comes to what type of shoes should I wear with this outfit, I will definitely go with cute medium heel booties.

    I really love the Fishnet booties trend, so I think it will add a nice touch to the whole outfit.
    Also, because I am wearing loose denim, high heel shoes, or bootie is necessary to add a little length to my height.

    petite blazer with jeans

    Let me tell you about the outfit details.

    The blazer is from FRAME brand in navy blue color, which has black threading detailing in the collar edges don’t to the edges.
    Also, the size is XS, which is equivalent to size 0 US.

    This American brand has various women’s and men’s clothing, and they are well known for their denim jeans.
    The blazer and other pieces are available in 00 sizes too. 
    I couldn’t find my blazer because I bought it a long time ago, but I found a very cute one similar to my petite Velvet Blazer.

    velvet classic blazer from frame brand

    The scoop neck tank is from VINCE, the American brand.
    I really admire their aesthetic and their styles, but unfortunately, I tried many times to buy from them, but nothing fit my petite body except the tank top.
    This top has a very soft texture, and it is one of the best shirts that I have so far

    Disclaimer :
    I am not an affiliate of any brands that I mention in my posts. I only share what I love and what I wear; hopefully, I can help you explore more petite brands or even regular brands that carry our sizes.

    Tank top vince brand

    Finally, my jeans and pointed-toe booties are from SHEIN, the mega online clothing store.
    Actually, it is my first time to wear a boyfriend cut denim, and I loved it because it is so comfy.

    This is how I can wear the velvet petite blazer in a casually chic setting.

    There are two more ways to style a blazer, which are :

    2. Styling a Petite Velvet Blazer in Athleisure style

    Athleisure style with velvet blazer

    This is an Athleisure style that is popping right now!! Super easy to style and super comfy to wear daily.
    You only have to pair the top that you like with joggers and sneakers or wedges.

    Just tuck your shirt on and open the blazer to move freely. 
    This is a Tory Burch velvet blazer in camel color with wide-leg joggers from Zella and the black wedge sneaker from Zappos.

    3. Vlevet Balzer in a Formal Setting

    formal Balzer black look

    This is a classic formal look but what makes it outstanding is that the mixture of the leather and velvet.
    You will notice that the velvet is really shining when pairing with the leather and the red heels 
    This look is for business meetings and events it will add an impression that you are sophisticated and classy petite women
    This gorgoues velvet blazer is from L’AGNCE brand and the leather leggings is from FRAME.
    Also, you can wear a bodysuit or a tight shirt underneath the blazer and close the buttons as the picture to have a structured look .

    Tell us how do you style your favorite petite blazer?

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