How to Steam Your Face at Home for Glowy Skin in 6 Easy Steps

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    Facial steaming is a beauty service that you can find many salons, spas and dermatologists offers.
    It sounds fancy, expensive, and a hard thing to do at home but if you are wondering how to steam your face at home effectively guess what?

    Steaming your face at home is a super easy task that you can do by yourself at home whenever you want.

    You don’t have to book for a facial at an expensive spa or spend serious coins on a face steamer machine that makes you add more junk that you don’t need to your place while you can do it efficiently and for free to get glowing radiant skin.
    With that said, Steaming your face at home with essential tools will give the best results as if you steamed your face at any beauty spa.

    This applies to your body as well. Learn how You can enjoy the best DIY steam bath at your home in this post.
    If you are curious and want to know more about how to steam your face at home, keep reading to learn everything about it.

    6 Easy Steps to Steam your Face at Home Without a Steamer

    Essential oils such as lavender. “optional.”
    Hot water
    Big towel
    1. Prep your face and clean it with your favorite cleanser.
    2. Boil the water and pour it into a glass bowl instead of plastic to avoid possible chemical interactions.
    3. Bend and Bring your face on the top of the hot water bowl but not so close so that you won’t get burnt.
    Add few drops of your favorite essential oils. “optional”
    4. Bring the towel and cover your face and the hot water bowl together for few minutes.
    5. Remove the towel to take a deep breath and repeat the process for 10 to 15 minutes.
    6. The last step is to wash your face with warm or cold water, which depends on what you want to do after steaming your face.

    2 Things you Can do After Steaming your Face

    moisturize skin after steam

    You can do two things after steaming your face while your skin is still sensitive and your pores are open.
    1. You can rinse your face with cold water to close your skin’s pores,  moisturize your skin and call it a day.
    2. Or rinse your face with warm water, use a facial mask then moisturize your skin.

    Applying any facial mask or treatment immediately after steaming your face is really effective because your skin pores are still open. The treatment will penetrate your skin and achieve the best results.

    Either way, you want to choose, the last step is to moisturize your skin.

    Benefits of Using Essential oils when Steaming your Face

    steam face with essential oils

    There are many different types of essential oils such as lavender, green tree, peppermint, lemon, rosemary, etc.
    Each one of these essential oils has a different purpose and benefit in aromatherapy.
    You can add lavender and inhale it while you steam your face to relieve stress or peppermint to boost your energy and productivity.
    Other types of essential oils that you might want to try are lemon, which will help you get rid of headaches, or chamomile, which will make you more relaxed.

    What Actually Will Happen to your Face Skin While Steaming and its Benefits

    What the steam does to your face is that it open your skin’s pores and loosen up. Therefore, this is a good opportunity to easily get rid of dirt, extra oils, blackheads, or any other excess skin.

    Another benefit when you steam your face is that it hydrates your skin.
    When you expose your face to the steam, it increases its oil production, which will moisturize your face naturally.

    Steam Face Routine

    A common question that is being asked among women is How many times should you steam your face, and the answer depends on your skin type.
    According to the Cleveland clinic, the more oily your skin is, the more frequent you can steam, whereas the drier, the less steam you can do for your skin.
    Oily skin is thicker and can handle the steam many times a week, unlike dry skin, which is more sensitive and less tolerant to many steam sessions a week.

    With that said, oily skin can be steamed three times a week, whereas dry skin just once a week.


    Steaming your face at home is the most efficient and cost-effective way to do so.
    at your own home, your own chosen time, you can enjoy a soothing facial steaming experience as if you are in a luxury spa.
    By following a good skincare routine and steaming your face regularly, you will get healthy glowing radiant skin.

    Do you prefer at-home or spa facial steaming and why?

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