13 Winning Tactics on How to Spend Quality Time with Yourself

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    The only single person you are spending your time with 24/7 is yourself, so looking for ways to spend quality time with yourself is a brilliant move!
    There are many valuable and effective ways to spend quality time with yourself that will boost your productivity and, most importantly, make you enjoy your own company.
    The pandemic has changed many people’s social lives and makes them learn how to be loners.
    But I was lonely for years before the pandemic, and I learn with time how to enjoy myself to the point that I sometimes make up excuses for not going to any social gatherings.
    It is not because I don’t like people, but I prefer to spend time with the same mindset of people than just killing time with anyone different than me.
    Everyone is different, and you might like to hang with anyone, and that’s okay
    But sometimes you will spend some time alone, but you have no idea how to enjoy it.
    Therefore, I am writing my tips and ideas on spending quality time with yourself to fall more in love with your own company.

    What is Quality Time

    According to the dictionary, Quality time is when you give your full attention and focus to one person to strengthen your relationship with.

    Whereas according to many psychological articles that I read, they define quality time as when you spend time with someone and at the same time, you ENJOY it.
    So if you spend quality time with yourself, that’s mean the time quality of time is productive, profitable, essential, or simply enjoyable.
    You are not killing your time alone doing things you don’t like or getting into negative thinking.
    This is the opposite of having a good time with yourself, which is really harmful and not what we are looking for.
    Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, there are many ideas that you can get depending on your mood and feelings.

     Not let go of the tips that will help you improve your quality time with yourself, whether at home or outside your comfort zone.


    11 Tips on How to Spend Quality Time with Yourself

    1. Practice Gratitude

    Gratitude will shift you to a higher frequency, and you will attract much better things.

    Rhonda Byrne

    I remember back in the day when I was at the lowest point in my life, and I start to practice gratitude.

    I didn’t feel anything, but I just build the habit of writing only five blessings a day.
    When I wake up or before I sleep.
    With time, I realized that I have powerful positive energy, and that’s all because of gratitude!
    I was surprised until I crack the code behind this happiness and positive energy coming from me for no reason.
    It is because when writing my blessings every day, I spend time thinking about all the positive things that I have, even the simplest ones.

    With that said, my brain gets activated and gets the habit of thinking about all good and positive things.
    Also, when I look at my journal and how it is filled with blessings. I realized that I am lucky to be thankful.
    Therefore, I always am thankful to god and appreciate everything that he has given me.

    If you don’t know how to start a gratitude journal, grab one of these cute journals that will help you document your blessings.

    quality time with yourself journaliing
    journal book to spend quality time with yourself

    2. Cook a New Recipe

    Omg, that’s also my favorite!
    I love this kind of activity, and I always make it and enjoy it to the max.
    So if you like to cook and spend some time in your kitchen, this tip is for you.
    Ditch all the recipes you used to make and Search for a different one you haven’t tried before, and learn how to make it.
    Put it on a really lovely plate and enjoy your delicious meal.

    Pro tip: Practice mindful eating that will elevate your eating experience.

    Mindful eating is basically eating slowly, think about the food flavors, textures and just enjoy the exact moment until you are full. 



    3. Take a Bath

    spa to spend quality time with yourself

    Enjoy a spa day at your home.
    This is super easy and requires minimal effort.

    Having a bath will boost your mood, promotes sleep, and helps to decrease your anxiety/ stress levels. 

    Fill your bathtub with your favorite shower gel or essential oils.
    Throw on some flowers and get in it.
    Spoil yourself and love yourself because you are worthy.

    4. Workout

    Moving your body every day is necessary for your health in particular and well-being in general.
    If you don’t have a workout routine, Pick one type of activity and do it. 
    This will release all the negative energy, makes you feel accomplished, and be really good for your health.

    5. Practice your Hobby

    If you have a hobby or even some small interest in something, then it is a good idea to take a further step and practice your hobby.
    Do you like to play tennis? Golf? Drawing? 
    Your hobby might be inside or outside your home but give it attention because you have a blast doing it for sure!

    6. Read

    Reading benefits are undeniable. 

    It broadens your mindest, reduces your stress levels, takes you to other worlds, etc.
    So spend time reading your favorite book or novel and enjoy it to the maximum.
    Setup the best environment for your reading time.
    Decide where you want to sit, grab your favorite drink, snacks if you like, and enjoy the ride!

    These books changed my life for the better

    power of now book
    ask and its given book

    6. Declutter

    This is a really good productivity tip. 
    Getting rid of junk is like getting weight off your shoulder.
    It makes you feel light, stress-free, and clean.
    So if you have junk or things that you have to toss away, go ahead and get rid of it.
    Declutter your place every now and then to make more room to receive new beautiful things in your space.

    9. Netflix and Chill

    This is not a waste of time because you will have a great time
    Watching something that you enjoy will boost your mood, productivity and, most importantly, makes you happy.
    So make it a movie night and watch your favorite show.
    Disconnect from your world and enjoy every moment with yourself watching the movie.

    11. Meditate

    meditation for quality time

    Meditation is important in one’s life.

    Because it calms your mind and lets you make better decisions.
    If you are a beginner and have no idea how to meditate, that’s okay.
    The process is so simple, and you can do it any time anywhere.
    Check out this guide for more tips on how to meditate. 

    12.  Get Out of your Comfort Zone 

    Sometimes we find ourselves stuck in life, doing the same things, and never try to change.
    Change is good. Embrace the change and enjoy it.
    Life is short; why not doing something different?
    There are many ways to get out of your comfort zone that will make you feel different and experience life in another way.
    Things that you can do to get out of your comfort zone is trying something new.
    For example, learning a new skill, traveling to a new place, face your fears, and do something unusual.
    You name it. Your options are limitless.
    Just take action. You won’t regret it.

    13. Disconnect from anything Tech

    Spending quality time with yourself requires you to ditch your cell phone.
    What’s the point of browsing social media apps watching people living their lives?

    Social media addiction has really negative side effects. 
    It’s not only because it wastes your time, but it can destroy your energy and causes you a fear of missing out.
    Live your life too and fall in love with yourself.

    3 Benefits of Spending Time Alone

    1. Sometimes, life drifts us from focusing on our likes and dislikes, so we don’t have a clear idea about what we really like.
    Spending time alone is really beneficial because you get the opportunity to clear your vision, understand and learn more things about yourself.

    2. having alone time increases your creativity and broadens your perspectives.
    By staying a long time by yourself, you will have a clear mind and the ability to think creatively.

    3. You will be mentally stronger, happy, and living your best life on your own.

     And that means you are no longer dependent on others’ company to spend your time with to have fun.

    In Conclusion

    Happiness costs nothing but a simple change in a mindset and taking action.
    Make it your goal whenever you are thinking about spending time with yourself is that it is going to be a perfect time.
    Many people overlook it, yet it has valuable benefits for your well-being.
    It makes you love yourself, know more about your self and be independent.

    What is your favorite thing to do when you want to spend quality time with yourself?

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