How to Shift Your Mindset for success – 4 Powerful ways

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    No one has a perfect life; that’s why most of us need improvements in certain areas of our lives.
    Whether related to improving our professional life, way of thinking, building good habits, and so on.
    To start upgrading your weak areas, you have to understand how to shift your mindset.

    Everything starts from our mind because it is like a house where all our thoughts, ideas, and analysis live and thrive at.

    Therefore, all the behaviors, attitudes, and judgments are based on our decisions that we form from our minds.

    How to shift your mind for success and achieve your goals is a process you need to fully understand.

    This post will show you the way on how to shift your mindset to achieve success in life.

    What you need to do to change your mindset is to start working on four major mindset shifts: improving your habits, turning your negative thinking to positive thinking, embracing your failures, and holding responsibility for all your actions.

    With that said, I will try to post a piece of easy, helpful information for you that hopefully help you grow or at least leave a little bit of good impact on your life
    which makes me super happy!

    What does mindset mean?

    First things first, it is essential to know what mindset means before jumping on how to shift it to reach your goals.

    A mindset is all your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that are formed and reside on your mind, and based on them,  you make judgments, reach conclusions, behave and act toward anything you face.

    In other words, a mindset is your way of thinking and taking action.

    Is it easy to shift one’s mindset?

    If you want to shift your mindset, but you doubt that it will change, you have failed already.

    And that’s the key!

    It all starts with your way of thinking. If you think something positive, you will have positive results and vise versa.

    However, Shifting a mindset is not that easy, but with determination and self-control, you will transform your perspective into a powerful thinking tool that will lead you to life-changing results that we all want. Right?

    Now, let’s get into what kind of major mind shifts that you need to improve to pave your path for success.

    4 Powerful ways to shift your mind for success

    Success is subjective, and no one can define it with certain words or principles.

    For example, I see success when I get full grades, while some people consider themselves successful when they have a lot of money in their bank account.

    Whatever the goal is, there is one common thing that we all want to achieve, which is our final goal to succeed in life.


    “Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”


    1. Transform your habits mindset

    Changing your bad habits and building good traits will lead you to the path of success easily.

    So observe your bad habits and turn them into positive ones.

    There are tons of ways on how to form them, change them, and track them.

    Believe me, I tried a lot!

    Whenever I want to begin to change my life in every new year’s resolution is writing down my goals and what habits I want to break, and what I want to build.

    To be honest, the life-changing thing that helped me to start cutting off and building good habits instantly is the “Atomic habits” book.

    I cannot stress how this book changed my life and made me start breaking and building my habits while reading the first few chapters from it!

    Atomic habits “book suggests a straightforward framework to stop or start a habit.

    The main approach to reaching your goals is to gradually and consistently implement working on your habits to achieve your desired results and build a solid foundation for healthy habits routine forever.

    The atomic habits formula in the book consists of  4 steps  which are:

    atomic habits

    I cannot recommend the Atomic habits book enough. It is a book that I swear by, and I would really want you to give it a try if you are struggling with your habits because it is totally worth it.

    2. Change  your negative thoughts into positive thoughts

    Negative self-talk is a constant battle most of us go through.

    But this is what our mind is designed for, to protect us from uncertainties.

    Therefore, we have to change our way of thinking and begin positive because there are more beautiful things in life that we have to enjoy!

    3 ways to stop negative thoughts

    One way is to watch yourself talk when you feel that you are indulged in negative thoughts and scenarios; stop and start positive thinking for a different thing that you like.

    The second way is to read, watch or listen to anything inspirational that is related to your goals.

    This will not only boost your mood but also motivates your way of thinking.

    Finally, As Tony Robbins said, “Who you spend time with is who you become.”

    Therefore, evaluate your inner and social circle and ask yourself if they bring positive energy and vibe into your life or not because they directly affect your behaviors and mental health!

    Then decide how you can limit and control who you interact with.

    3. Embrace your failures

     John C. Maxwell shift your mind quote

    “The difference between ordinary people and achieving people is their perception of and response to failure.” 

     John C. Maxwell

    You need to fail in order to succeed in anything.

    Failure is inevitable to learn and grow through your journey.

    I used to be a quitter sometimes before I even start anything! How destructive I was talking to myself!

    But I learned this the hard way through all challenges and trauma that I faced throughout the years.

    I decided to read , learn, improve, and work on my weakest areas, and failure was a big one.

    Now, I totally embrace it to the extent that I get excited to fail in anything that I am working on

    Crazy right?

    But for real, failure pushes me to analyze, think and take action to overcome whatever obstacle I face.

    Without the stops of failure, I will not have the opportunity to know better.

    4. Stop victimizing your self and take full ownership of your actions

    Taking responsibility for your actions is the real deal that will impact all aspects of your life.

    If you are throwing your problems on others, you will not win.
    On the contrary, you will lose control of your life, and no one will care to rescue

    I know this is a harsh fact, but that doesn’t matter when you become your life creator.

    Once you understand that everything happens and will happen to you, whether it is on or out of your hands is based on how you react!

    Reacting to what you face in your journey will determine

    3 Best Books of all times that will prime you for success

    1. Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

    mindset book how to shift your mindset

    “The first seller on Amazon” discusses success in all life aspects by proposing many major ideas.

    One is that people who have a growth mindset will be able to overcome challenges and harness their qualities with continuous efforts and many more

    2. The Richest Man in Babylon

    the riches man in babylon book to shift your mindset

    The Richest Man in Babylon is one of my favorites books of all time.
    It is a must-have book because it has deep insights and knowledge on how you perceive life, success, and money.

    3. How to win Friends & Influence People

    HOW TO WIN FRIENDS BOOk how to shift your mind

    This book is beneficial for changing your attitude and behaviors to win more people.

    Final Thoughts

    There are different mindsets and techniques that you can adapt depending on what area of your life that you want to improve.

    You can change your mindset about food, money, business, life, etc.

    You have to recognize that it is possible to change, and taking action to shift your mindset is a huge step to start your journey to definite success.

    What helped you the most to achieve success?

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