How to save money on makeup: 8 smart ways

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    Do you think that you need to save money on makeup? If you are not sure, look at your makeup products displayed on your vanity table and check inside your drawers and boxes.
    Are they filled with makeup? Did you find new makeup that you forgot about? Well, let me tell you that you are officially a makeup addict, and you are not alone!

    Ironically, I don’t put on makeup daily nor considered myself a makeup guru. Still, I find out that I am a makeup addict. I have piles of makeup that I bought, intending to use or learn how to apply it.
    Unfortunately, most of it ends up in makeup box storage because it doesn’t fit my makeup style or forgets about it.

    Realizing that I’m wasting money and cannot control my buying impulse, I decided to change my buying makeup strategy.

    To save money and learn how to purchase consciously. Therefore,I will share my tips to help you save money whenever you want to buy makeup or even enter any beauty store.

    makeup products

    2 Tips Before going to any makeup store to buy new makeup

    1. Lay all your make up in front of you and do the following:

    – Check all your makeup expiration date

    Put the expired and empty makeup products on the side and the unexpired makeup on the other side.

    For expired or empty products: You can take advantage of recycling some of these empty bottles In two ways:

    Firstly, You can reuse some of the finished products like the Mascara by washing it with hot water and soap, filling it with eyelashes, or eyebrows oil treatment.

    Secondly, you can recycle some empty products: some brands have excellent recycling programs like MAC cosmetics.

    Their program is called Back to Mac, and whenever you recycle their bottles, they reward you with beauty products at no cost. That is amazing!

    P.S. Although I am a regular customer at mac because it’s one of my favorite plans, they never told me about this program! So please check and ask your brand if they have such a program.

    – Donate unused makeup

    If you have makeup that is new or in good condition,  look for charities and organizations that know how to give it to people in need.

    2.Determine your relationship with makeup

    After clearing out your beauty products and organize them, ask yourself these questions:
    Do I use makeup every day? Or occasionally?
    What kind of products that I am using daily?
    What is my makeup style? Is it light, heavy? Colorful or natural?
    What makeup colors look amazing on my skin tone?

    Save your time and money by determining your skin undertone to buy makeup colors and shades that look good on you.

    The answers will help you in two ways:

    First: You will be aware of what beauty products you own and use.
    Second: It will be much easier for you to buy what you need.

    Now, take a look at how you can save a lot of money when applying the following genius tips. 

    ways to save money

    8 smart ways to save money on makeup

    1.   Test any product you like first before buying it.

    It is essential to test the product on your skin for a day. Many brands make claims on their products, such as their ability to last for 12 hours, 20 hours, waterproof, etc.

    You have to make sure that their claims are valid and invest in the right product.

    2. Cut your expenses on beauty products by enrolling in your favorite beauty stores with membership programs like Sephora

    Being a member will give you rewards and points. also, subscribing to their newsletter will keep you updated on beauty stores latest news, launches, sales events, etc. also, subscribing

    3.  Take advantage of customized products

    For example, some brands like Anastasia Beverly hills let you customize your eyeshadow palette and choose your favorite colors to build your eyeshadow palette.

    You will save money in this deal instead of buying a single color on its own!

    4.Don’t forget about the samples

    Many brands have samples, but sometimes they don’t offer it at the checkout!
    Always ask for it even if they don’t provide it.

    You can take advantage of samples in testing and using new recent beauty product launches.

    5.  Shop during the sale time to save MORE money

    Go ahead and subscribe to your favorite stores’ newsletter. They will notify you about their latest news, upcoming sales, flash sales, clearance, etc.

    lipstick colors

    6.  Get familiar with the color wheel  theory

    You have no idea how useful it is to know about the color wheel!  

    It will not only help you with makeup but also with clothes and décor.

    The color wheel will help you know how to lighten, darkening, and creating new shades in makeup. If you want a particular lipstick color that you don’t have, you can check what shades you have and mix them to get the color you want instead of buying it.

    Here are a few fun ideas to try for mixing lipstick colors:

    To make your lipstick darker: blend it with soft black blush or crème eyeshadow.
    Or, if you want to lighten your lipstick: blend it with your concealer or light nude shade of lipstick.
    Blend red with nude to get a red shade.
    Mix yellow color and red to get a nice peach shade.
    What if you don’t have yellow, green, or any other color? Look for it in your eyeshadow palette and use it instead!
    Creating shades from lipsticks is always fun. Play with what you have and see how many shades you can come up with.u003cbru003eIn this way, you will save money on makeup instead of buying new, more products.

    7. Get to know a budget-friendly brand

    Many of them have amazing quality, same as high-end brands or even better!
    Some well-known brands are Maybelline , L’Oréal Paris, L. A Girl, which is my favorite brand and there are many more.

    8. Save more money and maintain your make up products to make them last longer

    Last but not least, maintain and take good care of your beauty products:

    1. Always organize and recycle.

    2. Store it at a cool room temperature.

    3. Avoid displaying your makeup in your bathroom or exposing it to sunlight because the steam when you get a shower will affect the makeup formula.

    4. Storing your makeup in a closed storage box might cause heat and humidity, so it’s better to place it inside your drawers.

    5. Wash your brushes, beauty blender, etc., monthly so you can keep it clean and not filled with a lot of products that might affect the brush hair.

    These are my strategy to save money and control my budget on buying my makeup and control my buying impulse.
    Because I know what kind of makeup I need, I can walk confidently in any beauty store, test new makeup, and buy what I need.

    What are your thoughts about solving your problem as a makeup addict?

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