How to Make Perfume Stay Longer ? 11 Tips

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    on you say damn I smell food or my perfume scent gone already

    Many people have been in this situation, and if you are looking for ways to make your perfume stay so you can smell delicious no matter what, this post is what you really need.

    There are many ways that you can apply to make your fragrance last longer on your skin and clothes, such as moisturizing your skin first, apply it after taking a shower, dab it on your pulse points, etc., but that is not enough.

    Because other factors play an important role other than how to apply your perfume.

    Such factors are what kind of perfume you are buying, where you will apply it, how many layers you will spray, and wearing your perfume.

    Those might seem indirect aspects, and you might think that they will not help your scent lasts longer but trust me; you will find out in this article why it this important not to skip those measures so you can make better choices and be aware of how to wear your favorite perfume next time and not to worry about whether it is going fade away quickly or not.

    perume to stay longer tips

    11 ways to make perfume stay longer

    1. Apply the perfume on your pulse areas:

    Pulse areas are the best to spray your perfume on where your blood flow in your veins that are close to your skin, such as:

    Behind your elbows.
    – Behind your knees.
    – Between your thighs or calves.
    – Behind your ears.
    – On your ankle.
    – Belly button.
    – On your wrists
    : Do not rub your wrists’ perfume because it will affect its chemical properties and make them fade away faster.

    Those areas where they might produce more heat than others will enhance and spread your perfume more.

    2. Moisturizing your skin with lotion first

    Apply unscented lotion to your skin before wearing your perfume. This is important to ensure that your skin is hydrated, so it locks the perfume scent for a much longer time.

    3. Spray your perfume in your comb

    Do not spray at your hair directly because some perfumes have certain properties that might damage your hair.

    Therefore, spray a little on your combe and brush, then comb your hair with it.

    4. Moisturize your plus areas with VASELINE.

    Vaseline is a thick crème so that it will hold the cologne for a long time.

    5. pay attention when applying more than one perfume

    layering method:

    Layering perfumes is an art, and if you don’t what fragrances go well together, you can experiment and read more about them.

    But a general rule of thumb that will help you make your perfumes last longer when layering is that Each perfume has its own properties and characteristics that are different from other colognes, such as oil amount, intense fragrance, water amounts, and much more.

    Therefore, you have to start with strong perfume scents first, then the lighter ones.

    In this way, havier perfume will not emit the light scented perfumes.

    Applying perfumes on different pulse points method:

    You can apply perfumes without layering on different pulse areas depends on your preferences.

    6. don’t shake the perfume bottle.

    This will affect its chemical elements and causes them to break and air to infuse in.

    7. Avoid Sweating

    According to the Healthline article, many factors make us sweat, such as some foods, wearing certain fabric, weather temperature, etc.

    Those factors make the perfume evaporate faster.

    8. Moisturize with scented lotion

    Scented lotion that is similar to your perfume smell will help to make your smell stay longer.

    9.  Spray on your clothes , between seams and folds.

    10. Buy a perfume set

    Some fragrances has a whole set that consists of the same fragrance in the body lotion, shower gel, or hair mist.

    Each company has a different set that has two pieces or more.
    So using the whole set will definitely boost your fragrances and make it stay for the day.

    11. After shower

    This is the perfect time when your skin is hydrated and your pores are open.

    Apply your favorite lotion after a shower, then wear your perfume wherever you want.

    Perfumes kinds

    perfume stay longer

    To know what kind of perfume stay longer or not, you have to have at least a brief idea about perfumes names that you find in the store and what makes them different from others.

    Perfume KindsConcentration levelAverage stay lengthPrice
    Extract Perfume25 – 30 %6-8 hr$$$$
    Parfum15-25 %5-8 hr$$$
    Eau de Parfum8-15 %3-5 hr$$
    Eau de Toilette4-8 %2-3 hr$
    EAU DE COLOGNE3-5 %2 hr$

    Based on the table above, you can see that extracted perfume is the most long-lasting kind of all of them but keeps in mind that the concentration percentages vary from one company to another.

    1 Tip for finding your signtature smell:

    Many people Don’t sniff the scent from the white stip and decide whether to buy it or not, and this method is not effective.

    The correct way is to Spray the perfume on any pulse point you want and make sure the area is hydrated first, then let it sit for over an hour or leave it for the day and sleep on it.

    If you have to test more than one fragrance, spray the other one on a far another pulse point, then decide which one you like.

    4 tips help you store your perfumes in a correct way

    1. Keep your perfumes in a dry, dark place because humidity and light exposure will break the perfume’s chemical elements and change its fragrance.

    2.Make sure to close the cologne bottle after use to prevent air from getting inside the bottle.

    3. Store in its original box, which holds its same scent

    When does the perfume expire?

    Although perfumes don’t have an expiration date, it is estimated that they can last for 10 years.

    Does colognes stay longer on clothes or skin?

     Perfumes stay longer when put on clothes because alcohol will stay in fabrics, unlike the skin, which evaporates faster.

    Alcohol-based perfume vs. Oil-based vs. Water based.

    There is a big difference between Alcohol and oil-based perfumes.

    Alcohol cologne will give you a strong smell but won’t last you more than three hours, while Oil-based perfumes will last much longer and up to 10 hours.

    on the other hand, water-based perfumes are made from natural ingredients, which are water and natural essential oils. Hence, they are 100% natural and safe for people who have allergies or pregnant women, but they fade away so quickly.

    The heavier the scent, the longer it lasts.

    Many strong scents that, when blended with other elements, will make the perfume stronger and last longer, such as :

    Wood, lavender, Musk, and oud.

    Those are trendy and lovely scents, but it is not for everyone due to its heaviness.

    For me, I love those smells. Although it cost me some coin, 3 to 4 sprays are enough for me and will last me the whole day.

    It stays on my clothes for days, such as my scarf jacket that I don’t wash regularly.

    What is your favorite way to make your smell last for the day?

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