9 Stupid Simple Ways on How to Hide Belly Fat with Clothes

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    If you want to hide your belly fat with clothes elegantly and differently pieces without looking frumpy, but worrying about how limited your styling choices are, don’t worry; it happens to many of us! 
    We want to look slim and polished all the time, especially in the summer season so go back and check my post about the most flattering summer dresses that hide tummy here.

    As you know, belly fat is a stubborn area in the body that is sometimes challenging to get rid of.
    Whether skinny or curvy, you might have belly fat that is annoying and challenging to shred off, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t enjoy our lives and wear whatever we want comfortably and confidently.
    The good news is that there are many ways to hide belly fat with clothes that are easy to do other than painful workouts!
    You only have to know what type of clothes to wear and what techniques you can apply to appear slimmer in clothes.
    If you are interested, keep reading to know how to hide your belly fat with clothes.

    9 Super Easy Ways to Hide Belly Fat with Clothes

    1. Wear a Shapewear

    shapewear to hide belly fat with clothes

    First things first, if you have big belly fat and your dresses that you already have to show your belly so much, your best solution is to wear good shapewear.

    What I mean by good shapewear is seamless, light doesn’t roll down, and fits your size.
    Shapewear is available in many brands, textures, and colors and differs in how tight it
    can hug your belly area. Therefore, I highly recommend trying this amazing well-known shapewear brand Spanx.
    Spanx brand is the shapewear leader globally, which means they already have what you are looking for.
    So when shopping for shapewear, look for something that hugs your body, and what’s more important is that it makes you breathe.

    spanx to hide belly fat

    This is a SPANX Shapewear for Women Tummy Control High-Waisted Power Short.
    It is available in many colors and is the perfect choice because it is designed to hug your tummy area with a comfy fabric.

    Also, it is high-waisted short so that it won’t create a muffin top. 

    There are other good options that you can get from Amazon, which are highly rated and of good quality.

    They control the tummy area and shrink your thigh’s size.

    In this post, you can read more about the best shapewear that won’t roll down for any occasion.

    2. Fast the Night Before Wearing your Clothes

    This is not to hide your belly fat with clothes, but it works the other way around.
    You will get your belly flatter so that it fits your clothes!
    Believe it or not, fasting right before wearing your dress will make you less bloated!
    It’s not like you are wearing shapewear, but this trick works with one who wants to hide their belly fat a little bit.
    So if you want your tummy to appear slightly flatter, your stomach will be tucked and flatter than it used to be
    Many celebrities, brides, and women have important occasions and no time to change their dress to fit their bodies fast the night before!
    So if you want to hide your belly fat quickly, try this trick. It works.

    3. Rock a Draped Top

    draped top to hide belly fat with clothes
    pink draped top
    white blouse to hide belly fat

    Draped tops and blouses are so cute and suit all body types, you know why?
    Because they accentuate your waist and hide the rest of your body.
    Some of the draped tops won’t even highlight your waist area.

    So you have the option to pick what suits your personal style and tastes.

    Here is the trick to hide your belly with draped tops %100
    Which choosing a light, flowy fabric that drapes lightly on your skin without focusing on your body’s details.  
    Take a look below at different draped tops that you might like above!

    4. Don’t Underestimate the Power of Peplum Silhouette 

    peplum dress
    peplum white blouse

    Peplum dresses or tops are chic fashion items that hide your tummy area elegantly.
    You can wear a chic blazer, blouse, or even a casual top in a peplum style, making you look so sexy. 

    Styling tip: When wearing a peplum top, wear a tight or a less loose bottom so that your body shape looks more balanced.

    5. Wear a High waisted Bottoms 

    A high-waisted pant is a must-have piece, in my opinion, that suits all body types and heights!

    I love to wear any high-waisted bottoms, whether pants, jeans or skirts.

    They make you look polished, taller, and most importantly, tuck in your midsection.
    Look for bottoms made of strong fabric that shapes all your torso area to make your stomach flatter.
    Take a look at these fabulous high-waisted pant with tummy control fabric.  

    pants to hide belly fat with clothes
    jeans to hide belly fat

    6. Pick Dark Color Outfits

    It is a rule of thumb that the darker your outfits, the slimmer you will appear.
    So wearing a dark outfit will help you make you have a thinner body. 
    Because dark colors hide and don’t show any specific details 
    If you are wearing a very tight dress that is dark and your belly fat is still bothering you, and you feel that it is really grabbing attention, then wearing shapewear will instantly save you from this situation!

    black dress

    7. Wear an Empire Waist Dress Silhouette

    The empire dress silhouette is a dress that is tight from the under-bust area and flared out to the hemline.
    With that said, they are so comfy and won’t show any waist, belly, hips, or thighs whatsoever.
    They are available in different lengths, and many designs are for
    Different occasions.

    blue dress

    8. Try a Ruched Dress

    The ruched dress is not a type of silhouette, but it is considered a fabric manipulation technique.
    It is basically gathering fabrics all over the seams of the dress to create beautiful little folds in many shapes and directions.
    Surprisingly, ruched fabric manipulation hides your belly and makes it blend with the dress design.
    So don’t get intimidated by how the dress looks and give it a try.
    It is worth it and will suit your beautiful body.
    Also, it won’t show your belly, and that’s what you are seeking for 
    These are stunning  ruched dresses examples that you can take a look at 

    ruched dress hide belly fat with clothes
    black ruched dress hide belly fat with clothes
    ruched dress

    9. Stripes for Prints Lovers

    The last tip to hide your tummy with clothes is to wear prints that suit your body shape.
    Larger prints are more suitable for tall women, whereas smaller prints are for petite body shapes.
    One type of print is the vertical lines or stripes.
    Wearing vertical stripes gives an illusion that you are taller and fit, and they are fun too!

    striped dress to hide tummy
    hide belly fat with clothes stripes

    How to Hide Belly Fat in a Tight Dress

    As I mentioned earlier, these are the best ways to hide your belly fat, so when you want to rock a tight dress, I assure you that you can choose one of the following ways, and you will look much slimmer.
    1. Invest in a great Spanks which will give you a flatter tummy
    2. Wear a tight ruched dress which will conceal your body details
    3. Choose a tight peplum dress with extra fabric over your waist.

    It will make you look elegant and polished and hide your belly fat completely.
    These are the most effective ways to hide your belly fat in a tight dress and appear slim and sexy. 

    6 Flattering Tops to Hide Tummy

    Check out these flattering tops that hide the tummy instantly!

    empire top to hide tummy
    floral orange top to hide belly
    black top to hide belly fat with clothes
    white flare top
    blue top to hide tummy
    black ruched top

    How can I hide my belly fat in a tight dress without Spanx?

    Some women don’t like to wear spanks or let’s say it is not their favorite option when it comes to hiding belly fat and that’s because they don’t feel that comfortable in it.

    Therefore, there are many clothes you can choose to hide your tummy without wearing a spanks such as wearing flowy clothes that hide your tummy area but if you want to wear a tight fashion piece then your best option is to wear either peplum or ruched dress.


    These are some simple ways that I use when I need to hide my belly fat with clothes at certain times because they are so practical and effective.

    Some of them hide belly fat completely, such as drapes, empire waist, and spanks, whereas other ways might give you a minor effect.

    Therefore, it is better to try out these outfits and choose what looks best on your body.

    What’s your favorite way to hide your belly fat?

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