How to dress & balance your short torso: 8 proven ways

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    Have you get dressed sometimes, and you noticed something wrong with your body’s proportions? Your upper part is way shorter than the bottom?
    Well, that’s means that you have a short torso and you are not alone!
    Most petite women with short torsos get lost when choosing what fits their body type and what kind of pieces will look flattering.
    So keep reading to know more about how to see if you have a short torso, how to dress a short-waisted body type, and how you can lengthen your torso.
    What is a torso?
    A torso is the central part of the body, excluding your arms, neck, and legs. 
    It starts from the end of your neck until your tailbone.
    Some people call it a trunk, and it is consists of three major parts:
    Which are the chest, your tummy, and the perineum

    short torso long torso length

    How do you know if you have a short torso?

    1. Stand up without wearing any shoes and measure from the top of your head until the bottom of the pelvis, Like the red line in the picture above.
    2. Measure from the bottom of your pelvis to the floor.

    3. Compare both your upper and lower part measurements.

    Upper PartLongShortSame
    Lower PartShortLongSame
    ResultsLong waistedShort waistedWell Balanced
    Torso Measurement Table

    If your result is that you have a long waist or torso than your lower part, you are long-waisted, and you have to balance your body’s proportions by focusing on how to lengthen your lower region.
    But If you have a shorter upper body than your lower part, you are short-waisted and must work on lengthening your torso to balance your body’s proportions.
    Finally, if you get the same measurements for your upper and lower parts, your body is well balanced.

    There are two main ways to achieve a longer torso which are: visually and physically.

    If your short waist is bothering you and giving you a hard time styling your clothes, you don’t have to worry anymore.

    The only solution is to “ add some length to your torso. “ then, your problem is solved.
    What I mean by visually is that how to lengthen your waist with styling techniques while physically is how to achieve a longer or leaner torso with workout tips.

    8 Styling Tips for Dressing your short torso

    Check out these five styling tips that will help you dress for your short waist, balance your body’s proportion, and appear taller and leaner.

    1. Wear a V neck or scoop neck top or dress

    short torso v dress
    v neck top for petite

    Deep necklines create an illusion that you have a longer core and they elongate your upper body instantly .

    If you are busty and don’t feel comfortable when wearing a V neck, that’s okay.
    You can wear a medium-length neckless over it, which will contribute to elongating your upper part, or you can try and experiment with other tops, such as wearing a scoop neck or boat neck top.  

    2. Mid-rise Jeans is your best option

    mid rise jeans for short torso

    Many petite women choose to wear high-rise jeans, which is their best option if they have an ideal torso length.
    But with a short torso and wrong styling, wearing high-rise jeans will swallow your chest space and shorter your torso significantly.
    Therefore, your best option is to wear mid-rise jeans or pants with an untucked or a half-tucked shirt or blouse.
    This styling tip will lengthen your torso for sure!

    3. Choose the perfect bra

    push up bra petite
    push up bra

    It is visually appealing to have lifted breasts in general, and also it will help you balance out your upper body with your lower part.

    What I mean by that is you should wear a bra that enhances and lift your breasts.
    This way, you will create more space under your bust area.

    On the other hand, You will cover your chest if you let your breasts loose, especially if you have a big breast.

    4. Wear a shift or loose dress

    The shift dress is very attractive, simple, and will not define your body by any means.
    Wearing a loose dress will save you from thinking about what kind of top or pants to wear and how to style.
    It is super easy, effortless, and a go-to fashion piece to have.

    5. Drop Waisted mini dress

    A drop-waist dress is a dress that has a waistline anywhere below your real waist, and it will look flattering on you if you choose a mini length.
    Because you are petite and have a short torso, It will not define your torso and overwhelm your legs or makes you look shorter.

    On the contrary, your body shape will look absolutely well balanced.

    6. Avoid wearing wide belts

    A wide belt is one of the fashion pieces that petite women should avoid wearing, whether she has a short torso or not.
    It will take more space from your waist and hide it, which is exactly what we don’t want to do.
    If you love belts, choose a very skinny one with a 1 inch maximum in width.

    7. Vertical stripes tops

    vertical print dress

    Wearing any piece of clothing that has vertical strips is the best choice for all petite women.
    They elongate your body and make you appear taller. 

    8 . To lengthen your short torso physically

    Let me start with an important disclaimer here.

    I am not a physical therapist, a doctor, or a health expert, but I am sharing this short story of mine with you if you are interested in knowing more about how to lengthen your torso and appear leaner.
    This tip from my own experience, and I would like you to consult a physician or personal trainer for some advice.
    A long time ago, I decided to strengthen my body, and I heard a lot about pilates workout and how it magically transforms people’s body shapes.
    So I decided to enroll for the sake of getting a healthy lifestyle routine and try something new.
    First classes in machine pilates were so tough because I wasn’t strong enough, but with time and after about 3 to 4 months, I noticed a big difference in my body’s proportions.
    Especially my core part, “torso”!
    My biggest pain point is that I have a very short torso, but my whole body looks leaner after pilates, my posture improved incredibly, and I didn’t get bothered by my torso anymore!

    You can read more about pilates benefits in this article here.

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