How To Choose Petite Bride Wedding Dress That Will Make You Look Stunning

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    Hey there!  I Assume that you are a cute bride and looking for a petite bride wedding dress since you landed here on this page, so Congratulations!

    Even if you are not, you are welcome too!
    Choosing a dress for your big day is the most exciting and overwhelming task to do in your life!
    Most of us dream about the ideal man we will marry and spend the rest of our lives with and what kind of wedding gown we should wear for that day.
    What kind of silhouette? Color? Length?  Fabric etc., but in reality, not everything we imagine will suit our body shape.
    You may find glamorous petite bride wedding dresses along the way but keep in mind that It is essential to consider your body shape first before deciding what kind of wedding gown you want to wear on your big day.

    Don’t forget that you are already beautiful, amazing, and worthy no matter what, but during your wedding day look,  you want to wear a wedding dress that suits your body and highlights your beautiful features and body structure in the most flattering way.
    Because what is the point of wearing your gorgeous dream gown that is not for your petite figure if it will make you look unflattering and distort your body’s proportions? 
    Yes, the dress is gorgeous, but what about you? The bride? It will hide and ruined your natural beauty.

    Shopping for regular petite clothes is challenging and frustrating for us as petite women. Imagine how it will be when shopping for our wedding gown?
    Before we dive into the process, this is a reminder that you are considered a petite woman if you are 5.2 ft or below in height.
    The main goal here is to choose the perfect wedding gown and choose a wedding gown that will elongate your figure and balance your upper and lower body proportions.

    Here is a step-by-step process for finding your petite bride wedding dress quickly that you will fall in love with

    Trust me; if you follow these guidelines, you will have a stress-free and enjoyable wedding gown shopping experiences with your best friends.

    1.  Determine Petite Body shape

    As I mentioned above, It is the fundamental and most crucial step that everything will be a piece of cake if you do it right.
    If you are confused and not sure about your body shape yet, don’t worry. 
    Just keep reading about the different kinds of women’s body shapes and their characteristics.

     There are five main women’s body shapes: 

    Apple, pear, rectangular, hourglass, and inverted triangle.
    Each shape has its features that you should focus on when deciding what to wear. Also, some of them have particular areas that you should hide and drew people’s attention.
    1. Apple :

    Apple-shaped women usually have a large bust, midsection, undefined waist, narrow hips, and beautiful legs.

    2. Pear :

    pear-shaped women have wide hips, small bust, and defined waist

    3. Inverted triangle:

    women with an inverted triangle shape have a big bust, Undefined waist, and big shoulders

    4. Rectangular:

    rectangular body shape has a waist, bust, and hips equally same size.

    5. Hourglass :

    what makes a body shape an hourglass is the defined waist and equal bust and hips size.

    All body shapes are beautiful, but the purpose of figuring out your body shape is to transform it into an hourglass shape.

    This shape is ideal for all women because it has a narrow waist, bust, and hips of equal size, which will result in highlighting your feminine features.

    P.s If you cannot determine which body shape you have, enter your hip, high hip, waist, and bust in this cool body shape calculator to get your results.

    These are general characteristics for every body shape, and If you want to dig deeper and learn more about that, check out this excellent article here

    2. Petite bride Wedding dress silhouette

    Choosing the wedding dress silhouette is the main core task: the Deal breaker; either you hit or miss!

    Let me define what silhouette means first from a fashion design perspective.

    This means the shape and the lines that form the garments.

    There are many petite bride wedding dress silhouette that is available for every body shape, which are:

    1. Ball gown

    which is the “Cinderella dress.” It is fitted from the front torso, the bust, and waist, and has a full volume skirt with floor-length

    2. Mermaid

    The mermaid wedding gown silhouette is fitted from the top until the knee, then it flared out to the floor .
    also, it has a different lengths you can choose whatever you want.

    3. Sheath

    It is fitted from the top and it follows your body shape. Also, it is seamless from the waist and has no volume.

    4. Empire

    This empire silhouette is fitted from the bust area and flares out below the bust down to the hemline.
    It forms a high waisted dress with minimum volume.

    5. A Line

    This kind of dress is fitted from the bust and the waist then it flares out to the hemline

    Petite Wedding gown styles

    petite sheath wedding gown
    Sheath gown
    a line petite wedding gown
    A Line gown
    empire wedding dressa
    Empire gown
    ball gown petite women
    Ball gown
    mermaid gown
    Mermaid gown

    Remember these key points when choosing any petite bride wedding dress:

    1. Simplicity is key for your petite figure.

    2. Avoid any gown with a huge volume skirt and excessive materials because you don’t want it to swallow you!
    , Also stay away from heavy embroidery and fabrics because your body won’t handle the heavyweight.

    3. If you want a ball gown, aim for light fabrics like tulle to have a nice volume that suits your body frame.

    4. check the bodice measurements and alter for a perfect fit if needed.

    P.S The wedding gown that I will suggest for your body shape suits you the most.

    But that doesn’t mean that other dresses won’t.

    You can try and experiment with other styles too!

    What gown should you go for?

    Now you have an idea about your body shape features and different wedding gown silhouette that are available.

    If you are pear-shaped petite women, your main goal is to choose a dress that defines your waistline.

    Don’t afraid of using a thin belt around your waist, and it will add a cute elegant detail to your gown.

    Therefore, you will look gorgeous in a ball gown and Aline silhouette.

    For apple-shaped women, choose the empire silhouette.

    It will fit your bust, and it will flare-out through your whole midsection and hips down to the hemline.

    You will look very sexy with a deep neckline to show a bit of cleavage too.

    If you have a rectangular body shape, go for an A-line wedding dress.

    It will define your waist and give you a nice volume down to the hemline.

    If you have an hourglass figure, then you should definitely go with the mermaid dress.
    It will define every curve you have in the most flattering feminine way.

    If you notice that I didn’t mention the sheath dress because it suits any thin petite women’s body shape.

    It is very classy and elegant, and it is the ideal dress for any woman who likes to wear a minimalist style.

    Which gown will elongate your petite body the most?

    The Empire wedding gown suits every body shape.
    Because it has a high waist just below your bust, it will add length to your legs, and you will appear taller. 

     If you don’t care to define your waist, you can choose this gown, but If you don’t want to choose the empire dress, that’s okay. There are few tips you can to follow to appear taller:

    1. V and deep necklines make your neck longer.

    2. proper platform heels.

    3. if you have long hair, tied it up with cute hairstyles like buns, twisted low do, chignon, etc.

    4. High slit is very sexy dress detail in the dress and gives the illusion that your look taller.

    Petite bride wedding gown train

    A wedding gown train is an extra fabric that is added to your skirt. Some trains are attached to the gown, and some are not.
    These are the four main wedding gown trains that are popular among brides: 

    1. Sweep
    2. Cathedral
    3. Chapel
    4.Royal monarch

    It is totally optional for you to choose what kind of train you want.
    Depending on where are your wedding will be and what kind of theme does it have etc.
    Keep in mind that you have to avoid choosing a very long train or a heavily embroidered fabric that might add extra weight to your dress.

    If you are interested to know more about wedding gown trains, you can check out this article here.

    Finally, I really hope that I helped you with even one thing in choosing the perfect petite bride wedding dress. also, 
     kindly remember that all those suggestions that I mentioned above not solid rules. 
    You can experiment with different wedding gowns and choose the gown in love with.

    There is always room for creativity and styling techniques to help you appear in the best way possible.

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