How to build a killer 2021 Petite spring capsule wardrobe that makes you look stunning

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    Building my new spring capsule wardrobe is the first thing I like to do when preparing for the spring season—also, editing and cleaning all my clothes.

    I can’t believe how time flies so quickly, and spring is almost here!

    It is exhilarating to regularly change your clothes to boost your positive energy and make you feel fresh all the time.
    So in this post, I will build a spring wardrobe for you but not the usual one with spring basics, and you will see later why it is different than other wardrobes that you see most of the time.

    What describes this wardrobe is that it is trendy, comfy, and petite-friendly.
    If you are a regular-sized woman, don’t worry, this wardrobe will work for you too!
    I am already in love with Spring trends for 2021; it has very vibrant, cool, and comfy fashion pieces that will make you always look put-together.
    P.S check out my petite-friendly spring trends post that you might like to wear.


    how to build a killer 2021 spring capsule wardrobe

    What is a capsule wardrobe?

    It is a concept of having a collection of clothes and accessories from head to toe that you wear daily and fit your body.

    The capsule wardrobe contains around 25 – 50 items depending on your needs and budget.
    Moreover, its primary goal is to have a collection of outfits that you can remix to have new outfits and styles to minimize your spending by not shopping unintentionally. 

    It is okay to start with few items, and then you can add pieces with time when you go shopping intentionally.

    Two steps before building your spring capsule wardrobe

    1. Lifestyle

    Do you always like to hang out or just chilling at home? 

    I assume that most of us spend time at home or friends’ homes during the pandemic.

    Do you work online, or do you go to your office? What about the meetings, events, etc.
    If you are an introvert or your lifestyle is mainly spending time at home, you need few comfy pieces, while if you are spending most of your time outside your home working or meeting people, you need an enormous collection of clothes.

    2. Body shape

    Choose the pieces that fit your body shape first, then choose what fashion pieces you want to wear accordingly.
    Do you want a guide to show you your body shape type and what looks best on you?

    Drop your email below to know more about your petite body features, what area to hide, and what to highlight and focus on.

    3. Consider your Skin Undertone

    Have you noticed that sometimes you wear specific colors that draw people’s attention, and you begin receiving many compliments about how you look radiant and beautiful?
    It is because of the colors that you are wearing! And that is why it is essential to shop for any fashion pieces with colors that go well with your skin and reflect perfectly on your face when you wear them.

    If you choose colors that don’t suit your skin complexion, you might look dull, tired, and not glowy.

    Therefore, Choose your wardrobe clothes colors depending on your skin’s undertone color.
    If you don know what looks best on you, check out this post here to find out.
    P.S It’s recommended that you stick with a color palette when choosing your clothes so that you can easily mix and match many pieces together.

    Spring Capsule wardrobe 2021 Features

    1. This capsule spring capsule wardrobe is to give you inspiration and outfit ideas about the spring collection

    2. I started with 21 pieces. You can add more later if you want.

    I chose 21, which is I think is the optimum number to start with. It is also essential to consider the budget since you will find unique cute pieces that will be more expensive than basics most of the time.
    3. You can go all black, natural, or choose a color palette for easier styling.
     I prefer to have spring colors vibes in my clothes, which makes me feel more energetic, optimistic, and looking trendy all the time.

    4. We tend to wear different tops more than bottoms. Therefore, you will find more variety of tops and jackets choices than bottoms.
    5. Evening wear is not part of the wardrobe, and also, they are timeless, so there is no need to add it to the collection.

    What makes this spring capsule wardrobe different than the others?

    I noticed that most capsule wardrobes include essential items that we have to purchase. We don’t have to buy basics every season because they are meant to last long enough in seasonality, quality, and styling.
    Therefore, I made a twist in this concept of “capsule wardrobe,” You will find an atypical spring wardrobe because it is not about basics; it is about trendy and vibrant fashion pieces that express spring vibes and style.
    You will minimize your spending by transitioning your existing wardrobe into a spring capsule wardrobe.
    This means that when editing your wardrobe, you can keep and recycle your basics such as denim jeans, tops, tank tops, pajamas, etc., and then you will add spring pieces that you would like to wear.

    Fashion essential pieces you can add to your new spring wardrobe

    1. High waisted wide leg black pants are more trendy and elongate your figure than leggings
    2. Denim skirt
    3. Blue Jeans 
    4. Black or brown Ankle boot
     5. White, black and striped tank top
    6. Sneakers 
    7. wedges 
    8. Pajamas
    9. evening wear

    Spring capsule wardrobe categories

    It consists of 4 jackets, 3 tops, 1 sweater, 2 dresses,2 skirts, 1 knit set , 1 sweatsuit, 1 activewear, 1 fur slipper, 1 mule and 1 handbag.

    1. Spring Jackets

    petite spring capsule wardrobe jackets

    Jackets are essential pieces in the spring season because the weather will probably be chilly at the beginning of the season.

    These jackets are lightweight compared to winter ones, so they are suitable for the spring breeze.
    1. A trench coat is a must-have piece; it gives you a stylish look, especially when you wear it with a sweatsuit and sneakers.

    2. A jacket with embroideries, embellishments, or floral prints is a very nice fashion item to add to your spring capsule wardrobe.

    It is effortlessly chic because you can wear it over a top and pants or dress in one color.

    3. velvet blazer in mustard color, which is very vibrant and trendy.
    You can style in so many different ways
    , from athleisure to formal look.

    4. Oversized pastel blazer is so unique, and you will stand out for sure when you wear it.
    I wish pastels look good on me !! I will definitely get one.

    2. Tops

    petite spring capsule wardrobe tops

    You have many options for tops, blouses, sweaters, and shirts to wear in spring.
    These tops have cool designs and colors. Especially the halter neck top in the bubble gum color, which is really trending!

    3. Skirts

    Leather Mini Skirt and silk midi skirt are such incredible and edgy pieces to wear in the spring and summer.

    4. Nit Set and Activewear

    spring sets for sport and lounging

    Knit set is a monochromatic outfit that is very practical and must have a piece because you can wear it anywhere feeling very comfortable and looking put together with no matter what

    5. Spring vibes Dresses

    spring dresses

    You have many choices for dresses, and you will not struggle to find your size because most of them are flowy.
     Also, styling a spring dress is very easy. 
    Try wearing a skinny belt,  cute hats, and ankle boots for a casual look.

    6. Sweatsuit

    sweatsuit tie dye spring trend

    Sweatsuit is a crucial fashion piece in spring 2021 trends. Also, the Tie-dye coloring technique is trending too, whether in sweats, dresses or even in evening dresses!

    7. Handbag, Mules, and Fur Slipper

    spring capsule wardrobe accessories shoes and bags

    The structured bag will elevate your look, while mules and fur slippers will spice up your whole outfit

    This is my idea behind creating an unusual capsule wardrobe that will make you look stunning and fresh throughout the season.

    If you are a person who likes blacks or wearing neutrals, try to make some change and get out of your comfort zone.

    I am sure you are going to love it and feel different in a positive way.

    What do you think about these spring capsule wardrobe pieces? Which one do you feel like wearing?

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