How to Appear Taller Instantly with Crazy Simple 11 Ways

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    I always think about how to appear taller whenever I want to buy any clothing item and try to style it with other pieces.
    In my opinion , how to look taller is the most common issue that we as petite women face and try to figure out!
    Because let’s face it, we, as petite women, are short and always struggle to find the right inseam length and clothing sizes that fit well on our small frame.
    Finding the right size for our clothes is half of the battle. But what’s the next half of this constant battle? 
    It is how to style the clothes to make us appear taller and sometimes thinner.
    As a matter of fact, many things that contribute to making up appear taller other than styling our clothes, such as body posture, hairstyle, and accessories.
    Thankfully, many genius ways help us achieve that goal and enjoy wearing clothes to make us appear taller and balance our petite body’s proportions.
    Now, check out these styling tips that you can choose from to make you style your clothes easily.

    11 Genius ways to make you appear taller instantly

    1. Check your Hairstyle

    pixie haircut to appear taller
    short hair style look taller

    The hair length on a petite body plays a vital role and affects the whole body’s proportion.
    If you are a petite woman and have long hair, even if the hairstyle suits you, it will overwhelm your body unless you put your hair up!
    Shorter hair lengths will make your torso appear, and therefore you will appear taller.
    Also, hair cuts like a pixie will show your whole neck, which makes you appear even taller.
    Many short haircuts are trendy and cute no matter how your face shape is, suit out the petite body, so don’t be afraid of getting a haircut.
    You will look fabulous for sure.

    2. Wear a Monochromatic Outfit

    monochromatic outfit red

    The monochromatic style is trendy, chic, make you look expensive, and what is important it will make you appear taller.
    What is a monochromatic look means?
    It means that you wear a whole outfit from head to toe that consists of only one shade.
    Whatever the shade is, black, beige, blue, etc., it will give an illusion that you are taller and leaner.
    I love wearing monochromatic outfits because they are also effortless to style.

    3. Wear Clothes that Fit you Well

    It is a no-brainer that baggy loose clothes will make you look bulky and shorter.
    It will swallow your body and imbalance your proportions.
    To avoid that, stick with fitted clothes of your size. 
    It has nothing to do with comfort. You can enjoy wearing outfits in your size that is comfy when you choose the right fabric.
    Flowy, lightweight fabrics such as crepe, cotton, and chiffon are comfy and don’t add weight to your body.

    You can check this guide for 25 stores that sell clothes for petite women

    4. Wear a Minis: Skirt, Shorts or Dress

    mini skirt
    mini dress petite women

    Wearing mini skirts or dress is not for everyone, but if you are a fan of them, well, here is the good news: 
    A mini skirt will show all your lower part, your thighs to your feet, making you look taller, no doubt about it.
    It will also give you’re feminine, sexy looks. 

    5. Wear Tailored Clothes

    women suit for petite

    Tailored clothes are most likely designed with lines and folds like dress pants and suits. 

    Check out this suit is from amazon, and it is available in petite sizes from 2P to 16P at an affordable price, which is awesome!
    It gives you a luxe look and makes you taller because of the lines and folds that create the illusion that you are tall.

    6. Try Structured Clothes  

    corset how to appear taller
    white corset for petite

    Structured clothes are clothes that are made with certain shapes, lines, and silhouettes.
    They are not suitable for small frames, but few look gorgeous on any petite body like the corset
    The corset is made of vertical lines, which is sexy and fashionable.
    You can pair the corset top with anything you want that is relaxed or fitted for a casual or formal occasion.

    7. Nude Shoes

    nude shoes
    nude sandal

    Nude shoes or sandals are perfect because it makes your legs look leaner and taller while dark colors make you look shorter.

    Check this awesome guide for all stores that sell shoes for petite feet

    8. Pointed Toe Shoes

    The pointed-toe shoes, sandals, or mules are very feminine and trendy. Also, they add length to your feet ad make them look slimmer and taller.

    9. High Heels

    Obviously, wearing high heels makes you look taller, but you must first consider your body’s proportions.
    If you have a short torso, wearing high heels will not balance your body’s proportion, but you can wear high waist pants to fix this PROBLEM. 
    Moreover, if you have a long torso, you can wear high heels with floor-length pants or a maxi skirt, so your feet won’t look so tiny

     10. Wearing the Right Accessories

    long neckalce appear taller

    Wearing the right accessories will elevate your look and sometimes add the illusion that you have a longer torso or neck.
    For example, for short-waisted petite women, wearing a deep v neck short-waisted petite women will make their torso look way longer.
    Throwing some long thin necklace on that V neck will make it attractive and draw attention to your torso area.
    This also applies to dropped long earrings. 
    If you have a short haircut, long earrings will look so attractive and add length to your neck.

    P.S. if you have a short torso, this is your guide on how to style and balance your body shape with a short torso

    11. Fix your Body’s Posture

    This tip is not related to style, but it is important to mention that maintaining a good spine and body posture will make you look leaner, taller and what’s important is that it makes you so confident!
    Practice having a good posture and Rock your outfits with your gorgeous personality and perfect posture all the time

    Bottom Line

    To be honest, I wear flats most of the time whenever I am running some errand or on casual outings. 
    But whenever I want to dress up, I like to apply most of these tips, and I find them so easy and legit.
    They make me look taller and comfortable at the same time.
    What’s your favorite way to look taller?

    how to appear taller

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