13 Simple Ways to Make you Always Look Put Together and Polished

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    So you’ve had enough and want to look put together?

    Tired of looking messy, not giving your full attention to yourself because you are swamped with family, work, or anything related to your life?
    You spend your days rushing and wearing whatever is in front of you and wish deep down in your heart that you look put together and looking amazing?
    Or maybe you came across a long-time friend, your Ex, or anyone important to you, but then you feel so bad inside because you realized that you are not prepared and looking a frumpy mess when you met them? And regret to put even a little minimal effort to look much better at that moment!
    That’s a big bummer, frustrating, and you don’t want this to happen to you, do you?
    Let’s face it,  life happens to everyone, but that does mean that we forget to focus a little bit on ourselves.
    Looking put together requires minimal effort and a willingness to commit to finding yourself always looking polished effortlessly.

    Why not trying and build a good habit that makes you happy and comfortable from the inside in the first place?
    Also, looking put together will always leave an impressive impression on people you meet, whether at work or even by accident?
    It Is so comforting that you know when you leave your doorstep that you are full of confidence, fearless, in a good vibe, and ready to attract all good things.
    So if you always want to look put together, check out these simple steps that will help you elevate your look and boost your level of confidence.
    Keep in mind that it is essential to focus and take care of your style and your whole look from the outside but do not underestimate the power of high self-esteem and confidence.
    It is essential to focus on the inside too of your well-being, which will reflect for sure on the outside!
    Everyone will perceive you as a fearless independent woman and will take you seriously.

    So let’s dive into the steps to make you always look put together.

    13 Simple Ways to Make You Always Look Put Together

    healthy look put together

    1. Have a Healthy Body

    Being healthy is the first tip that is important for you to focus on.
    Watching your food, eating clean, and working out will keep you fit and in shape.
    Also, it will boost your self-confidence and make you love yourself more.

    2. Work Out

    Working out is beneficial for you in terms of your look and your body shape.
    You will have a better posture, and this will affect your body on how you properly walk and sit, which will give others the impression that you are confident and put together.

    skincare way to look put together

    3. Follow a Skincare Routine

    Although eating healthy and drinking water will give you healthy glowing skin, don’t forget to have a skincare routine for your skin type.
    You will have radiant skin so that you feel more comfortable not wearing makeup all the time.
    Developing a skincare routine doesn’t take time, particularly if you shorten it into a few essentials steps.
    That’s why I wrote a post about the shortest yet effective skincare routine that will help you drastically to apply it in a short time, even when you feel tired.

    4. Apply Necessary Makeup Products

    Makeup is optional; not every woman likes to wear it, but…
    Few makeup products will make you look polished instantly!
    Red lipstick and mascara.
    Wearing red lipstick will reflect on your skin complexion and make you glowy, bold, and put together.
    Also, applying mascara on your lashes will make your eyes and eye color pops more.
    These two are for looking natural yet on point.
    P.S Check out the top 7 best drugstore red lipstick that is highly rated and perfect for your skin tone in my post here and the best mascaras for volume and length.

    5. Hair is Everything

    6. Wear the Right Outfits

    It is true that Knowing your own style and what fits your body shape is
    It is essential to highlight your best body features, but you know what’s more important???

    It is wearing clothes that fit you PERFECTLY as if they are tailored to your body specifically
    Wearing bigger, wider, longer clothes or any clothing that doesn’t fit your body shape will ruin everything and instantly make you look frumpy.
    So go back and do some closet audit.
    Please get rid of anything that doesn’t fit you because wearing it won’t be in your favor.

    And make sure to know your exact body measurements to make your online or at the store for an easier shopping experience.

    7. Throw on Some Accessories

    rayban sunglasses to look put together

    Accessories are not that important if you are a low-key kind of woman or have casual outings except for one type of accessory, sunglasses.
    Wearing sunglasses not because to protect your eyes from sun exposures but it
    will make you look more attractive, mysterious, and a woman is paying attention to every detail regarding her look.

    It is a lifesaver that sometimes helps you hide your eyes whenever you don’t feel like wearing makeup or have tiring eyes that you don’t want anyone to look at that moment.

    In case you don’t know what type of sunglasses will look good on your face shape, take a look at my favorite classic sunglasses from ray bans.
    They are never out of style, light, available in many colors, and look good on everyone, so why not give it a try!

    9. Shoes

    Wearing sneakers or high heels depends on your occasion and where you are heading, but make sure that your shoes are always cleaned, polished, and shiny.

    10. Hands, Feet, and Nails

    It is essential to take care of your hands and feet nails, and all the time.
    Every human being uses body language, and that includes our hands.
    People pay attention to how clean and healthy your nails are.
    And that reflects on you as a person on how healthy and how much are you taking care of your personal hygiene.

    11. Recognize the Power of Perfume

    perfume to look polished

    Smelling good will draw attention to you!

    And I don’t mean just your hair shampoo or shower gel, but I suggest wearing a perfect perfume.
    Scents leave impressions and affect people in many ways.
    Pick your favorite perfume and wear it all the time!

    I love this Narciso Rodriguez perfume. It is not that heavy and has a feminine smell with lavender, Violet Amber, and Woody Accord, which smells really good.


    12. What’s in your Handbag?

    What’s in your handbag usually?

    It would be best to carry few essentials other than your makeup and wallet, so you don’t get into any embarrassing situations whenever you are out and far from your home.
    Things like tampons, mint, sunglasses, tissues, moisturizer, lipstick

    13. Smile 🙂

    Imagine that you are ready to go out after following the steps that I mentioned above?
    You will go out feeling confident and happy, right?
    Putting a smile on your face even if you are faking it will attract and beautiful and good things to you
    And not to mention that it is a free accessory to have, LOL.


    Remember that you want to look always put together, and you are doing this for yourself first and foremost.
    To live well and improve your well-being to have a better life and reflect this tremendous energy to people around you.

    Share with us whats your most important tips are to always look put together.

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