Face Roller Benefits, How to, Routine, Is it Worth it? – Ultimate Guide

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    Face roller benefits are incredible that’s what makes it a skin essential tool that is trending now, and I always see in my Pinterest feed, beauty magazines, and what influencers are talking about how amazing it is to use it to have the perfect firm skin.
    If you are thinking about joining the face roller tribe and getting one, but you are still hesitant about its effectiveness or just don’t know if you really need one or not, stick with me here.

    You are about to read all face rollers facts, myths, benefits, uses, and everything that will help you decide whether you should get one or not.

    so keep reading, and let’s dive into it!

    What is a Face Roller? 

    First things first, the face roller is a beauty tool that is designed for skin use. 
    The roller itself is made of different types of crystals like jade, rose quartz, and others in different sizes. 
    Each size serves a certain area. The large size is for your overhead, neck and cheeks, and even other body parts such as your legs, hands, etc.
    While the small size is intended for your under eyes, lip, and nose area.
    It is like a messaging tool that you roll it over your face back and forth in specific directions. 

    10 Main Benefits of the Face Roller

    The face roller has four main benefits if you incorporate it into your skincare routine, which are:
    1. While messaging your face with it, it will improve the bloodstream and circulation, making your face more firm.

    2. It will reduce any swollen or puffy areas like under your eyes or any redness when you use it while it is cold.

    P.S. if you are struggling with dark circles, you don’t want to miss my post about the best drugstore ocncealers that nourishes your undereye.
    3. Applying your skin care product and using the roller afterward will help you distribute it all over your face and ensure that your skin absorbs it really well.

    4. If you store it in the fridge, it will tighten your pores and makes your face more refreshed and alive.

    5. Release tension from your face. 

    6. Gives you a relaxing feeling.

    7. It is an effective anti again tool because its fights wrinkles and fine lines. 

    8. Temporarily Contours the shape of your face.

    9. Increases collagen production, which is responsible for your skin’s tissue elasticity.
    Therefore, it will make your face more firm and lifted.

    10. Treats headache when you message your forehead and eyebrows area.


    face roller how to use

    4 Steps to Use Face Roller

    1. Apply your skincare products, whether your moisturizer, lotion, etc
    2. The direction is critical, so roll it upwards on your face and outwards from the cheeks few times.
    3. Roll it flat on your eyebrows
    4. Keep the roller moving in slowly and gently over your skin 

    Face Roller Routine

    To see the best results, use it daily with your favorite skincare product

    Types of Face Rollers

    There are many types of face rollers, but jade and rose quartz are the most famous kinds.
    Jade crystal is cool and fragile
    Rose quartz is a hard stone and fragile. Also, it is a stone that can retain high or low temperatures.

    So if you like to use it for a while, store it in the fridge to hold the cold temperature.

    face roller vs gua sha

    Face Rollers Vs Gua Cha

    Face ToolsUsePressure LevelSculpting effectCirculation
    Jade RollerEasyGentleNormalNormal
    Gua ShaRequires skill & effortStretches the skinMore sculpting & ContouringMore fluid streams

    Okay, so if you wonder what the heck is, Gua Sha, let me tell you about it because it is a great tool worth knowing.
    When you want to buy face rollers, you will often come across a Gua Sha, a different type of crystal in various shapes that ancient Chinese use back in the day until now for healing different parts of the body!
    The beauty industry uses it for the same purpose as the jade roller, but there are few differences between them, as you can see from the table.
    Gua Sha requires time and effort to learn how to use it, but using it is rewarding in the long run. 
    As you stretch your face with Gua Sha, it produces heat that will circulate all your fluids effectively.
    Not to mention the huge effect on sculping and courting that will define your face.

    Therefore Gua Sha is far more effective than the Jade Roller in terms of sculpting and blood circulation, while the Jade roller will help you penetrate your skincare product into your skin.

    3 Steps to Clean Your Face Roller

    Cleaning your face roller has never been easier
    First: wipe any liquids with a towel or washcloth after every use.
    Second, use antibacterial soap and wash it with moderate water temperature.
    Lastly: let it air dry over a towel.

    P.S check the manufacturer instructions if they recommend other cleaning methods

    Does it really work?

    Yes and No
    For all benefits that I have mentioned above, YES, the face roller works.
    But some people claim that it makes your face slimmer, which is totally false.
    According to Health Line, you will not lose face weight when using a face roller but only through exercise and proper healthy foods.


    When you want to buy Jade Roller, make sure that you are buying the one made of real crystal because many rollers are fake cheap quality that you can find that won’t give you any effect.
    But how can you spot a fake Jade Roller?

    The Real Jade roller is fragile and easy to break.

    It is cold in nature.

    And it is not that cheap.

    You can learn more about fake rollers here.

    jade roller

    You can get your Jade Roller & Gua Sha from Amazon here.

    Bottom Line

    Now I hope you have a complete picture of the jade roller uses and benefits and Gua Sha.
    And you can decide which one you prefer.
    Both are cool beauty tools that are effective and easy to fit into your beauty routine.

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