A Guide on How to Get Rid of Chapped Lips without Chapstick for Good

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    Having dry, cracked, peeled, or sensitive lips is not only painful, but it also won’t let you enjoy wearing your favorite lipstick or even kissing your other half, so how to Get Rid of chapped lips without chapstick when you are tired of using chapstick that is not effective?
    While many chapsticks require you to apply them many times a day, many home-natural recipes will cure your chapped lips without chapstick immediately.
    Also, following simple do’s and don’ts lips care tips will help you avoid having chapped lips whatsoever.
    But you have to understand first what caused you chapped lips in the first place?
    Chapped lips are caused by many factors such as weather, sensitive skin, chemical products, or dehydration.
    Other reasons might be some vitamins deficiency, medications, or infections.
    Therefore, it is essential to dig deep first to understand why you have chapped lips to take care of them properly.
    With that said, having effective natural home remedies on hand will save you at any time because all the ingredients are natural, effective, and will be at your disposal.

    6 Homemade recipes  to cure chapped lips without chapstick

    1. Simple Honey Scrub Remedy

    honey chapped lips scrub

    Honey is the king of all-natural recipes for its tremendous benefits.
    If you have been reading my other DIY recipes for skin, Honey is an essential ingredient in almost all of them.
    This fantastic recipe is the answer for how to get rid of chapped lips without chapstick will because it will cure your chapped lips, make them smooth and pinkish when using it regularly.


    2 tbsp honey
    1 tsp sugar
    1 slice of cucumber


    Whisk sugar and Honey until to form a paste.
    Dip a toothbrush into the mixture and Scrub your lips very gently with the mixture for minutes.
    Leave the scrub soak into your lips to absorb all the nutrients from the Honey and sugar for ten
    Rinse with warm water
    Next, bring a slice of a cucumber and apply it on your lips as you are using lipstick all over your lips for few minutes.
    Lastly, moisturize your lips with coconut butter crème.

    2. Honey and Olive Oil Scrub for Chapped Lips


    1 tbsp honey
    1 tbsp brown sugar
    1 tbsp of olive oil


    Mix all ingredients to make the scrub and leave it for a few minutes, then rinse it with warm water
    Next, moisturize your lips with original olive oil, coconut oil, or castor oil.

    3. Turmeric and Milk for Chapped Lips

    turmeric on how to cure chapped lips without chapstick


    1 tsp turmeric
    1 tbsp milk


    Combine all the ingredients to form a paste and apply it on your lips for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.
    If your lips got orange because of the turmeric, don’t worry. Scrub it with a slice of lemon or with rose water on a piece of cotton.
    Apply your favorite moisturizer after the scrub.

    Turmeric has many awesome benefits to the skin when using it in your body or face treatments.
    Don’t miss out on more DIY turmeric recipes that will make your skin glowing.

    P.S use the turmeric that is made for skin, not the one for cooking.

    4. Aloe Vera Scrub for Cracked Lips

    how to cure chapped lips without chapstick with aloe vera


    1 tbsp aloe vera
    1 tsp honey

    1 tsp coconut oil


    Mix all the ingredients and apply the mask for 30 minutes on your lips.
    Apply your favorite moisturizer after the scrub.

    5. Honey and Lemon Cracked Lips Scrub

    lemon to heal chapped lips without chapstick


    1 tsp Honey
    Few Lemon drops


    Combine the honey and the lemon drops in a bowl.
    Apply the paste from 15 to 20 minutes

    Be careful when using lemon on your lips!
    If your lips are bleeding, don’t use it because it will cause serious irritation.

    6. Green tea Recipe to Heal Chapped Lips

    green tea to  heal cracked lips


    1 green teabag


    Soak the green tea bag in warm water, then scrub your lips with it gently.
    When you get rid of extra skin, moisturize your lips.
    Green tea is beneficial because it contains antioxidants and minerals to cure your chapped lips and make them smoother.

    Homemade Chapped Lips Moisturizer


    This recipe will help you make your own lips moisturizer from natural ingredients, which is really beneficial.
    1 tsp honey
    1 tsp rosewater
    1 tsp glycerine


    Mix all the ingredients to make the moisturizer and use it for nourishing and hydrate your lips, especially after applying any lip scrub.

    Chapped Lips Skincare Routine

    chapped lips skincare routine

    During the day:

    Moisturize your lips daily with natural oils whenever you feel that they are getting dry.
    In the nighttime:

    Bring a dry towel and scrub it gently on your lips to get rid of any extra skin.
    Next, apply a small amount of olive oil overnight to have healthy, soft, and smooth lips the next morning.  

    Simple Do’s and Don’ts to for Healthy Lips

    If you want to heal your lips without chapstick, there are simple instructions that you need to follow to ensure that they are always healthy and soft.

    Do: Use Sunscreen

    Protect your lips from sun exposure and apply sunscreen lip balm with high SPF.
    Exposing your skin to the sun will burn your skin, break its cells and make it age quickly.

    Do: Drink Water

    One of the main reasons that cause chapped lips is dehydration.
    Having your daily water intake to make sure that you are hydrated and your skin has enough moisture.

    Do: Vitamines and Minerals Checkup

    Run a blood test to check your vitamins and minerals levels.
    According to the Healthline article, Zinc, Iron, and Vitamin B are responsible for chapped and dry lips.

    Don’t: Lick or Bite your Lips

    Avoid licking your chapped lips with your tongue or bite them with your teeth. 
    You will spread infection, open its wounds, make it drier and cause more pain to yourself.

    Don’t: Use Cheap or Expired Makeup Products

    Many cheap and expired lipsticks or lip balms contain harmful and chemical ingredients that damage your skin really badly.
    Lips are really sensitive and delicate, which means that they easily get infected, injured, or irritated.

    With that being said, It is essential to read the product’s label before buying it to make sure that it is skin-friendly.

    Don’t: Eat Spicy Food

    Eating spicy food will delay your lip’s healing process because it will make your chapped lips worse.

    You will be more in pain, and your wounds will get more severe.


    Living with chapped cracked and dry lips is not only painful but also not attractive and embarrassing, but how to get rid of chapped lips without chapstick?

    Just follow those instructions that I mention, scrub your lips regularly, and keep them moisturized with your favorite homemade lip balm.
    What’s your favorite lip scrub recipe to cure your chapped, dry lips?

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