17 Dressy Feminine Tops to Wear with Jeans 2022

    feminine tops to wear with jeans
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    Feminine tops to wear with jeans are everywhere, but if you struggle to distinguish between the sexy, feminine, and regular tops, don’t worry because you will learn everything about feminine tops.
    Let me tell you again, feminine tops are available online and in stores in various styles, colors, and patterns, making your option limitless, and learning how to choose them will make your shopping trip more fun.
    I assume that you already have at least one pair of jeans in your closet because it is a timeless fashion item that will never go out of style.
    Although It is evolving, you can find it in many cuts, styles, and colors, but pairing them with any top has never been easier.
    Several jeans cuts include boot, flare, straight, skinny, and bell-bottom.
    Each cut is different, requiring a specific top to match it perfectly.
    I will show you how to spot feminine tops in any store, style them, and what accessories to wear to look more feminine in this post.

    P.S Check out 13 proven ways how to look more feminine other than wearing feminine clothes in this post

    17 Feminine Tops to Wear with Jeans

    1. One Shoulder Top

    black one shoulder top to wear with jeans
    white one shoulder top

    I love one-shoulder tops because they show only half of your shoulder and arm, making you look more feminine than sexy.
    They are so cute and fun to wear with jeans, whether during the day for casual outings or at night at a formal event.

    You can wear other colors but still look feminine with the right style and material, as I mentioned earlier.

    You can get those elegant tops above from Amazon.

    Best accessorize to go with one shoulder top neckline :

    Because of the asymmetrical neckline style, you don’t have to wear a necklace to don’t ruin the beauty of your upper part look.
    But if you want to wear a necklace so bad, you can wear a simple chocker.
    Also, wearing a bracelet and earrings will elevate your look and make you look more feminine.

    2. Off Shoulder Top

    Off-shoulder tops are so cute, especially when you leave your wavey on your shoulders.

    Showing your collar bones will make you look soft and have fragile beauty.

    off-shoulder feminine tops to wear with jeans

    Best accessorize to go with off shoulder top neckline :

    layered thin necklaces and chockers are perfect for off-shoulder tops.

    3. Halterneck Top

    One of the cutest and most feminine tops to wear with jeans is a halterneck top.

    Although there are nice halterneck tops in silk and other fabrics, even if you wear a simple halterneck tank top, you will be so feminine because it shows your shoulders in a beautiful soft way.

    halterneck feminine tops to wear with jeans
    halterneck red top
    pink feminine top

    Best accessorize to go with a halterneck top neckline :

    You don’t have to wear a necklace with a halterneck top, so wearing a cute earring will be enough to soften your look.

    4. Silk Blouse

    Silk is one of the softest and most delicate fabrics available in different colors.

    It is a luxury fabric made for women who want to look feminine, delicate, and chic.

    Also, it is often used in women’s intimate items like lingerie and other fashion pieces.

    There is no doubt wearing a silk blouse with jeans will boost your feminine look and energy.

    silk blouse
    silk feminine tops to wear with jeans
    pink silk blouse

    Best accessorize to go with a silk blouse :

    Accessorizing a silk blouse is tricky, so it is better to leave it on its own or wear a delicate pendant that suits the top’s neckline.

    5. Sheer Top

    Sheer and mesh fabrics are considered feminine fabrics as well.

    They show a sneak peek of your skin elegantly and softly.

    mesh top

    Best accessorize to go with a sheer top :

    You shouldn’t wear big accessory pieces that cover the beautiful mesh look if you aim for an adorable look.

    Wearing a lovely small earring is perfect for this sheer top.

    6. Bodysuit

    One of my favorite feminine tops to wear with jeans is a bodysuit because it hugs your body and shows your feminine features.

    Below is a bodysuit with cute sheer sleeves that you can pair with any jeans you have.

    It is fitted and cool to wear during the day or night.

    sheer feminine tops to wear with jeans

    Best accessorize to go with the bodysuit :

    bodysuits come in different necklines. Therefore, you can wear a necklace that suits the neckline that you want to wear.

    7. Tulle Top

    Tulle fabric is so soft and see-through, making it a perfect choice to wear if you want to feel your femininity.

    Pairing a tulle top with jeans is a perfect outfit to pull off and instantly make you look elegant and soft.

    tulle top

    Best accessorize to go with the tulle top :

    because tulle is delicate, wearing a necklace or bracelet might ruin and damage the fabric.

    You can wear cute earrings or rings, and you are good to go.

    8. Cutout Top

    Cutouts have been trending for more than a couple of years now. You will find many fashion items in cutout styles like dresses, tops, and bottoms.

    If you are afraid to show a lot of skin, don’t worry because many styles can make you look feminine and edgy at the same time.

    If you are looking for sexy cutout dresses to wear on any occasion, check this post here.

    cutout top pink
    white cutout
    red cutout

    Best accessorize to go with the cutout tops :

    Cutout tops have many different necklines, so you style your top depending on its style.

    The fewer accessories you wear, the more feminine you will look.

    9. Lace Top

    Lace is another feminine fabric used in many feminine fashion pieces such as wedding gowns, tops, and bottoms.

    There are many different types of lace designs, colors, and textures that you can choose from.

    If you want to dress up your jeans, wear a nice top decorated with beautiful lace trims.

    lace white top
    pink lace feminine tops to wear with jeans
    red lace top

    Best accessorize to go with the lace tops :

    Less is more when accessorizing a lace top is like tulle or delicate fabric.

    10. Corset Top

    You might think that corset fashion piece tends to be sexier than feminine, which is true.

    But I think that wearing a corset top with jeans will make it look more casual, not to mention that it will hug your feminine figure and make you look so elegant and more feminine.

    pink corset feminine top
    corset top
    pink crset top

    Best accessorize to go with the corset tops :

    corset tops are a fashion statement piece, so wearing them on their own will make you look feminine and fabulous.

    11. Peplum Top

    I love peplum tops because they show your feminine figure and suit all body types.

    Also, if you are struggling to hide your belly fat with clothes, this peplum top should be your first option to consider wearing.

    A peplum top with skinny jeans will make you look elegant and cute.

    You can choose a peplum top style made with lace or feminine colors to make you look more feminine.

    lavender feminine tops to wear with jeans
    red peplum top
    peplum floral feminine blouse

    Best accessorize to go with the Peplum tops :

    You can enjoy wearing nice necklaces as long as they are short and has a simple design.

    12. Belted top

    black one shoulder belted top
    black belted top
    red floral belted top

    A belted top will accentuate your waist and make your figure look more feminine.

    There are many tops with belts you can wear with different materials and colors.

    Best accessorize to go with the belted tops :

    Belted tops are similar to peplum tops because they define the waist and flare out to the bottom. Therefore, you can accessorize it like the peplum top.

    13. Bow Top

    Bows are trims used in many fashion items and accessories such as dresses, tops, headbands, bags, and even hairpins.

    Not only adults wear them but even cute little girls.

    They are so cute to wear, so if you are a bow fan, consider wearing a top with a nice bow.

    pink bow top
    black top
    bow top feminine tops to wear with jeans

    Best accessorize to go with a bow top:

    A bow is a beautiful accessory piece that you can decorate any fashion item with it. Thus, you don’t need to wear more accessories.

    14. Feathered Top

    Feathers are another feminine trim because it is used to decorate nightgowns, sleepwear, and formal dresses a long time ago.

    But now they are becoming so trendy to wear with tops and bottoms.

    You will look not only feminine but also expensive!

    white feather top
    feather top
    pink top with feather

    Best accessorize to go with a feather top:

    You can wear nice small or long earrings with a feather top.

    15. Puff-Sleeve Top

    Puff-sleeve is another feminine top to wear with jeans, but it is not for everyone.

    If you have an hourglass body or your waistline is not defined, you can wear the puff-sleeve top to balance your body’s torso and highlight your waist area.

    floral top feminine tops to wear with jeans
    pink puff sleeve feminine tops to wear with jeans

    Best accessorize to go with a puff-sleeve top:

    Hoop and drop earrings are the perfect accessories to match a puffed sleeve top.

    16. Bralette

    Bralette is similar to a bra, making it one of the best feminine tops to wear with jeans.
    The only difference is that it is softer, not padded, and phase cute trims.

    Depending on your styling preferences, you can wear it under a blouse, jumpsuit, t-shirt, or any top.

    feminine tops to wear with jeans bralette
    feminine tops to wear with jeans bralette red
    feminine tops to wear with jeans bralette white

    Best accessorize to go with a bralette:

    bralettes usually have lace trims and plunging necklines so that you can wear a short pendant or checkers for a feminine and simple look.

    17. Ruffles

    Ruffle is one of my favorite fabric manipulation techniques because it is so simple yet very cute and adds a feminine touch to any fashion piece, like tops.

    You will look more feminine when wearing ruffle tops with jeans, no matter what.

    ruffle feminine tops to wear with jeans
    ruffles pink top to wear with jeans
    rulled red print top

    Best accessorize to go with a ruffle-top:

    nothing fancy you need to wear because ruffles are like accessories; they give a nice and edgy vibe to your look.

    Best Jeans to Wear with Feminine tops:

    Pairing feminine tops to wear with jeans is crucial to pull off the look.

    It is all based on your body type, and your goal is to balance your body’s proportions.

    To make it easier for you, if you have a relaxed fitted top, you can wear straight or skinny jeans, whereas if you want to wear a tight one-shoulder top like the black one above, it’s OK to wear a flare or wide-leg jeans.

    skinny jeans
    bell bottom jeans
    wide leg jeans

    5 Things to Look for in a Feminine top?

    Feminine tops are made to highlight your figure as a woman and make you look softer and cuter.
    Here are 5 five factors to consider when looking for a feminine top.

    1. Color

    Believe it or not, there are specific colors considered feminine compared to others: peaches, pink, coral, rose, and pastels—Purple, green, and red.
    With that said, When shopping for feminine tops to wear with jeans, you should consider your color options because they boost your femininity and make you look softer.

    If you don’t like feminine colors, don’t worry. You still look feminine and pretty wearing other colors that suit your skin tone.
    You can opt for other colors but with feminine style and fabric.

    2. Material

    Delicate fabrics, which are sheer and soft, are considered feminine because they were mainly worn by only women years ago. That’s why they are associated with feminity.
    Also, they are used to make lingerie, gowns, and dresses.
    These fabrics are silk, tulle, lace, and satin.
    You are not limited to those materials because there are a wide variety of soft and delicate materials you can choose from.

    3. Style

    There are many top styles that you can choose from, which I will mention to make you look more feminine, while others avoid.

    It would be best to avoid tops that reveal too much skin or are made of stiff fabric, so you don’t look bulky.

    4. Pattern

    Feminine patterns are cute prints made with feminine colors that look cute such as florals, hearts, and soft shapes.

    5. Size

    A rule of thumb is that wearing the right fit will make you look elegant, chic, and put together.
    No matter what you are shopping for, choosing the right size for your body type is key to achieving a perfect look.

    Dressy Tops to Wear With Jeans

    All feminine tops are also dressy when you wear them with jeans.

    Also, tops with ringtones, sequins, and metallic materials are considered dressy.

    Wear your dressy top with jeans, heels, and a clutch to pull off a formal look.


    These are all feminine tops to wear with jeans and how to style them.
    To look more feminine, you need to work on other areas of your look and personality to boost your feminine energy and make you look soft.
    I talked more in-depth about 13 ways to improve your femininity in another post that you can check out here.
    What is your favorite way that makes you look more feminine?


    feminine tops and jeans

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