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    There is NO makeup steps rule in the beauty world! Makeup artists can express their creative work and unleash their innovative ideas; there are no rules and limits for their imagination.

    That also applies to experts in makeup and beauty influencers. Regardless of their level of experience, they could break the rules and choose how to use their makeup on their terms.

    But if you are a beginner and want to learn how to apply your makeup step by step or shop for makeup products and don’t know where to begin,  it might be overwhelming.
    Many beauty products are being launched so quickly for face makeup with different purposes. 
    So it is crucial to know the basic steps first to know what kind of makeup products you need to buy and start with.

    The steps and the process are super simple, but it requires a bit of effort and some practice from your side to experiment with what is best for your face features. 

    The process of applying makeup in steps has THREE main parts: Face, Eyes, and Lips.

    Face Makeup Steps

    1. Face Primer

    smashbox face primer first make up steps

    This is an excellent face primer that I’m using right now from Smashbox. It is a two in one product which means that it primes and moisturizes your face simultaneously.

    There is a popular term popular among the beauty community that I always hear whenever I watch beauty guru YouTubers or whenever I google about face primers and how to use them: “IF YOU DONT PRIME, IT’S A CRIME,” which is sooo true!

    The face primer step is crucial if you want a smooth, flawless makeup finish.

    When you apply it to your face, it will fill your open pores, uneven skin texture, and smooth out your wrinkles areas.

    Face Primers come in different finishes, some of them have a matt finish, and others have a shiny finish.
    You have to choose what is best for your skin type and be aware that some contain very toxic ingredients such as “silicone,” which will damage your skin if you use it frequently.
    With that being said, try to choose more skin-friendly primers that hydrate, nourish and make your skin smooth before moving to the next step.
    If you want to know more about face primers, there are two main kinds: silicone-based and water-based face primers.
    Obviously, if you want your skin to be healthy and glowy, you have to choose a water-based primer for your skin type.
    I did the research for you and listed the best water-based primers in the market.

    Feel free to read more about water-based primers and get what is best for you in this post.

    2. Color corrector (optional)

    nyx color corrector

    If you have flawless clear skin, then you are lucky, and you can ignore this step!

    But if your skin tone has dark circles, red spots, or any different pigment on your face. In that case, you have to color correct and conceal affected areas.

    There are six color-correcting shades; each one  corresponds to a specific pigmented area, as explained below:

    1. If you have dark circles undereye, then use peach shade.

    2. For acne or red areas, use the Green shade.

    3. Purple and blue color corrector is for removing any yellow spots.

    4. Yellow color corrector is perfect for any purple pigments such as veins or bruises.

    5. Blue or dark circles might appear in deep skin tone; in this case, use the orange shade. But if you have fair skin, go with the Pink shade.

    3. Foundation

    make up steps foundaiton

    It is a fundamental step to apply your foundation on the color corrector areas by tapping it with your sponge or brush and all over your face.

    If you are looking for a good foundation, try this one and only Armani foundation that is the best I have ever tried!

    It is perfect for all skin types, lightweight, sheer, and lasts you through the day.

    4. Concealer

    make up steps concealer

    Conceal your under eyes area by choosing the right shade.

    Makeup artists suggest that you pick a concealer shade that is three shades lighter than your foundation.

    At the same time, others insist that it’s better to choose one close to your skin tone color.

    Still, it is better to experiment and try different tones to reach the perfect smooth coverage.

    P.S. if you have dark circles, then you don’t want to miss the best drugstore concealers for dark circles post.

    5. Contour time (optional)

    contour make up steps

    If you like to contour your face, then you should after applying your concealer.

    Draw and sculpt your face with a dark and counter shade and blend it.

    There are many techniques and ways to contour your face. It depends on you want your facial bone structure will be shaped.   

    6. Setting Powder (BAKING)

    setting powder

    Setting powder will set your foundation and makeup and make it last for the whole day.

    Many powders are available in the market, but Laura Mercier is one of the world’s most famous powders.

    It is worth investing in it because of its high quality and flawless finish.

    7. Bronzer Powder (Optional)

    Apply a bronzer on the contouring areas, your cheeks, and nose areas, and blend it.

    It will give you a glowy finish.

    This bronzer above is from Rimmel London that gives you the sun-kissed glow.

    8. Blush

    Pick your favorite blush color tone and apply your blush to your cheeks.

    9. Highlighter (optional)

    If you want a more dramatic look, Put a nice shimmery highlighter on top of your blush area.

    Eye makeup steps

    eye makeup steps

    1. Define your eyebrows
    2. Apply eyeshadow
    3. put on your false eyelashes (optional)
    4. Eyeliner
    5. Mascara

    Lipstick Steps


    1. moisturize your lips to make them smooth

    2.  Apply a concealer

    3. Use your lip liner to shape your lips with the same color as your lipstick

    4.  Put on your lipstick

    Setting Spray

    setting spray

    Set your makeup with a setting spray for your whole face is the last thing to do to put your makeup in place for a long time.

    This NYX setting spray is a top-rated product on Amazon.

    It gives you a natural finish and puts your makeup in place for up to 24 hours.

    Tip: it is better to start with your eye makeup step followed by your foundation. to avoid any mistakes that might ruin your foundation.


    In Conclusion

    Makeup style is personal; every one of us likes to apply it in a certain way.

    There are no rules for applying makeup step by step. Therefore, there is always room for creativity and ideas.

    Although many steps are involved in getting full face makeup, you have the option to skip steps that you do not need to do or don’t go with your favorite makeup look.

    On the other hand, there are steps that you cant skip if you want a perfect flawless look.

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