The 6 Best Drugstore Contour Stick that you must try Now!

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    Whoever is addicted to contouring their face, come here and join the club!
    This post is about the best drugstore contour stick that you must try.

    Contouring step in our daily makeup routine is essential because
    it gives a full transformation and enhances the face features and how it glows as well.
    Applying contour to the face requires some practice and patience to achieve how your face will look.
    Especially if you are using a contour makeup product that is difficult for beginners and hard to deal with.
    You will find many contouring products are not that easy, and sometimes it makes you give up learning how to apply them.
    I was one of them; let me tell you why
    I gave up contouring because I started with using a contouring palette that has about 8 shades.  
    It was an Anastasia Beverly Hills powder palette, an expensive one!
    I remember when I was staring at it and figuring out how I can learn this technique.
    I watch videos and read many articles but still no hope.
    So I took a deep breath and decided to buy a basic cheap contour stick with two shades.
    You have no idea how easy it was to apply it, and I remember that I had fun practicing contouring with it.
    It was good and had a creamy texture which it makes easier to blend on my face.
    If you are a beginner in makeup, I suggest that you start with a creamy contour stick instead of a powdery palette, which is harder to practice with.

    Now, let’s jump to the best affordable drugstore contour stick, which one is best for your skin tone, type, and how to apply it on your face.

    Best Drugstore Contour Stick  


    NYX is one of the most famous cruelty-free brands that are budget-friendly and has high-quality makeup products.
    Their contour stick is available for every skin tone in six shades: deep, deep dark, deep rich, light-medium, and universal.
    Each contour stick has consisted of two color tones which are the contour shade and the highlighter.
    Because it is creamy and blendable, the process of contouring your face will be super easy and smooth.

    Once you apply it, it will give you a naturally flawless finish
    You can get this contour stick from amazon

    2. Maybelline New York Makeup Facestudio Master Contour V-Shape Duo Stick

    Maybelline contour stick is easy to blend and available in three main shades: light, medium, and dark.

    It is very nice for beginners and has high ratings and reviews on Amazon, making it the Amazon best choice for shoppers.

    You can buy it on Amazon

    3. L.A. Girl Velvet Contour Sticks

    I love the L. A Girl drugstore contour stick makeup product and their concealers too.

    It Is available in many shaded in velvet texture to blend it very easily
    Also, it is free from toxic ingredients and consists of shea butter, jojoba oil, and many other beneficial elements.

    You can find it on Amazon for one pack of 3 contouring sticks: the bronzer, highlighter, and blush.

    4. Wet n Wild Contour Stick

    Wet n Wild brand is really famous for its high quality and affordable makeup and beauty tools.

    Their contour stick is Amazon’s choice because of its high rating and reviews.
    You can buy it from Amazon  

    5. Rimmel London Contour Duo Stick

    Rimmel Insta Contour Duo Stick consists of dark shade and gorgeous shimmery highlighter.
    It is very creamy and blends so well.

    Also, it is Amazon’s best choice because of its high ratings and customer good reviews.
    You can get it on Amazon

    6. Kiko Milano Face Stick Set 

    Kiko Milano drugstore makeup brand has very nice makeup products, and also they offer contour stick that consists of the contour shade, highlighter, and blush stick.
    Their contour stick is for light and sensitive skin.

    Also, you can buy it as a bundle from Amazon or buy each stick separately, depending on your preference.

    How to contour your face?

    You only need a good beauty blender to do the job, and the rest is easy!
    Contouring and highlighting your face depends on what you really want your face to look like.
    Most contouring sticks come with instructions on performing basic contouring, and super easy to follow their guidance.

    This is the NYX guide for basic contouring below.

    NYX Guide

    Bottom Line

    Contouring is fun and easy, but first, you have to understand your face shape and how you would like to sculpt it into your desired shape.
    Some people change their faces feature’s drastically, and some just hide or conceal minor details like making the forehead smaller, the lips fuller, and so on.
    At the end of the day, it is up to you how you want to use contour in your favor.
    Personally, I use a Lil bit of contouring because I like to look more myself. Now I use both contouring stick and Anastasia Beverly Hills contour palette, which is awesome.

    which is your favorite contour? 

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