Clean your Belly Button and Make it Smell Delicious with 3 Simple Ways

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    The Naval or belly button is one tiny hole area in your body that sometimes, some of us forget to give it the full attention and care it needs.
    Unfortunately, it is hard to notice how clean is your belly button or what type of smell it has because it is way far from your nose.
    Without proper care, the belly button will keep storing a lot of dirt with a very nasty, unpleasant smell.
    Furthermore, you are more likely to catch a candida yeast infection in your belly button that will cause you rash and irritation in the area and white discharge.
    In terms of your confidence level, you may have a good body hygiene routine, but that doesn’t include your belly button area.
    Therefore, It will make you uncomfortable and embarrassed when you get intimate with your significant other when you realize that you forget to care for your belly button cleanness.
    With that said, you don’t want to get an infection or feel less confident about your body hygiene. Therefore, you must learn how to take care of your belly button and include it in your body care routine.
    But what is this dirt, how to get rid of it? And what is the best routine to clean your belly button and make it always smell nice?
    You will find all the answers to these questions in this post, and I hope it provides real value to you, so keep reading.

    What Causes the Dirt and Bad Smell in the Belly Button?

    First things first, it is essential to understand what is behind the accumulated dirt in your belly button that causes a nasty smell so that you take the proper measures to keep it clean and sanitized all the time.
    Many things cause the dirt in your belly buttons, such as dead skin cells, fibers from materials that you wear, sweat, and many types of bacteria that live in there.
    Not those bacteria are harmful, but bad ones will get you a yeast infection that will bring other side effects that you don’t want to go through.
    There are two reasons are causing smelly belly button other than improper hygiene which are:

    1. Dirt and sweat, which will produce a foul odor.
    2. Bacteria and germs create a terrible smell out of the dirt and oils.


    3 Simple Ways to Clean your Belly Button at Home

    Some of you might be worried about deep cleaning the belly button and afraid that it might hurt or something terrible will happen once you touch it.
    Actually, I grew up in a culture that warns anyone to touch the belly button, and when you try to do that, you will die, or your abdomen will explode!
    And that makes me laugh now, but I spent years afraid to even think about touching my belly.
    Back to our main topic here, this area needs attention when ignored; it will cause many health issues, so without further ado, let’s go the how to clean your belly button at home the right way.
    What’s more, if you have a piercing, you need to pay extra attention to avoid possible infections.

    1. Oil

    olive oil

    You need to dip cotton bud with oil, preferably almond or coconut oil, and gently clean your belly button from inside in circular motions.
    If you get dirt stuck in your cotton buds, change it and repeat the process to catch more dirt.
    Oils such as coconut and almond contain vitamins that nourish the skin and keep the area soft,  clean, moist and healed if it’s cracked.

    2. Hydrogen Peroxide

    Hydrogen peroxide is an effective product to sanitize,  clean, and kill bacteria.
    Put some of the solutions into a piece of cotton and wipe the area thoroughly.
    You can also use a cotton bud for deep cleaning if you want.

    3. Seasalt

    seasalt to clean your belly button

    If you run out of alcohol or any product to clean your belly button, don’t worry.
    You can use seasalt to clean your belly button naturally.
    Bring a bowl, add sea salt and water.
    Stir the mixture. Bring a piece of cotton or cotton buds to start cleaning your naval.
    Seasalt is a great ingredient that kills bacteria, removes dead skin and extra oils from your skin.
    It’s important to use sea salt and not the regular one.

    4. Alcohol Wipes

    It is unnecessary to deep clean your belly button daily from the inside if it’s clean already.

    Because as I mentioned, there are good types of bacteria that live there.
    In this case, you can use alcohol wipes to sanitize the area from outside and make sure it is clean.

    2 Things to Do After Cleaning Your Belly Button

    1. Make sure that your belly button is always dry, especially after you take a shower.
    2. Moisturize the area from outside with your favorite crème of oil but don’t apply inside your belly button so that it won’t get infected.


    Belly Button Hygiene Routine

    You have to clean your belly button whenever you take a shower.

    If you are the type of person who sweats a lot or lives in a humid area, you need to clean your belly button daily or every other day.
    The more you clean it, the less dirt and a nasty smell it to have.

    2 Tips to Always Get a Nice Belly Button Smell

    These methods will help you clean your belly button, sanitized it, and not have a nasty smell.
    But what if you want it to smell nice? What can you do?
    Well, there are two methods you can use to have a pleasant belly button smell

    1. Essential Oils

    You can use your favorite smell from essential oils such as the beautiful lavender, lovely rosemary or refreshing peppermint, etc.
    When you pick your essential oil, add few drops in a piece of cotton and rub the area around your belly button once or twice a day.

    2. White Musk

    white musk has many health benefits other than its pleasant smell.
    It kills the bacteria.
    Sanitize and clean wounds.
    Get rid of bad smells, whether in your naval or other areas in your body
    and much more.
    Now back to how to use white musk to clean your belly button.
    It Is essential to take a shower before so that your body’s pores are still open.
    After drying up your body and your naval area, put some white must on it.
    Rub it gently and leave it so the body absorbs the musk.
    Also, you can put few drops on your wrist veins, behind your ears or neck.
    Pro tip: you can bring an empty spray bottle and put the musk on it to easily spray it on any area.

    P.S. If you have sensitive skin, essential oils and white musk might not for you. Try to test a small area first to ensure that it won’t get irritated.

    PPS. If you want to make your perfume last longer, check out this post that I wrote about 11 tips that will teach you how.

    What to Do if your Belly Button Still Smells Bad?

    If you clean and take the proper care of your naval but still smells, this is a concerning sign that you might have an infection, so it is better to seek medical consultation.


    It is easy to forget about your belly button, the tiny area in your body, especially if it is hidden and far from your sight. That’s why it is essential to how neglecting and not taking good care of it will lead to infections and bad smells.
    By using these simple methods to clean your naval and add a more delicious smell will keep you more confident and refreshed all the time.
    What is your favorite way to clean your belly button?

    clean belly button

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