Can Petite Women Wear Palazzo Pants? Full Report

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    The answer is Absolutely YES! Thin and plus-size petite women can wear palazzo for every occasion and look great on them.

    As a petite woman, if you are still hesitant whether palazzo pants are for you or not, you should definitely try one I am sure you will fall in love with. 

    But first, you have to get an idea about tips that are essential to apply when choosing what type of palazzo pants you will wear, like what kind of fabric, tops, and shoes you can pair it with to perfect your palazzo pants look.

    Palazzo pants vs. wide-leg pants

    Because both palazzo and wide-leg pants look similar, people often get confused between them.

    Well , they are different, but they share some similarities in certain features.

    Palazzo pants are extremely wide from the waist. Some of them have tucks to form a very loose flare cut down to the hemline.

    While wide-leg pants are fitted from the waist and hips, it starts to get loose from the thighs and form relaxed straight cut to the end of the hemline.

    The table below will help you to know the main differences between them

    FeaturePalazzo pantsWide Leg
    WaistLoose from
    the waist to hemline
    Loose from
    the thighs to hemline
    CutVery loose and flareRelaxed straight cut
    Comparison Table

    You might find palazzo and wide-leg pants share some similarities like fabrics, styles, and waistline rise.

    FeaturePalazzo & Wide-Leg
    WaistHigh / low
    CutCropped/ Floor Length
    FabricSilk, crepe, chiffon, etc
    Comparison Table

    How to buy the Perfect Palazzo Pant for your Petite Body Frame

    If you want to shop for palazzo pants, then you have to know which one has the perfect fit for your small body type by following these tips:

    1. Waist

    choose the high waisted pants to add more length to your torso.

    2. Length

    There are three different lengths of palazzo pants: Capri, cropped, ankle, and long.

    Go for the pant that is barely touching the floor in length,  because the cropped and Capri palazzo pants will make you look shorter.

    3. Width

    Choose a regular width, and don’t pick one with extreme flare cut because your body will get buried with it.

    4. Colors

    Some of them are in solid colors; others have printed.

    If the pant has printed, choose a solid color top and vice versa to balance your body shape.

    Also, If you want to appear slimmer, choose stripes, vertical lines, or darker colors.

    5. Fabrics

    If you want to look slimmer, choose light fabrics like silk or chiffon, but you can choose stiff fabrics like taffeta or crepe if you are very thin and want to look as you are.

    P.S. many fabrics are available for palazzo pants that you can try and experiment with which one looks best on you.

    6. Design

    Palazzo pants are available in prints and solid colors. To look slimmer, choose the darker colors, vertical lines, and stripes prints.

    How to Rock a Palazzo Pant for your Petite body

    1. Pair it with a bodysuit or fitted top

    Because the pant is high waisted, it is important to show your waistline and wear fitted tops and blouses to tuck them in it.

    2. Off-shoulder top

    Off-shoulder tops are very attractive, especially if you are pear or rectangular shape.

    It highlights your narrow shoulders and balances your whole body proportions.

    3. Blouse

    You can wear blouses that have a relaxed fit and tuck them in to show to your waist.

    The Best Shoes for your Palazzo Pants

    High wedges are the perfect shoes to wear with palazzo pants; they are comfortable and add a few inches to your height.

    BUT make sure that the pants cover the whole wedge and don’t show it all to achieve a perfect neat look.

    More options you can choose from are high heel sandals, pointed toes shoes, and sneakers with a high platform.

    P.S If you have small feet, don’t miss this guide for all shoe stores that sell shoes for petite feet, and what’s more, some of them make custom size especially for you!

    Palazzo Pants for Chubby and Plus-size Petite Women

    If you are worried that palazzo pants are not for you, you are wrong!

    Wearing palazzo pants will not make you fat! On the contrary, it will hide your thighs and legs.

    You can follow these tips for choosing the right style.

    1. If you choose a lightweight fabric like silk, it will add a very nice flowy movement when you walk.

    What’s more, it will not define your thigh shape.

    2. You can also wear prints or solid colors, but choose darker colors if you want to look slimmer than you are.

    3. Avoid fitted tops and choose relaxed ones and tuck them in.

    Palazzo pants fabrics for every season

    Spring/ summer seasons

     you can wear palazzo pants in chiffon, silk, light cotton, and other soft-weight fabrics suitable for outdoor activities such as going to the beach or walking in the park.

    You will enjoy your time taking long walks, feeling comfortable, and enjoying the weather at the same time.

    Autumn/winter seasons:

     You can choose heavier fabrics such as wool, thick cotton, and so on to keep you warm. Moreover, you can find palazzo pants in various materials suitable for formal occasions, such as taffeta, polyester, organza, pure silk, etc.

    Palazzo Pants for Every Occasion

    Petite women can wear palazzo pants everywhere! I put together a few outfit ideas for different occasions to give you some inspiration on how you can wear them and style them.

    Beach day Outfit

    wide pants for beach

    Guest Wedding

    wedding wide leg pant

    Winter Casual Chic

    petite women wear palazzo

    Work outfit


    Special Occasion



    palazzo pants loung wear

    The palazzo pants outfits ideas are many, and I’m really in love with them!

    Petite women can wear palazzo pants confidently by following all the tips and tricks to pull them off.

    What about you Petite ladies? You can share your thoughts with us regarding these pants and how do you style them if you wear any?


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