Broad Shoulder Women Outfit Tips – Balance Your body Shape

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    I have been hearing and reading a lot about women struggling with having broad shoulders and looking for ways to make them look more narrow, and I think this is because they didn’t realize that having broad shoulders is attractive!
    If you are one of them, you are lucky because you know those who have broad shoulders as well? Athletes and models!
    But the real struggle for most broad-shouldered women is that they didn’t figure out how to style their body shape in the right way.
    With that said, there are many simple broad shoulder women outfit tips to apply when dressing your broad shoulder that I am excited to share with you in this post.
    Keep reading to know more about how you can rock your broad shoulders with the right stunning outfits and what to avoid wearing so you make sure that you are always wearing clothes that balance your body shape.

    3 Ways to know if you have broad shoulders

    First things first, If you don’t know whether you have broad shoulders or not, then apply any of the following two tests to find out.
    1. Stand in front of the mirror wearing your underwear and examine your body’s proportions from the upper part.
    Does your shoulders wider than your waist?
    Are they forming a V or inverted triangle shape?
    If the answer is yes, then you definitely are a broad-shouldered woman.
    2. Check your shoulders structure. Are they forming a straight line or sloping from their ends?
    If they are straight, then you have broad shoulders.
    3. Is your waist so defined compared to your shoulders?
    If yes, then you have broad shoulders.

    6 Genuis Broad Shoulder Women Outfit Tips

    The main goal when following these tips is to balance your body shape, highlighting your waist, and keeping your shoulders as they are.
    In other words, your shoulders are broad enough that they don’t need you to wear something that adds more attention to them, such as extensive or detailed sleeves.
    On the other hand, you can highlight your waist or legs instead to balance your body’s proportions by wearing bottoms that have volume and are a flare.

    1. Wear Sleeveless Tops and Dresses with Wide Straps

     Broad shoulder women outfit
    broad shoulder top

    You can enjoy your summer days and beach outing wearing cool sleeveless outfits with wide straps.
    The wider the straps are. The more balanced your body shape will be.
    When you wear wide straps, they shrink your shoulder’s width because the fabric will be closed from your neck, giving an illusion that your shoulders are more narrow, which will balance your body shape proportions.

    2. Choose Outfits with Soft Sleeves

    soft sleeve dress for broad shoulder women outfit

    Wearing soft sleeves will make you look attractive no matter what.
    But what makes sleeves soft?
    Whether you want to wear a dress, top, blazer, or any clothing, make sure that the sleeves Don’t have detailings such as embellishments, are structured, puffed, or have shoulder pads.
    These kinds of sleeves will add more volume to your shoulders, make you look bulky, and will definitely make your body shape off-balanced.
    Instead, wear plain soft sleeves that will make you look more feminine and won’t affect your body shape proportions.


    3. Broad Shoulders Necklines: Deep Necklines  

    deep neckline top

    Any deep necklines such as V, scoop, or wide are the most flattering on broad-shouldered women.
    They give the illusion that you have a longer torso, and people will look at you vertically.
    Another thing that they do Is they grab the attention from your shoulders.
    So people will look at you vertically, not horizontally.
    Halter necklines are so feminie and sexy.
    Choose wide halter neck tops or dresses for a well-balanced body shape.

    4. Long Necklaces

    Long necklaces are your best friend! Opt for a long necklace or layer cute necklaces together for a more fashionable look.
    This will draw attention to them as if you are wearing deep necklines.

    5. Highlight your Waist: Wear Flare Tops

    Now moving down from how to choose the perfect sleeves for your shoulders to your waist area.
    The first thing is to focus on your narrow waist, and what you can do to make it more appealing is to wear nice belts and flare tops that will draw all the attention.
    The peplum style is one type of outfit that can add more volume to your waist, which will balance your body’s shape.
    You can find it in many tops, dresses, and jackets.

    6. Flare bottoms: Skirts and Pants

    leopard skirt
    flare pants

    When it comes to bottoms, choose flare pants or full skirts that have volume.
    This will draw attention to your legs instead of your upper part.
    Flare pants such as wide-leg and bell-bottom styles and full skirts suck as skaters, flare, A-line, Pleat, Circle, Tiered, Mermaid, and many more!


    How to make wide shoulders more narrow

    All these steps will make your body shape well-balanced, and your broad shoulder appears more balanced and not standing out, so you don’t have to worry about them.
    In fact, try to embrace them!

    My point of view on having broad shoulders

    Broad shoulders are sexy and attractive with perfect body posture.
    If you are a broad-shouldered woman, embrace them and wear what makes you feel comfortable.
    If you like spaghetti straps, strapless clothes, or any outfit that will show your broad shoulders, then go ahead and do it.


    These are the main broad shoulder women outfit tips that will make your body’s proportion well balanced and looking fabulous.
    Remember that many women with narrow shoulders wish that they have broad shoulders, so they go to the gym to build their own.
    Your broad shoulders are gorgeous, attractive and make you look confident and a woman who takes care of her body.
    But if your body posture is not right, work on it too to look like the models and rock any outfit you want to wear.

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