9 Best Boyfriend Jeans For Petite Women – Most Flattering Types

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    One of the most trending jeans types is the “boyfriend jeans.” They are very cool and comfy to wear on a daily basis.
    Many of us, petite women,  are scared to try new things, and one of them is wearing boyfriend jeans for petite because we think it is not made for us, which is totally wrong!
    We can rock boyfriend jeans if we choose the right fit and style them in the right way.
    But first of all, let me explain what boyfriend jeans are first and what makes them different than mom jeans.
    The boyfriend jeans type’s main feature is that it is a little bit fitted from the hips, and it gets relaxed down to the bottom, whereas the mom jeans type is baggy and wider from top to bottom.
    With that being said, boyfriend jeans give you a more chic look and edgy street style because of their gorgeous fit.
    Now, I did some digging to find you the best boyfriend jeans for petite women that will make you look edgy, comfy, and stunning.

    P.S Check out my guide to find the perfect pair of jeans that will look flattering on your petite body frame.

    9 Best boyfriend jeans for petite women

    1. J brand “TATE BOY FIT”

    j brand boyfriend jeans
    boyfriend jeans for petite

    J brand jeans are really famous for their best quality clothing items and carry a wide range of sizing catered to petite and regular-sized women.
    These boyfriend jeans are perfect because it is mid-rise on the waist, and it is the 29-inch inseam.
    It is the perfect pair of jeans for petite women, and it is available in many colors too.
    Honestly, J brand is expensive, but their items are so sustainable, and if you checked their site occasionally, you would find many items on huge sale that you can buy from.

    2. Everlane  “The Relaxed Boyfriend Jean”

    everlane boyfriend jeans for petite

    Everlane has many stunning boyfriend jeans types. 
    This one is really perfect to wear on a daily basis because it is relaxed and in one solid color.
    Also, there are more colors and soft pair of boyfriend jeans that you can choose from.

    These stunning Everlane boyfriend jeans are available in three colors which are light Blue, Bone and vintage dark blue.
    I am really in love with it because it is made of very soft stretchy denim fabric that will suit petite body type perfectly.
    It is a Mid-rise waist and reaches your ankle, which is the perfect length for your petite body. 
    If you want it to be more cropped pants, you can cuff it slightly for a more edgy look.
    It is available in size 23US / XXS with a 27” inseam length

    3. J Crew

    j crew jeans
    j crew petite boyfriend jeans

    J  Crew brand offers many boyfriend jeans types in terms of colors and fit, and size.
    For instance, They have relaxed slouchy and slim boyfriend jeans with mid and high-rise waist types as shown above in pictures.
    Their jeans sizes are available from 23 to 32.

    4. Loft  “Destructed High Rise Boyfriend Jeans In Bleached Wash

    loft jeans
    loft boyfriend jeans cut

    If you are a fan of the loft brand, you will find your boyfriend jeans available in cool colors.
    It is very flattering because it is high-rise jeans, and it is fitted a bit from the hips area.
    Their size range is from 24 US to 34 US.

    5. Express “Flying Monkey Button Front Ripped Boyfriend Jeans”

    express denim
    express jeans for petite

    Express offers more trendy boyfriend jeans styles that are ripped and washed kina jeans 
    Their sizes run small for Petites and range from 24 US To 32.
    This pair of jeans is really flattering because it is high-waisted and has cute buttons in front, which gives a vintage touch. 

    6. Madewell “The Petite High-Rise Slim Boyjean in Allwood Wash

    Madewell boy jeans
    Madewell jeans for petite women

    These Boyfriend jeans are the signature jeans for Madewell
    It is high-waisted, relaxed, and what more important than it is flattering on your petite body.
    It is true to size and will look slouchy on you, but if you wanted to be more fitted, buy one size smaller than your actual size.
    Many boyfriend jeans styles and colors available in Madewell that are worth checking out.

    7. Riverisland “Blue ripped mid rise boyfriend jeans

    riverisland jeans
    riverisland boyfriend denim

    These are the perfect boyfriend jeans for petite women.  It is a mid-rise, cuffed denim in a nice blue.
    Although it is ripped, it looks so chic and neat which you can dress it up easily for many occasions.
    It is designed for a petite body and available in size 2US and above for both short and regular-sized women.
    Riverisland carries many types and colors for petite women that you have to check out!

    8. Goodamerican “GOOD BOY” 

    goodamerican jeans
    goodamerican boyfriend petite jeans

    This is a cool pair of boyfriend jeans for petite women that is high-waisted and has a slit in the front, making you look taller.
    It is available in size 00 US and above.

    9. Gap “Paperbag boyfriend jeans”

    gap jeans
    gap for petites

    Gap jeans are very popular among regular and petite sized women so you are most likely to find your dream boyfriend jeans at their store that will fit perfectly on you.
    Their sizes starts with 24 US and above. 

    How to style boyfriend jeans?

    Styling boyfriend jeans depend on your lifestyle. Where do you want to wear it? And how often?
    Some of these boyfriend jeans are not meant to be worn on certain occasions.
    Ripped or more relaxed types, designed for casual day outings, whereas the more fitted and classic boyfriend jeans, you can dress them up for formal occasions and events.
    The good news here is that certain types of boyfriend jeans can easily be dressed up and down that you can wear for every occasion, classic relaxed denim like J brand jeans.

    You can wear a blazer and some heels with it for more formal look or wear a cropped top and your favorite sneakers instead for a street style look.

    I styled same outfit for different occasions so you can have kind of inspiration when styling your own 

    Tips for Buying the Perfect Boyfriend Jeans for your petite Body

    jeans for petites

    1. If you are used to a certain jeans brand that finds really flattering on your petite body, check if they have boyfriend jeans type because it will also look good on you.
    2. Always try and experiment with brands that offer petite sizes to find the perfect jeans fit for your body easily.
    3. In terms of fabrics. Choose flowy, soft, and stretch that won’t overwhelm your petite body and makes you look leaner.
    4. Avoid petite jeans with wide cuffs because they are not flattering and will shorten your legs.
    5. Mid and high rise are your best options for boyfriend jeans waist rise.
    6. Stay away from baggy jeans because it will swallow your body and makes you look frumpy.

    How to find the perfect Boyfriend jeans for curvey petite women? 

    Curvey petite women find it hard sometimes to find the best boyfriend jeans, but here is a
    pro tip that will make your life easier:
    If you have a big booty, belly, or hips, try wearing mom jeans with a wide fit from the hips area.
    This experiment requires you to try different sizes to find the perfect fit.
    Once you find the perfect mom jeans, they will give you the boyfriend jeans fit!

    A high waist is your best option to tuck your tummy area in case you have a big belly.
    Another thing is to opt for dark colors to make you look slimmer and taller.

    The last important tip is to choose slim or straight jeans cuts instead of flared types to make you look slimmer too.

    You can style it with a draped short top or relaxed tucked top for a perfect look.

    What is your favorite jeans brand for Petites?

    Share it with your Best 😉

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