Best Steam Bath at Home – Easy Guide

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    I decided to set up my own steam bath at home. Do you know why? Because it is my favorite thing to do whenever I go to the spa.

    I love that it gives me a deep sense of relaxation while cleaning my skin. Unfortunately, going to the spa whenever I want was not convenient for me.

    Not only that, I get busy or lazy to leave my home and drive to the spa! But also, it doesn’t fit into my budget.

    I think many of you share the same experience in some way.

    This was the best solution for me in two ways:

    1. “Convenience”  Easy access because it is at home, in my bath. I do not need to schedule spa appointments and deal with traffic to arrive on time.

    2. Budget-friendly: very cheap to set up your steam bath for once and for all.

    What is a Steam Bath?

    A steam bath is a place that is a bathroom or room filled with steam because its primary purpose is to make you sweat.

    There are dozens of steam bath benefits related to your health, wellness, body internally, and your skin.

    I will tell you about the benefits related to your skin below since I’m focusing on the beauty aspect.

    steam bath at home

    7 Steam Bath Benefits for Your Body and Skin:

    1. Deep moisturizing for your skin.

    2. Open your skin pores so that you will be able to get rid of your dead skin and dirt trapped in them.

    3. Because your pores will still be open while in steam, it is your best time to get the chance and shave with your razor.

    4. Relaxes your whole body, muscles, and mind, which will make you feel stress and tension-free.

    5. It detoxifies your body while sweating by getting rid of toxins and unneeded and harmful liquids locked in your body.

    6. Activate your blood circulation and flow, which will promote your skin health and glow.

    7. Feeling relaxing and enjoying your time while taking care of yourself will reflect your whole body from the inside out. You are going to feel the glow and the right vibe coming from you.
    Important disclaimer:

    The steam bath is for women who are not pregnant and do not have sensitive skin or significant health issues. If you are pregnant, have sensitive skin, or problems, you have to consult a doctor first.

    Equipment and tools that you need: 

    1.  Steam machine

    * Make sure that you conduct thorough research before choosing any machine:
    Steam machine size and capability:

    You want to get the perfect steam machine for your bath or room, so put your space into consideration since there are many sizes.
    * Do not compromise price over quality:

    What’s the point of buying a cheap steam machine that doesn’t generate enough seam fast or requires a lot of maintenance?

    So go ahead and invest in a good quality steam machine that lasts longer because it is worth it.

    * To double-check: read many reviews and try to get very easy to set up and maintain.

    2.    Towel, loofah, or gloves

    Bring soft loofah since your skin will be very tender and sensitive.

    3.    Your favorite beauty products:

    If you want to relax: bring essential oils
    if you’re going to deep clean your skin: bring any liquid soap.

    my favorite is  the liquid Moroccan soap, which is wildly known for its amazing effects on cleaning the skin and moisturizes 

    4. Bottle of Water

    5. Clothes

    It’s better not to wear any clothes, so you get most of the steam.

    6. Timer or watch

    7. Extra towel or unneeded cloth

    8. Your favorite music

    9. Shower Hair cap if you don’t want to wash it

    10. If you don’t have a built-in bench in your shower, bring a chair or anything you can sit on

    steam bath at home

    Before you Enter Your Steam Bath 

    1. Drink plenty of water ahead of time to not feel thirsty during your bath. Also, take one bottle with you in case you need it.

    2. Make sure that you eat ahead of time before you start so you can enjoy the steam without feeling tired and faint.

    Setting up your Steam Bath

    1. Make sure that your body is dry.
    2. Make sure to close all windows and open areas to fill the bath with steam.
    3. Bring all the tools you need with you
    4. Close the open area under your door with your extra towel
    5. Set up your steam machine and turn it on
    6. Cover your body with your oils or soap and let it set.
    7. Set the timer for 20 minutes. Enjoy your time with your favorite relaxing playlist and Wait for 20 minutes and see how you feel. If you are okay, stay for another 10 minutes.
    8. If you are using a soap: Start Rubbing and exfoliate your body with loofah very GENTLY in a circular motion all over your body parts. While you are cleaning your body, you are boosting your blood flow.
    9. Turn off the steam machine
    10. Rinse your body with water
    11. Shave

    After your Steam Bath

    1. Drink more water
    2. Dry your body
    3. Apply your favorite lotion or body oil

    Tips and recommendation for the best steam bath at home experience

    * Do not Use Lotion or Oil Before Starting the Steam

    Make sure that you Do not put any body lotion or oil before starting your steam bath. When doing so, you are closing your pores more and preventing the steam from working effectively.

    How to use essential oils

    There are many kinds and fall under aromatherapy. So be careful when using oil since some of them may cause damage to the skin.

    * Watch the timer and listen to your body.

    According to experts, it is recommended to stay for a 30-minute maximum. But you have to check whether you can wait that long or not. Also, doing a steam bath at home 2 – 3 times a week is beneficial, but again it is up to you how many times you want to do it.

    * The Best Time to Take a Steam Bath

    Anytime you want. Remember, a Steam bath prepares you to get into relaxation mode. So it is better to do it after working out or at the end of your day to enjoy it.

    * Shaving your Body with a Razor

    After rinsing your body with water, use your shaving cream or soap and start shaving.

    To Conclude

    Steam bath at home experience is wonderful; you can enjoy it as if you were at a real spa if you mimic the spa environment by playing the music you like, using essential fragrances, and having your favorite beauty products.

    If you are a steam bath addict, I recommend that you try it if you haven’t done that yet.

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