Best of Spring Fashion Trends 2022 and Colors that You Need to Know

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    Spring is the first season at the beginning of the new year. It reflects new beginnings, fresh starts, and positive vibes.
    I always get excited to prepare for spring after the cold weather and dark days, especially when it comes to my wardrobe.
    Fashion is constantly changing, and sometimes you need to add some new fashion items to update your wardrobe and enjoy wearing new pieces in this new season.
    Therefore, I have gathered all spring fashion trends in 2022 that you might like and add to your closet.
    As you may know, some of these pieces you might already have, which they still considered in style this year, and some other clothing items are new and you have never tried.
    So take a look at what’s most popular trends in spring 2022 runway shows to choose whatever suits your taste.
    To give you the complete guide when you start shopping for clothes, I am going to tell you about what spring colors are trending that is chosen by Pantone company.

    The new spring colors are so fresh, vibrant, and somewhat different tones that you might never have tried, so keep reading to find out more!

    Best of Spring Fashion Trends 2022

    1. Cutouts

    Want to show some skin and enjoy the spring weather? Wear Cutouts will do the job.
    Cutouts clothing pieces are still in right now since the past year, making your skin breathe, looking sexy, and feminine.
    Many cutouts are available in different types of clothing such as tops, dresses, and even skirts.
    Also, there are many styles to wear to different occasions.
    Whether you want to wear a casual knit set or an evening dress for a date, the choice is yours.

    2. Sequin Clothing

    Wearing embellished clothes with sequin is fun, effortless, and chic.
    Sequin is still a trending fashion item to wear and what I like about it is that they are so easy to style.
    If you want to rock a sequin piece, choose a monochromatic style and select all the outfit pieces and accessories in the same color hues.

    Or even pairing sequin with denim to dress it down for a casual look.
    You will look so elegant yet fashionable.

    3. Cropped Cardigans

    You will look so elegant yet fashionable.
    Cropped cardigan is also a trending fashion piece that you might consider wearing.
    But how to style it in spring for a fashionable look? If you are bold enough and comfortable showing more skin, you can rock it on its own, leaving few buttons open.
    Another styling tip is to wear it with a bra top or simply leave all its button closed.

    4. Bralettes

    To enjoy the spring weather, you can wear a cute Bra as a top which is so feminine fashion item that you can wear with suits or oversized light jackets.

    5. Crochet

    Crochet is a fabric that will never go out of style.

    You can wear many clothing items made in crochet casual and formal such as swimwear and evening dresses.

    6. Fringe

    Fringe in fashion is so fun and edgy.
    You can wear not only clothes with fringes but also bags too.

    7. Gingham

    Wearing prints make you look so fashionable easily especially Gingham prints are so fun and cool to wear in any type of fashion item.

    Spring/Summer Color Fashion Trends 2022

    According to the Pantone color institute, Spring summer colors reflect and express calm, comfort, and joy which consist of ten primary colors that will take over the spring/summer fashion season and four classic colors.

    The ten colors names are Spun sugar, Gossamer pink, Innuendo, Skydiver, Daffodil, Glacier lake, Harbor blue, Coca mocha, Dahila, Poinciana.

    spun sugar color trend
    Spun sugar
    gossamer pink
    Gossamer pink
    inneundo fuchia
    glacier lake
    Glacier lake
    harbor blue
    Harbor blue
    dahlia purple
    coca mocha
    Coca mocha

    And the four classic colors are :

    Snow white, Perfectly pale, Basil, Northern droplet, Poppyseed

    Snow white
    Snow white
    Perfectly pale
    Perfectly pale
    Poppy seed
    Poppy seed
    Northern doplet
    Northern doplet


    These are the major trends that are all over the runways and colors to get you inspired and help you update your wardrobe for the spring season.
    What’s your favorite fashion trend that you would like to wear?

    Best of Spring Fashion Trends 2022 and Colors that You Need to Know

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