Best Leather Jackets for Petites -13 Brands to Shop From

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    Are you wondering about where to find the best leather jackets for Petites because you are a petite woman and searching which brand offers leather jackets in small sizes?

    Well, this is your leather jacket’s ultimate guide that I worked on for quite some time to gather resources as much as I can, hoping that you find it valuable.
    What makes me think about leather jackets is that I am looking for one, and I find it challenging to look for a well-fitted one.
    In my opinion, it is a wise investment if you spend some coin on buying a good quality leather jacket because  It is a must-have fashion piece like the trench coat that you can wear all year round and will never go out of style.
    With that said, I will list all stores and fashion brands, including high and low prices, that offer leather jackets for petite sizes so that you can have a wide variety of options to choose from.
    I also want to let you know that leather is an expensive material to work with and produce; that’s why you might find many brands have good leather jackets with high prices, but at the end of the day, it is a must-have piece that is worth investing in.

    4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Picking Your Leather Jacket

    First things first, it is crucial to run a simple test before buying the leather jacket you want.
    Because leather is a complex material, whether it is soft or stiff, unlike other fabrics, it is essential to make sure that it looks perfect on you.

    Before you swipe your card, ask yourself these questions:

    1. Is This Leather Jacket Practical?

    It is essential to determine if this jacket is practical and matches many outfits in terms of its style and color.
    If you are a fashionista and a fashion-forward person that it is okay for you to wear it once, that’s fine.
    But if you need it and want to wear it all the time, you have to pick a leather jacket with a simple style and neutral color.
    Neutral or classic colors that you might wear all the time are black, white, beige, gray, nude, brown, navy blue.

    2. What Is the Type of Fabric?

    Leather material exists in various types.
    You will find stiff and soft plain and fabric manipulation such as ruched, quilt, patch, etc.
    Stiff fabric is not for everybody’s shape, and it might make you look bulky if you are curvy or have a large bust.
    Also, it’s essential to consider the lining of the jacket and what type of material it is.
    Some of them have fur and heavy materials, while others have satin or other kinds of light fabrics.

    3. Does the Jacket’s Style Works for Me?

    There are many styles such as moto, biker blazer, and bomber.
    You can choose whatever fits your taste and lifestyle.
    Petite women can rock jackets in short, hipline, knee, and maxi lengths except for the midcalf length, which will be unflattering and shorten your height.
    Don’t be afraid to wear a maxi jacket. It is stunning if you style it the right way.

    4. What is the Jacket’s Size and Measurements?

    Choosing the wrong size will kill your whole outfit and make you look frumpy instantly.
    Therefore, make sure to know the sleeve length of the jacket and shoulder width to make sure that it will fit you perfectly.
    Another thing that is important to consider is that you need to pick a jacket that is a bit bigger than your actual size to make room for other tops you want to wear under it and feel comfortable.

    13 Best Leather Jackets for Petites

    1. All Saints Braided Leather Biker Jacket

    all saints leather jacket
    all saint biker jacket
    fringe leather jacket
    all saints fringe leather jacket
    all saints size guide

    This gorgeous leather jacket is from the British retailer ALLSAINTS that has many stores across the globe and offers everything for men and women.
    They are famous for their high-quality leather jackets in different colors, styles, and materials, sometimes blended with leather.
    They are advocates of sustainability and producing their clothing with Vegetable tanning and chrome-free leather.

    What makes the brand even more unique is that they tailor each jacket individually by hand and pay attention to the last small details before delivering to their stores, such as testing the jacket movement and how it fits.
    AllSaints is a brand that must be on the top of your list when shopping for a leather jacket because of the efficient ways to produce these leather jackets with unique and cool designs.
    As I mentioned earlier, they have many leather jackets styles, colors, and lengths other than the ones I have posted above.

    Size: US 00 – US 10

    Price: $$$
    P.S. prices vary on the jacket, and they also have discounts on their website.

    2. Levie’s HENNY leather jacket

    levi's leather jackets
    levis leather jacket for petites
    levis size guide

    If you want a relaxed jacket with big pockets, then this is a perfect choice for you.
    It has a cool vintage vibe, and also it is lightweight suitable to wear on rainy days.
    Levi’s doesn’t have a lot of leather jackets options, but it’s worth checking out once a while.

    Also, Levi’s is a giant company that has high standards of sustainability.

    Size: XS-XL
    Price: $$

    3. J Crew Collection Washed Leather Motorcycle Jacket

    j crew petite leather jacket
    j crew leather jacket for petites
    j crew leather jacket petite size

    J crew is a well-known brand that offers other high-quality clothing items and not crazy prices, which I like.

    This is a stunning leather jacket from the J Crew brand that offers small sizes for petite women.
    The jacket is made from soft leather. It has a  simple style yet so elegant and will last you for many years.
    Also, it is in black, and that’s a classic color you must have in your wardrobe.
    Size: XXS

    Price: $$

    4. Theory Cropped Piazza Jacket in Leather

    best leather jackets for petites theory
    theory best leather jacket
    size guide theory brand

    One of the best leather jackets for Petites is definitely available at Theory brand.
    It is a well-known brand that has high-quality clothing items.
    Although their items considered pricy, it is worth investing in.
    Also, you can always hunt during sales seasons.
    This black leather jacket is so sophisticated, simple, and well-tailored.

    In addition, it is made from medium-weight leather and lined with soft jersey fabric.

    It is a classic piece that you can easily dress up or down, depending on your mood.
    Size: P-L

    Price: $$$

    5. Banana Republic Quilted Leather Moto Jacket

    banana republic best leather jackets for petites
    banan republic best leather jackets for petites moto jacket
    bana republic size guide

    Banana republic is petite’s favorite destination to shop from.
    They also offer cool leather jackets in different styles and colors that are well-fitted and high-quality materials.
    This is a cool quilted moto black leather jacket made from %100 leather material and lined with light fabric so you can wear it over many layers in any season.
    Size: XXSP – LP

    Price: $$$

    6. Mickael Kors Leather Moto Jacket

    best leather jackets for petites michael kors
    michael kors black leather jacket for petite
    michael kors petite size guide

    Michael Kors is a high-quality designer brand that offers all trending fashion items for women and also offers petite sizes.
    Michael Kors is an excellent option to shop from in terms of the best leather jackets for petites since it is a reputable brand and carries different styles.
    This leather jacket is available in black and light brown colors.
    It is light, and the gold zipper adds a cute, classy touch to it.
    Size: 0P – 14P

    Price: $$$

    7. Style & co Petite Faux-Leather Moto Jacket at Macy’s

    style and co maycs leather petite jacket
    style co size guide

    You will find it only at Macy’s if you like this leather jacket since it’s designed specifically for them.
    It is in matte faux leather, affordable, practical, and classic piece.
    Size: PXS – PXL

    Price: $$

    8. BLANKNyc Carbon Jacket

    blanknyc petite leather jacket
    best leather jackets for petites
    blanknyc size guide

    BLANKNyc brand has the best leather jackets for Petites.
    The blazer above is double-breasted and made from vegan leather.
    It is really cool and wearable for different occasions throughout the year.
    They also have other types of leather jackets in different colors for petite sizes as well.
    Size: XXS – XXL

    Price:  $$

    9. H&M Biker Jacket

    hm best leather jackets for petites
    leather jacket size

    H&M brand has a variety of leather jackets that fit your petite frame.
    This biker jacket is oversized made from faux leather.

    It has deep pockets and cool zippers on the cuffs area.
    What’s cool about it is that it has a belt that you can wear or remove whenever you want.

    If you find this jacket sold out, that’s okay, H&M always launches new cool jackets in stock, so you have to check their collections occasionally.

    Size: XXS-XL

    Price: $

    10. Madewell Washed Leather Oversized Motorcycle Jacket

    best leather jackets for petites madewell
    madewell leather jacket
    size guide for best leather jackets for petites

    Madewell is a well-known brand that has not only the best leather jackets for Petites but also other clothing items.

    This is a limited edition moto jacket that is made from washed leather.
    Also, it is designed with asymmetrical silver zippers on from pockets and zippers on the cuffs.
    Size: XXS-4X
    Price: $$$

    11. ASOS DESIGN Petite luxe vinyl croc biker jacket in black

    asos petite for best leather jackets for petites
    asos petite leather jacket for women

    Asos also has its own clothing line for petite women.
    They have awesome cool leather jackets in different colors and styles.
    This is a shiny Mock-croc biker jacket that has a belt and Adjustable cuffs.
    It is an edgy yet classic piece that you can keep for many years.
    Size: 00 – 26

    Price: $$

    12. River Island Black Faux Leather Quilted Shacket

    river island best leather jackets for petites
    river island size

    River island clothing offers many cool pieces specifically made for a petite frame.
    This is a cute belted quilted leather jacket with an oversized fit that makes room for you to layer if you want.
    Size: P0 – P12
    Price: $$

    13. French Connection ILMA PU JACKET

    french connectin best leather jackets for petites
    french connection size guide

    When shopping for leather jackets for petite women, don’t forget to check out the French connection brand because they have cool pieces.

    This jacket is made from soft faux leather and what I like about it is its style.
    Simple with clean lines that make it a staple piece to wear all year-round.
    Size: 0 – 12
    Price: $$$


    These are the top brands you have to check first when looking for the best leather jackets for Petites or any other clothing items.
    You might find some of these pieces sold out, but that okay; you keep the list for your reference and check from time to time.
    Make sure to ask yourself the question that I mentioned above before checking out
    to ensure that you order the perfect leather jacket.
    What’s your favorite type of leather jacket?    

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