Best Jeggings for Petites, how to style them, and more

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    Are you looking for the best jeggings for Petites? Well, you are in the right place!
    Jeggings are so trending and a must-have piece, in my opinion, because of their functionality.
    But let me clarify what makes a pair of pants a jegging.
    Jeggings are a type of clothing bottoms that are basically jeans and leggings combos popular among jeans and leggings fans.
    What makes jeggings different from leggings is that they look like denim or jeans.
    Some types of jeggings have fake pockets and belts lines, and others have some real pockets from the back.
    What’s more, they are so comfortable to wear because they are made of stretchy fabrics, and they give an illusion that you are wearing skinny jeans.
    Also, they are available in styles, colors, and lengths for all different occasions.
    If you like to wear jeggings, then keep reading because, in this post, I will write about the best jeggings for Petites that fit perfectly on your body shape.
    Also, you will get to know more about what size of jeggings you should buy and what type of tops you pair it with for different occasions

    1. TALBOTS 

    best jeggings for petites
    tablets jeggings for petites
    Talbot size chart

    TALBOTS jeggings are amazing.
    They are available in different lengths and colors and are made of cotton, polyester, and spandex material.
    What’s more, they are dedicated to petite women figures and affordable.

    2. Levi’s Girls’ Skinny Fit Pull-On Jeggings

    levi's jeggings

    Levi’s is a well-known brand with perfect denim and other clothing items.
    They have these cool jeggings for Petites s that have an elastic band and are also available in many colors and sizes.

    3. Amazon Essentials Women’s Pull-on Denim Jegging

    Amazon’s essentials women’s store jeggings are a must-have piece.
    It is made with stretch fabric that hugs your body nicely.
    And available in many nice colors such as pink, grey, white, etc.
    Don’t worry about finding your size because they definitely have it!

    4. American Eagle Dream Ripped Jegging

    I love the American eagle brand and this pair of jeggings because they provide high stretching capacity and support.
    What’s more, it is made with sustainable resources. 

    5. Juniors’ SO® High Rise Pull-On Jeggings

    kohl's leggings for petites
    whole size chart

    Kohl’s Jeggings are available in all sizes to fit all women.
    This pair of jeggings are made with an elastic waistband and sustainable materials.

    6. Super Skinny High Jeggings from H&M

    h&m jeggings for petites
    h&m size guide

    H&M is the go-to brand when you want to shop for petite clothing.

    They are not only affordable, but they offer a wide range of clothing styles and accessories that are very edgy and unique.

    This is a perfect ankle–length jeggings that are available in many colors
    It is skinny, very high waisted, and has real pockets from the back 



    If you want a little bit of stretch material in jeggings, then this is perfect for you.
    These jeggings are from Chico’s have a full-length and skinny fit. 

    8. Dark Denim High Rise Stretch Fitted Jeggings from Time and Tru Brand

    Tim and Tru’s a pair of jeggings that is a high rise, made of stretch fabric and with repreve, which is the first recycled fibers!
    It is affordable and fits petite sizes as well.

    What Jeggings Size Should you Buy as Petite Woman? 

    Unlike jeans which are made with stiff fabrics, almost all jeggings are made with stretch elastic fabric. Therefore, they get looser when you wear them with time.
    With that said, get jeggings that are one size smaller than your actual size so that they will fit you perfectly.

    P.S if you are looking for the best flattering jeans styles for petite women, check out my guide here

    3 Tips to Buy the Perfect Jeggings for your Body Shapes

    1. As I mentioned earlier, pick one size smaller than your actual size.
    Also, check the jeggings measurements sometimes. You don’t have to choose a smaller size.
    2. High-rise jeggings are perfect for all petite women, especially curvy Petites.
    Because it hugs your hips and tummy area smoothly so that you can move comfortably.
    3. Full-length and cropped jeggings are the perfect lengths for petite frames.

    What to Wear with Jeggings?

    Because all jeggings are tight, you should pair them with relaxed and loose tops to balance your body shape.
    There are many cute tops styles to wear with jeggings, such as draped tops, wrapped, basic shirts, and blouses.
    Moreover, you can dress up or down your jeggings.
    More formal tops with dark-colored jeggings and heels are perfectly comfortable for a night out and formal events.
    Whereas wearing a shirt with jeggings is more for spending a casual day at home, running errands, or casual outings. 

    Bottom Line

    These are the best jeggings for Petites in all different lengths and styles.
    They are more comfortable than wearing traditional denim and more practical to use anywhere on various occasions.
    What jeggings brand is your favorite?

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