9 best foundation for black skin from high-end brands

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    Want to find the best foundation for black skin? I am so glad that it is not a mission impossible like before!

    Makeup brands are increasing like crazy because many celebrities and influencers enter the beauty industry to create a makeup brand, not to mention the aggressive competition among them regarding quality, price range, product variety, and the number of shades!

    Back in the day, brands produce minimal color shades of makeup in general, foundation in particular, comparing to now.

    I was really struggling to find the best foundation for black skin or even something closer to my shade that doesn’t turn to grey! Luckily, Offering a vast number of shades is what they are focusing on right now.

    Thank god they finally recognize the needs of women of color in the beauty industry.

    With that said, you will find in this post the best foundation for black skin for only high-end brands.

    The reason why is because I would like to focus on drug stores in another post.

    What’s more, this post will not only list worth the hype foundation brands but also will provide you with valuable tips and tricks to help you wear a flawless and matchy foundation on your beautiful skin.

    So hopefully, you stick with me here and keep reading the complete guide!

    What is a high-end makeup brand?

    Before I list the foundation’s brands, I would like to explain what high-end brand means.

    When they hear high-end products, what comes to people’s minds is that it is just expensive and ignore other factors that contributed to that. Well, a luxury brand also is well-established and has a reputable reputation.

    It is more innovative in offering high-quality products “ some of them have spent years in labs to work on groundbreaking formulas” and, of course, their stunning, thoughtful packaging!

    9 High-end Best Foundation for Black Skin

    1. MAC STUDIO FIX FLUID SPF 15 from M.A.C Cosmetics

    mac high-end foundation for black skin

    I will start with my favorite one, the MAC foundation, which I use daily because it has SPF 15, which I always look for when I hunt for a good foundation.

    It is very lightweight and has perfect coverage at the same time.

    Shades range: it is available in 63 shades, including 17 shades for deep skin

    Features: it is light, has a matt finish, and is durable for 24 hours

    Coverage: Medium to full coverage

    Skin type: It is for oily and combination skin types.

    P.S It is their best seller foundation

    2. Armani Beauty Luminous Silk 

    Armani best foundation for black skin

    I am so in love with Armani’s iconic foundation, and I cannot stress this enough! If you didn’t try it yet, you are missing out, you know why? Read the features part!

    Shades range: it is available in 30 shades, including 10 shades that contain deep to very deep shades.

    Features: they name it Luminous Silk Perfect Glow Flawless Oil-Free Foundation, and that is literally what it does!u003cbru003eu003cbru003eOnce I apply it to my skin, I feel how smooth it is and its natural glowy coverage.

    What’s more, it is perfect for oily skin because it is oil-free 

    Coverage: Medium coverage

    Finish: radiant natural finish

    Skin type: It is for all skin types.

    3. Too Faced Born This Way Natural Finish Foundation

    too faced foundation for black skin

    Too Faced foundation is definitely worth the hype for sure because of its high-quality features and perfect formula.

    Shades range: 35 shades, including 11 shades for deep skin tones.


    -It lasts you throughout the day

    – Oil-free

    – Camera friendly, which means it won’t flashback when you take a photo

    – Hydrates the skin

    More about the formula

    – It will give you a flawless, smooth skin texture because it will fill in between the lines if you have them.

    – the formula contains coconut water that will moisturize your skin 

    – It contains “alpine rose,” which is a spice ingredient that boosts your skin’s health

    – Hydraulic acid: which is a substance that women use in their daily skincare routine.

    – Its main function is to fight wrinkles, and it locks and sustains any moisture or water in your skin so that it will stay hydrated for a long time.
    Coverage: Medium to full coverage

    Finish: Natural flawless finish

    Skin type: It works for all skin types.

    P.S you can skin applying the primer in your makeup routine while using this foundation because its formula will do the primer’s job for you!

    4. NARS Soft matte complete foundation

    Nars for black skin

    The well-known French makeup brand ‘NARS’ has it all.

    From foundation to lipstick, they are just killing it.

    For the sake of this post, I will only talk about their spectacular foundation and its formula. 

    Shades range:  34 shades that include 6 dark shades


    – It is anti-sweat and humidity 

    – Oil-free

    – Lasts for 16 hours

    – Protect the skin from air pollution and light

    – It does not oxidize your makeup, which means that it keeps it smooth and doesn’t turn to another shade or pigmented

    – Hydrates the skin

    Coverage: medium to full coverage

    Finish: Matte natural finish 

    Skin types: for all skin types


    fenty foundation

    Fenty Beauty is one of the fewest makeup brands that release 50 shades of foundation catered to all women with light and dark skin tones. 

    Shades range: 50 shades including 13 deep shades


    -it is resistant to sweat and humidity

    – Doesn’t close your skin’s pores and maintains the Smooth skin texture

    Coverage: Medium to full coverage

    Finish: Soft matte and natural finish

    Skin type: It works for all skin types

    6. Makeup Forever ULTRA HD foundation

    makeup forever foundation

    Features: It is their best seller foundation! 

    – Last for 24 hours

    – Transfer proof 

    – Lightweight liquid consistency

    – HD Photo friendly 

    Shades range: 50, including 15 dark shades

    Coverage: medium 

    Finish:  natural flawless finish

    Skin type:  all skin types

    7. Benefit Hello Happy Flawless Brightening Foundation 

    benefit foundation for black skin

    Benefit is a cool makeup brand that is famous for certain products such as their brows kit, mascara, and foundation


    – The formula has SPF 15

    – Keep the shade color in place because it adapts to any lighting Adapts to lighting

    – It contains hyaluronic acid to keep your skin moisturized u

    Coverage: medium

    Finish: natural 



    Features: Bobbi brown foundation has a number of qualities and features that make it worth every coin!

    – Lasts for a 16 hours

    – It contains a sun protection factor of 15

    –  Aint- sweat, humidity, and it is transfer-proof

    – It Even out your skin tone and conceal any redness and pigment as well

    – the formula contains strong moisturizers, which are Shea Butter and Glycerin

    Shades range: 43 shades, including 9 shades for deep skin tones.

    Coverage:  Medium

    Finish:  Matte finish

    Skin type: Normal and oily skin types

    9. Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay In Place Foundation Makeup SPF10

    Estee lauder for dark skin


    It is the number 1 foundation in the united states.

    – It unifies your skin tones.

    – It lasts for 24 hours.

    – Contains SPF 10

    – Has advanced formula that makes the foundation adapt to climate change

    Shades range: it offers 56 shades, including 20 shades for deep skin tones

    Isn’t that impressive?

    Coverage:  Medium to full

    Finish:  flawless matte finish 

    Skin type: combination and oily skin

    2  Tips for Choosing the Best Foundation for your Dark Skin

    1. Check the product’s instructions first because each company has its own tips for applying makeup.

    2. Know what your undertone is so you can pick the right shade

    Pro tip: Many foundations have light to medium coverage, which is awesome, but what if you look for full coverage and the foundation you liked doesn’t have it? 

    that’s okay; you can still buy it and follow this pro tip to have a full coverage

    Check If the foundation has a “Buildable” feature, which means you can apply more layers to achieve full coverage.

    You can still apply it to any foundation you like!

    Let me know your favorite foundation and why?

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